Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Definite MUST SEE Video: Brave Young German Girl Tells The Truth About Germany's Present Migrant And "Refugee" Crisis

I, like others, have been watching what has been happening in Europe with this flood of illegal migrant workers, and so called Muslim refugees, with increasing disgust... What is happening in Europe right now is indeed the destruction of the white races in European nations as well as the outright end of Europe as a whole... I have said it before and I will say it again that this is by design and is written right in the criminal Jewish blueprint for world domination, their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion..... To me, it is also shocking that the governments in these nations do NOTHING to stop this onslaught and it seems that they too are in bed with the Jewish power elite and are willing to have their nations destroyed...

The problem with these illegal migrant workers from Africa and the so called Muslims flooding in from the Middle East seems to be at is worse when it comes to the proud nation of Germany... It does seem that the criminal masterminds behind this human disaster do indeed have Germany in particular targeted for destruction....

I came across the following very important video that many have already seen, but I want to share with those who have not seen it themselves here.... This video shows a very brave young 16 year old German girl telling the truth about what she and others in Germany are going through right now as their nation is indeed being destroyed by these migrants and criminals that the German government is so willing to allow into their nation.... Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What is truly disgusting is that this young lady has been targeted now and is possibly going to be charged with "hate speech" for speaking out against the destruction of her own nation.. How disgusting is that?

I also do support what this lady states about Angela Merkel and that criminal's refusal to do anything to stem or to even stop the destruction of her nation... It does appear that Angela, that many say is Jewish herself, is part of the problem and is indeed in bed with the criminal Jewish elite that has now targeted Germany for its demise....The German people MUST protest and demand proper action by their own government, or have that government immediately thrown out of office for its criminal actions in allowing this disaster to take place...

Yes, what has happened in Germany now should be a wake up call for all of us.... Everyone should go to their own governments and absolutely demand an immediate halt to allowing these migrants and "refugees" into our nations...

Better yet... If the Jew spew media continues to lie that the majority of these migrants are coming from "Syria" then why not demand that they be sent back to Syria itself?  Consider the fact that the Syrian government is now definitely winning their war against the fraud of ISIS and their nation is now being cleared of all insurgents, mercenaries, and so called "rebels", then why not rightfully have them returned to Syria so that they can help fight for and rebuild their own nation?  Why send them to our nations where they are nothing more than a burden on our already strained welfare systems, and in other cases are nothing but criminals to start with?  Logically this is a better choice than allowing them to ruin our nations....

More to come



SwordofCreation said...

Good work that I've referenced in vain attempts to get "law enforcement" to move on these qabalist pedophile bastards from hell:

International Google (pronounced Joo-Gall) Racketeering, Pedophile and Theft Ring!

Please leave a comment/make contact if you're willing to do a SKYPE interview on this!

These bastards from HELL threatened my children and just murdered "Benji" my Shepard over these: I'm rather perturbed and unwilling to take this anymore!

IDES of November!

Note Swedish/UK flag falling at their fav:9/11!
NOT coincidence!

Their US/Euro plan put in your face 3 times: demonic 'jews' Hate white goyim!

Backup this comment as Joogall is deleting my comments: see Aaingirfan blog!

If the audio is messed with or the channel is deleted by Joogall see:

Love/Regards from Cal/USA,

Northerntruthseeker said...

I use for my online Skype when I am doing shows, interviews: Northern.truthseeker

I usually keep that closed at most times and only open it and use it for shows due to the work of Hasbara/JIDF agents that would love to ruin it and find out what I look like.... And I usually prefer to only open that Skype link to personal friends and colleagues to keep my personal identity confidential...

I will not give out my OTHER common Skype name that I use 99.99% of the time to also keep myself confidential....

It does take time to trust people and I and others have been so burned by characters such as Glenn, Spingola, etc... That it does make us weary....

yaridanjo said...

Generally, this article is correct. But MERKEL is under some pressure because God's Chosen People have planted nukes in German cities so they can exercise the Samson option. These nukes were generated by refurbishing the 350 nuclear Pitts given them by the Bush presidents.

Nona said...

"and they destroyed it."

Who's "they?"

WHO invited the "illegals?" WHO keeps the citizens from protesting and beats the shit out of them?

Unknown said...

