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The Escalating Situation In The Middle East Between Saudi Arabia And Iran: My Take....

It is so amazing that there has been absolutely very few reports coming out of the Jew spew media over the last few days about the dangerous escalating situation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.....Common sense would tell anyone that carefully analyzes this situation that someone seriously wants to see these two nations go to war, and with that I smell a rat.....

The facts are that the entire situation started out last week when the criminal government in Saudi Arabia decided to execute some of its political prisoners including several Iranians including a Shia Muslim cleric named Nimr al-Nimr.....At the same time the criminal Saudis unilaterally ended their fraud "ceasefire" against Iranian supported Yemen are launched new intensive military strikes against that country.....They were of course expecting an Iranian response, and the Iranians fell for the trap by allowing protestors against the Saudi regime and its actions torch the Saudi embassy in Tehran.... After that, the crisis escalated by Saudi Arabia ending all diplomatic relations with Iran, has been mobilizing its forces for a possible war, and has called on some of its "allies" in the Arabian peninsula to do the same... The Iranians also have ended all diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and have been mobilizing their forces.... As it stands right now, the Saudis and their allies are poised for open war with Iran and something could touch off that conflict and thus allow the US to come to the "aid of their ally" Saudi Arabia.....

To further help to understand exactly where this situations stands as of today, I want to present the following report from the Redress Information And Analysis website, at, that is entitled: "Will The US Fall For Saudi Arabia's Deliberate Provocation?" and is a must read by everyone.....As the title does suggest, there is indeed far more to this impending conflict than meets the eye, and yes the US could indeed be drawn into the conflict very quickly..... I have that article right here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Will the US fall for Saudi Arabia’s deliberate provocation?

Saudi King Salman
By Trita Parsi*
There should be little doubt that Saudi Arabia wanted to escalate regional tensions into a crisis by executing Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr. On the same day, Riyadh also unilaterally withdrew from the ceasefire agreement in Yemen. By allowing protesters to torch the Saudi embassy in Tehran in response, Iran seems to have walked right into the Saudi trap. If Saudi Arabia succeeds in forcing the United States into the conflict by siding with the kingdom, then its objectives will have been
It is difficult to see that Saudi Arabia did not know that its decision to execute Nimr would not cause uproar in the region and wouldn’t put additional strains on its already tense relations with Iran. The inexcusable torching of the Saudi embassy in Iran – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned it and called it “totally unjustifiable”, though footage shows that Iranian security forces did little to prevent the attack — in turn provided Riyadh with the perfect pretext to cut diplomatic ties with Tehran. With that, Riyadh significantly undermined US-led regional diplomacy on both Syria and Yemen.
… by cutting their diplomatic relations with Iran, the Saudis have the perfect excuse to slow down, undermine and possibly completely scuttle these US-led negotiations [on Syria]…
Saudi Arabia has long opposed diplomatic initiatives that Iran participated in – be it in Syria or on the nuclear issue – and that risked normalising Tehran’s regional role and influence. Earlier, Riyadh had successfully ensured Iran’s exclusion from Syria talks in Geneva by threatening to boycott them if Iran was present, US officials have told me. In fact, according to White House sources, President Barack Obama had to personally call King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to force the Saudis to take part in the Vienna talks on Syria this past autumn.
Now, by cutting their diplomatic relations with Iran, the Saudis have the perfect excuse to slow down, undermine and possibly completely scuttle these US-led negotiations, if they should choose to do so.
From the Saudi perspective, geopolitical trends in the region have gone against their interests for more than a decade now. The rise of Iran – and Washington’s decision to negotiate and compromise with Tehran over its nuclear programme – has only added to the Saudi panic.
To follow through on this way of thinking, Riyadh’s calculation with the deliberate provocation of executing Nimr may have been to manufacture a crisis — perhaps even war — that it hopes can change the geopolitical trajectory of the region back to the Saudi’s advantage.
The prize would be to force the United States to side with Saudi Arabia and thwart its slow but critical warm-up in relations with Tehran. As a person close to the Saudi government told the Wall Street Journal: “At some point, the US may be forced to take sides [between Saudi Arabia and Iran]… This could potentially threaten the nuclear deal.”
Washington should not repeat Tehran’s mistake and walk into this Saudi trap. In fact, from the US perspective, Saudi Arabia’s destabilising activities are a vindication of the nuclear deal it struck with Iran in 2015. One critical benefit of that deal, left unstated by Obama administration officials, is that it helped reduce US dependency on Saudi Arabia.
By resolving the nuclear standoff and getting back on talking terms with Iran, Washington increased its options in the region.
…Riyadh’s calculation with the deliberate provocation of executing Nimr may have been to manufacture a crisis — perhaps even war — that it hopes can change the geopolitical trajectory of the region back to the Saudi’s advantage.
As Admiral Mike Mullen wrote in Politicolast year in regards to the benefits of the nuclear deal: “It would also more fairly rebalance American influence. We need to re-examine all of the relationships we enjoy in the region, relationships primarily with Sunni-dominated nations. Detente with Iran might better balance our efforts across the sectarian divide.”
Mindful of the deliberate manner Saudi Arabia is driving matters towards a crisis in the region – partly motivated by a desire to trap the United States in Riyadh’s own enmity with Iran – Washington is clearly better off being able to play a balancing role between Saudi and Iran rather than being obliged to fully support Saudi Arabia’s regional escapades.
The question is, however, if Washington’s desire to stay out of this fight is tenable. Obama administration officials have already expressed concern over how this Saudi-initiated crisis is affecting the fight against Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS and ISIL, and diplomacy over Syria.
“This is a dangerous game [the Saudis] are playing,” an unnamed US official told the Washington Post. “There are larger repercussions than just the reaction to these executions,” including damage to “counter-ISIL initiatives as well as the Syrian peace process.
If Washington’s priority is the defeat of IS and other jihadist movements, then a balancing act between an Iran that ferociously opposes IS and a Saudi Arabia that has played an undeniable role in promoting jihadi extremism may not be the right answer.

*Trita Parsi is the president of the National Iranian American Council and author of A Single Role of the Dice – Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran (Yale University Press).
A version of this article first appeared in the Reuters blogs. The version here is published by permission of Trita Parsi.

NTS Notes: OK, now for my take on this situation... As I said before, I smell a rat, and I suspect that Israel is behind this provocation and I will explain why...

The criminal and psychotic state of Israel has long wanted Iran destroyed, and they have long been searching for their excuses or the necessary "back door" to get that nation destroyed and to have the US involved in that destruction... And we cannot forget that Saudi Arabia is not such an "enemy" of Israel as we have always been told simply because that kingdom is indeed run by Jewish elites as well..... Therefore the Jews are most definitely using Saudi Arabia as the bait to get Iran involved in a regional war and have the US come in as an "ally" of Saudi Arabia.... The result will therefore be the US at war with Iran, with the result of having either Iran destroyed or the conflict spread into an even greater world war as both China and Russia come in to aid Iran!

Then there is the other issue where the US is failing economically and on the verge of total collapse... The psychotic US leadership has been desperate to have a war anywhere to somehow save their nation from full economic collapse, and it is just as possible that someone in their "think tanks" came up with this scheme of having Iran and Saudi Arabia go to war which would indeed force the US into the fray and thus somehow save the US's economic neck....

It is still my hope that the Iranian leadership in Tehran does not lose their better judgment and sees the bigger picture of what these criminals are attempting..... The US and Israel want Iran destroyed and they must realize that they may indeed be falling into a trap....

More to come


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