Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Sad Day For Canada: Last Chance To Free Canada From Criminal Jewish Banking Fraud Ends As COMER Case Against Criminal Bank Of Canada Comes To An End!

I last reported on the COMER case against the criminal Jewish controlled Bank of Canada earlier last year when that organization won an initial court case concerning the fraud Bank of Canada act of 1974 that handed total control over Canada's publicly owned banking to these scoundrels... The court case basically opened to further court cases that would have demanded that the 1974 act be repealed.  The striking down of the 1974 act would have returned control over Canada's monetary policies directly to the Federal Government and thus promote the idea that Canada's money could once again be produced and distributed to the Canadian public interest free.....It would have been a victory for every Canadian citizen and possibly ended the TRILLION dollar fraud debt that the 1974 criminal act  has imposed on this nation since....

But I just found some very sad and disturbing news about the COMER court case, and it is another defeat for this nation's people...For according to this article from the Press For Truth website, at, it appears that the originally successful COMER court case is now dead and buried as a Jew Lackey Judge has now struck down the court challenge and thus ends COMER's efforts for the foreseeable future!  I have the article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COMER Case Against Bank of Canada Reaches Its End 

The Bank of Canada vs COMER case appears to have reached the end of its road. It has once again been tossed out of court and there isn't any more opportunity for them to amend their claim and re-file. As recent as February of this year, the court has ordered that COMER have their amended claim struck entirely, the leave to amend was refused, and that costs should be awarded to the Defendants.

The COMER case has been ongoing for several years and it was one which was looking to return the Bank of Canada to its pre-1974 mandate of offering interest-free loans. In their case, COMER argued that there has been an extensive breach of the Constitution, when it comes to the current monetary system in Canada. Galati, on behalf of COMER, was arguing that there has been an abdication of executive and parliamentary duty when it comes to the Canadian budget, and that the actual revenues are not presented to Parliament.

“They want the Court to interfere, albeit on Constitutional and Charter grounds, with the way Parliament goes about its business,” wrote Justice James Russell. “The Plaintiffs appear to be of the view that, as a think-tank, they can simply come to Court and ask the Court to declare that the Minister of Finance and the Government of Canada are required to do certain things under the Bank Act, and that they have abdicated their constitutional duties, and allowed international private entities to trump the interests of Canadians,” he said.

Galati has been involved in the case against the Bank of Canada for the past several years, representing the interests of not only COMER but Canadian citizens as well. As it currently stands, Canadians are paying billions onto interest for loans from private banks and Galati was seeking to change that, with COMER's lawsuit, so that interest-free loans could be afforded to government for various infrastructure endeavors and more.



NTS Notes: Honestly, was the outcome seriously in any doubt?  The Jewish criminals and fraud banking shysters that control this nation would never surrender that control and absolutely want to keep every single Canadian citizen at their mercy through their fraud monetary debt system....

It is therefore so obvious that this "judge" is not representing true justice but is obviously under the full control of his Jewish masters that absolutely want the COMER case for true justice destroyed and buried...

And again, it is no wonder that the criminal Federal government in Ottawa along with the Jewish controlled media has not reported on this court case... The government and media here in Canada is firmly in Jewish hands and again these scoundrels and thieves will never allow their slaves to taste freedom...

Canada has once again shown that it is completely and utterly in criminal Jewish control...I have always wondered why my fellow Canadians cannot see that to be the absolute truth with the death of this court case....

More to come


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