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The Situation In Syria: Week Fifteen Of The Russian Intervention In Syria - When No News Is Good News

It is startling to me that there have been so little reports coming out of Syria right now to give everyone a clear picture of exactly what has been happening in Syria's "civil war" and the Syrian attempt to win their nation back from the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal..... But what I have noticed is that the Jew spew media outlets are NOT reporting much on Syria like they did in the past when the US/Israel fraud "terrorist" group called "ISIS' was supposedly winning the war in Syria... Which means that by the silence, the fraud "ISIS" (or as is sometimes called "Daesh") is definitely losing badly......

For this article, I want to present the following report that comes from the Intifada Voice Of Palestine website, at .The article is entitled: "Week Fifteen Of The Russian Intervention In Syria: When No News Is Good News" and gives us the exact situation in Syria right now that the liars in the media refuse to show... I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Week Fifteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: when no news is good news

Week Fifteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: when no news is good news

The Saker  
We could say that the Russian intervention in Syria has settled into somewhat of a routine: the Russians are bombing, a lot, and the Syrians are advancing on almost all fronts, but slowly. While those who expected a rapid collapse of Daesh followed by a series of major government victories might be disappointed, I am personally rather encouraged by these events. Here is why:

If the Syrians did not win in a rapid Blitzkrieg it is first and foremost because such a Blitzkrieg was never a real possibility. The Syrians never had the numbers to concentrate enough forces on one attack axis and to subsequently exploit a breakthrough. The Syrians also lack the firepower needed to prepare the Daesh defenses before attempting such a offensive. In fact, a secondary role for the Russian AirSpace forces has been to provide from the air the firepower the Syrians lacked in their ground forces. However, while a Blitzkrieg is always very impressive, if risky, there is another time tested form of warfare, attrition warfare, which can also yield results. I am not talking about a WWI kind of attrition warfare, of course, but one specific to the Syrian conflict.

The Russians are steadily degrading Daesh on many levels: they are hitting their command posts, their ammo dumps, their logistics and supply routes, their training bases, etc. Since a lot of those targets have now been destroyed, the Russians are also proving more and more close air support, that is to say that they are now flying sorties in direct support of Syrian army operations. There is also mounting evidence that Russian officers are now working closely with the frontline Syrian units. This closer cooperation and coordination between the Russians and the Syrians has yielded many small victories and at least one major one: the city strategic of Salma, in northeastern Latakia province, has now been fully liberated .  Check out this video, in Russian but not translation is really needed, for footage of the liberation of this city:

On the negative side, the Syrians and Russians have still not found a way to deny Daesh its major advantage: the ability to pump more and more combatants into Syria through Turkey and other countries. At this point in time, it is unclear who has the advantage in this competition: can the Syrian kill Takfiris faster than Daesh can import them or not. Regardless, what is certain is that the Syrians are advancing and that tells me that while the influx of new combatants is definitely a problem for the Syrians, it is not one which has made it possible for Daesh to stop the Syrians from advancing.

I have already mentioned in the past that the Russians are also supplying the Syrians with advanced artillery systems which will gradually restore the Syrian’s ability to have organic and powerful firepower in their ground force units.

One very interesting news item came out recently: there are reports that Russia is now directly providing weapons to Hezbollah. If these reports are confirmed (more or less, nobody will ever acknowledge that officially, of course) then this would be a very elegant response to the Israeli bombings of Hezbollah arms depots. As for Iran, we can be quite sure that they can get almost anything they would need from the Russian market anyway. In other words, Russia will be slowly but surely rebuilding the Syrian capabilities.

Still, the big event of the past two week is a non-event, really. It is the fact that the US-lead “alternative coalition” is achieving exactly nothing. Not only was the big conference in Saudi Arabia a total failure after Ahrar al-Sham walked out, but the recent Saudi attempt are creating a crisis with Iran have also petered out without yielding any tangible results. Ditto for the French intervention in response to the massacres in Paris: the Charles de Gaulle sailed to Syria and then nothing. Literally nothing of any significance happened. As for the World Hegemon, it appears that Uncle Sam simply does not know what to do: all we have seen out of Washington is a series of vapid statements following by nothing. As for the Turks, they are now dealing with an internal situation which is getting worse by the day and they also appear to have no idea what to do about Syria.

This is why I think that “no news is good news”: because no news means that Russia is the only game in town: whatever the pace of the Russian-Syrian advance against Daesh, they are the only ones getting anything actually done while everybody else is in complete disarray.

For a while, the Pentagon was floating the idea of a US backed Kurdish offensive against the city of al-Raqqah, presented as the “capital of Daesh”, and some US special forces were sent in to help the Kurds, but it rapidly turned out that the Turks categorically opposed that. Worse, the Kurds also refused to provide cannon-fodder for a US run operation against Daesh. So much for that grand plan.

In other words, and in this moment in time, there appears to be no workable plan from the US, NATO, EU, Turkish, Saudi, etc. The only actor which not only has a plan, but which has now been pursuing its long term goal are Russia and Iran. It is also worth noting that the Russian-Iranian plan as build-in flexibility: if possible, the Russians and Iranian want to get the best situation on the ground before engaging in any negotiations about the future of Syria. If that is not possible and the Empire insists in doubling-down yet again, then the fall-back plan is simple: militarily defeating Daesh.