Merkel asked Turkey to release refugees held in Turikish camps for over 2 years.
The main idea is to compensate for stock market collapse and lowered dividends by selling German prison services - you know: work camps, death camps, the Thyssen-Hitler project. Hitler was a front man for Fritz Thyssen. Lookup "Thyssen-Bornemisa".
Today it's announced that not only is the internal EU Free travel zone (Schengen) cancelled, but that "Greece will have to be excluded from the Eurozone 'for two years'.
Anyone who's been following ought to be able to understand how panic has overtaken better judgement: Greece will vote down the Transatlantic Trade Project -- TTIP. The German-dominated EU wants Greece OUT and that's what the refugee "crisis" is all about.
But they're hoist with their own petard: if they exclude Greece, then they don't get all the freebies they've lined up for themselves. Greece could increase costs for all their acquisitions and tax profits - exhorbitant profits - much more heavily. Since they won't be bound by cocercive contracts on terms extorted under pressure.

SwordofCreation said...

I'm a systems analyst with networking experience and SWEAR I have ZERO Jewish blood or money coming in; my ex wife is Jewish mixed and knew zero of these cults.

Never ask if someone is Jewish ask, IN WRITING, if they have Jewish "BLOOD".
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One way to avoid lying shills during interviews, and I'll start doing this from now on, it to get them to swear to tell the truth under oath.

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How much Jewish BLOOD do you have?

I also have an old Talkshoe account we could use for an interview about Jews abducting my daughter; how it was done, and how Boxer and Moonbeam (also Jew blood)tied into their sayanim terrorists on the ground using communist tactics.


Northerntruthseeker said...

The last time I checked, I have no Jewish blood... At least that is what my parents have always said....

Really? Me Hasbara/JIDF? I have been accused of that for so long that I always get a great chuckle when someone does it again...

(Oye vey! I guess the jig is up and I have to go to my paymasters in Tel Aviv and get a new job ........)

I will consider your request.... I am of course very careful about my privacy as you must understand....

BTW... For my "favourite fan club"... Exactly how much does a Hasbara/JIDF get paid these days???? What about benefits?

SwordofCreation said...

To fully understand the many frauds hiding the white giants one must only look into the DNA studies of the so-called 'Native Americans'. (Clue: they were only 'native' after betraying/overthrowing and eating the so-called "cannibals"; everything was inverted as with Germany and WWII!) Hitler was controlled opposition and led Germany into the hands of the demonic "communist" supremacist banksters.

Although mass studies were halted, and for now obvious reasons, those studied (Cherokee) turned out to be Jews who know fully well WHY! Likely from their Phoenician naval conquests and of a previous betrayal from within, against the true NATIVE AMERICANS, a mix of "races", including white GENTILE GIANTS. (ie. spreading their usual "purple die"!)

Research "White Indians" and "WHITE CHINESE" archeology for a DNA group that was once around the world, but in high demand for their use in demonic rituals still going on in back rooms to this very day.

See "Albino children under threat by witch doctors in Africa" and so-called "Satanic Ritual abuse", which is actually a Jewish rite. They do NOT call it 'worshiping satan', but a demonic quid pro quo; see "mind control key of david" and Soncinian Talmud for their sodomy rites used with their children while ritually torturing and murdering those of gentiles.)

These facts, their symbology and numerology has been fully exposed on my channel and blog. What's most important about history is context and that has been fully removed to preclude understanding this demonic tribe!

SwordofCreation said...

I never said you were a hasbaRAT and as far as being anonymous that's impossible while having an INTERNET presence/login. Your precise address is on their radar and if neighbors suddenly DIE or move out due to harassment at school or work, they've likely moved TEAM SAYANIM in to watch/harass you. (My neighbor, about to inherit her husbands property, died in a suspicious fire, and a new babe shows up!)

But with "95% of activists" being controlled opposition, the question must be asked. While there are jews who are decent those snakes within far outnumber them and be they of the Italian or straight up Jew variety with them I do not waste my time. (Not that Jews are known for integrity with their prayers allowing forgiveness of same.)

You'll find some verboten testimony here:

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TalkJoo allows you as much anonymity as you can get.
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SwordofCreation said...

Why would someone like you hesitate and not JUMP at a chance to 'water board' via TESTIMONY, Pelosi, Boxer and Moonbeam, via proof they're, at least, aiding child trafficking in Kali-fornia via Jewish mind control kults?