Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Exposing Donald Trump: Donald Drumpf - Illuminati Jew

I have come under constant fire through some very rude comments for months now because of my assertions that Donald Trump is absolutely NOT the "savior" that most Americans stupidly believe.... I have said that the Jewish power elite would never surrender their control of America to the Gentiles, and that Donald Trump was part of their game to have the 2016 US Presidential Elections become the same farce they have been for decades now... I have yet to find any evidence to the contrary, and in fact the more I have investigated Mr. Trump, the more I am firmly stating that he is in this 2016 US Election campaign to destroy and split the Republican vote purposely to allow that slithering maniacal murderous Jewess, Hillary Rodham Bligh (Yes, BLIGH is the REAL last name of the "Clintons"... Their ancestors changed the last name from Bligh to Clinton!) to attain the US Presidency....

Well, I came across some most interesting information about Donald Trump and his true background that is imperative for all Americans to read for themselves... The following report comes courtesy of fellow Canadian, Henry Makow, through his website: "www.HenryMakow.com", and is a must read by everyone that still thinks Donald Trump is somehow "honest" and the "savior" of America... This article, that I have the link to, is entitled: "Donald Drumpf -Illuminati Jew" , and exposes some interesting details about Donald Trump's past and his true agenda.... I recommend that everyone read this article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  Yes, Donald "Trump"'s ancestors decided decades ago to change their last name from "Drumpf" to "Trump", and this is always typical for the members of the tribe to do to disguise their Jewishness!  Is "Trump" a Jew?  The facts presented by Henry seem to point that way.....

Again, I have said in many previous articles that Donald Drumpf is indeed part of the game to split and ruin the Republican party, and thus allowing that split to give the psycho Hillary Bligh the Presidency.... I have yet to find anything that proves that wrong, and I hope that most Americans do wake up before it is too late...

It is alarming to myself as a Canadian that most Americans so quickly forget the Ron Paul fiascos of 2008 and in particular 2012, where he suckered so many Americans into the false belief that he was to "save" America, and then he yanked his own campaign for President, robbed the American people of 10's of millions of dollars in campaign funds (Nobody has yet to find out even to this day where that money disappeared to... I believe it was Paul's payoff for destroying his candidacy on purpose and by design...) and thus ruined the Republican ticket allowing that other criminal, Barry Soetoro, to retain the Presidency..... What we are witnessing in 2016 will be no different with Mr Donald Drumpf.....

Lets face reality here... There are NO 'saviors' in terms of these clowns running for US President... Every single one of them is either already a Jew, or a Jew butt kisser... If Americans truly want to save their republic and their futures, then they have to stand up and save the nation themselves instead of expecting someone who is bought and paid for by the Jews to save it for them!

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Unknown said...

I don't know if your information about Ron Paul is correct. From my understanding, he was a legitimate candidate that was completely alienated by Jew controlled media and pretty much eliminated from the running before he even had a chance. Go on YouTube and watch the Ron Paul conspiracy videos openly available.

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Unknown said...

The Clinton family's real name is "Blythe". Bill Clinton's real name is William Jefferson Blythe III. Hillarys real name is Diane Rodham-Blythe. All of these sick fucks are blood related as well. Barbara bush is actually transgender and her (his) father is Aleister Crowley