The best proof that the Russian side is willing to sustain a long campaign is the recent SOFA (status of forces agreement) signed between Russian and Syria which basically regulates the Russian presence in Syria and which does not have a time limit. In fact, if either side wants to withdraw from that agreement it has to give a one-year warning to the other side. It is likely that the Iranian and Syrians also have a very similar agreement but that it has not been made public.

There is a lot of speculations about a possible Russian ground operation in Syria. I don’t buy this notion at all. Not only have Russian officials and military experts dismissed such an option, but the Russian military is simply not configured for such a long-range power projection. Yes, Russia could, in theory, send in and Airborne forces and then have then supported by a naval task force, but that would run counter to Russian military doctrine and pose very serious potential risks. Barring something truly extraordinary, I don’t see the Kremlin going for such an extremely dangerous gambit.
So the plan appears to be the following one:
  1. Stabilize the Syrian government (done)
  2. Attrition warfare against Daesh (in progress)
  3. Re-build the Syrian armed forces (in progress)
  4. Establish a permanent Russian military presence (done)
  5. Prevent the imposition of a no-fly zone by the US/NATO (done)
  6. Force the Empire to negotiate with Assad (in progress)
  7. Disrupt the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari support for Daesh (in progress)
  8. Co-opt as much as possible of the armed opposition to Assad into a common anti-Daesh front (in progress)
  9. Provide military aid to Iran and Hezbollah (in progress)
  10. Keep Daesh combatants away from Russia and her allies in the Caucasus and Central Asia (in progress)
  11. Try to convince the Europeans that their stance in the Middle-East (and elsewhere) is self-defeating and that they must work with Russia to restore stability (no results so far)
  12. Try to drive a wedge between the US and Europe (no results so far)
I think that this plan successfully combines short-term and long-term objectives and that it has a good chance of succeeding, at least in the first 10 objectives. Alas, I don’t see any signs that the US grip on Europe (via the subservient European comprador elites in power) is getting weaker. If anything, the complete flop of Hollande’s trip to Washington proved that even France has no real sovereignty left.
Article was written for Unz Review

NTS Notes:  Lets face the facts about what is exactly happening in Syria right now.....This "civil war" has been going on for at least 5 years now, and the good guys, the Bashar al-Assad government forces and their allies, cannot win this battle "overnight".. It will take a lot of time to clear the western provinces first of any and all that is left of the "insurgents" and fraud "terrorists".... But victory is indeed within sight.....

The news from the Intifada website definitely shows that the Syrian government forces are winning this war to free their nation... The western provinces are now being cleared of what remains of the "terrorist" and the Syrian army has been working diligently to clear up any of the last remaining pockets of "resistance" around the capital city of Damascus... Once these are cleared, and the final battle for Aleppo is expected to be won shortly, the army will turn to the eastern provinces and hopefully also snap the remaining supply lines coming from Turkey...

Yes, the road to victory for Syria is a long one... The criminal US/Israel/ NATO cabal knows that they can no longer defeat Bashar al-Assad's forces in the field of battle, and that is why they are still pinning their hopes on a new "false flag" to have the world turn against Syria and possibly have the nation invaded from outside..... We should all be aware that these criminals still want Bashar al-Assad removed from power and that they still have their tricks up their sleeves...

Be weary everyone and be prepared to properly blame the real culprits when they do attempt any new false flag attack and try to blame Syria....

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks for this illuminating update NTS, I note that Russia is helping Hezbollah...if Russia is helping Hezbollah and Hezbollah is helping Yemen....does that mean that the friend of my friend is my friend?


Unknown said...

I find it very distrubing that you don't mention the fact that Russia and Putin are also controlled by Jew Isreal. The Bolshevik Revolution was led by Jews and funded by Jews. There is no way Putin rose to power in a Jew controlled government without being a Jew sympathizer. So let's stop the Russia saviour act and call things out for what they really are. Russia is preparing the Muslim world for a conflict with Isreal and the western world. The goal being complete destruction of humanity before installing a new world government.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I smell an agent... For those who have read this blog for years know that I have said from day one the Putin is controlled and that he is even a tribe member himself... (His grandmother and mother were jewish, therefore he is one too...)... I have also said that the Jewish oligarchs have never left Russia and are still pulling the strings..

I have also stated before that Putin is part of the game... But in the interest of the Syrian people who have been brutalized by the American/Israel/Nato cabal, I look at any effort to save that nation from destruction is a good thing... And yes, it may be part of the sick jewish plan which in itself leaves a great puzzle as to why....

Sorry, but you have the wrong guy when you are trying to label me falsely as a believer that Putin is a "savior"... I therefore smell a rat here...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And the only scumbags that are suddenly trying to set up the Muslim versus the world idea of war is the tribe themselves.. And it is funny that you are mentioning that considering I have been observing for years the way the tribe themselves are the ones that come in here and mention it...

"QPS Transportation"? I do smell a rat....

Unknown said...

I posted a msg before this buts its waiting approval, just had a few more thoughts. How could I be a rat when I am clearly opposed to the Jew controlling force? I visit many online blogs and alternative media sites over the Internet. I guess it's hard to keep up with everyone's perspectives. I have been reading every single one of your articles. Lately I have become aware of Khazaria, and Azkenazi Jew history and lineage. Maybe you could write a article discussing your thoughts on these historically twisted devil worshipping people. Lastly I would like to thank you for mentioning other people's blogs and alternative media links. It has expanded my resource base exponentially.

Blogger said...

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