Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The US Naval Ship Debacle In The Persian Gulf: US Caught In Their Lies Again - GPS Navigation On Ships Was Working Fine When Ships Entered Persian Gulf!

Everyone is well aware by now of the huge debacle that happened last week where two (I had previously said three, but apparently there were only 2 ships involved...) US small naval vessels entered the Persian Gulf and then "strangely" altered their course towards Iranian territory... The ships were captured and confiscated by the Iranians, and the sailors on board were captured and then released days later into American hands... The US Navy had the audacity to claim that the naval vessels came into Iranian waters due to "navigational errors" along with the ridiculous claim that the ships' own GPS systems were "malfunctioning"!  I and others thought it was peculiar, and knowing what I do know about the liars in the US government and their want to provoke war with Iran, I immediately smelled a rat...

Now comes a great update from the "Anti War" website, at, where apparently new information has finally come forward that these two US naval vessels' GPS systems were working perfectly fine when the ships entered the Persian Gulf!   Here is that short Antiwar article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my thoughts and comments to follow:

US Sailors’ GPS Was Working When They Entered Iranian Waters

Claims of 'Navigational Errors' Don't Add Up

by Jason Ditz, January 18, 2016
The questions over last week’s incident in which a pair of US Navy boats and 10 sailors strayed into Iranian waters continue to grow, as the Pentagon’s narrative on a “navigational error” is thrown into serious doubt.
The Pentagon initially claimed mechanical problems, but after the boats were returned changed its story to claim the sailors had no idea they were in Iranian waters. Today, however, Iran revealed that the GPS devices on the two US boats were in perfect working order at the time, and they had no reason not to know they were in Iranian waters.

The riverine boats were to go from Kuwait to Bahrain on a training exercise. They were to go through a practice refueling with a US Navy cutter in the Persian Gulf, but never arrived, and instead wandered into the water off the coast of Iran’s Farsi Island, the site of a large naval base.

The sailors were detained overnight and released, along with their boats. Though Iranian officials accepted the narrative that the boats made an accidental incursion into their waters, the Pentagon still hasn’t offered a plausible excuse for how this could’ve possibly happened.

NTS Notes:  Yes, the US government and the US Navy have again been caught up in their lies...

It should be so apparent to everyone that the US government concocted this incident just to try to provoke Iran to take shots at these vessels when they entered Iranian waters... If the Iranians did shoot at these vessels, the US would have had its long sought excuse to retaliate and possibly get their nice little war against Iran, that they so desperately need now due to the ongoing economic collapse, off and running...

Luckily the Iranians did not fall for this trap... And again the US has been caught in lying their asses off .... But we must all be diligent, for these criminals may indeed try again, for they think that the only way out of the economic mess that they themselves created was to have a war.....

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