Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Update On Turkey Blocking The Dardenelles To Russian Ships: Ships Being Allowed Through... For Now!

Just yesterday, I put up a post at this blog linking to an article that came out on the 29th of November stating that the Turkish government has blocked the Dardenelles and the Bosporus Straits to Russian ships... That act of provocation was in direct violation of the 1936 Montreaux agreements on the usage of the Bosporus/Dardenelles waterways freely to all countries that bordered the Black Sea including Russia... It was indeed a criminal act by Turkey and could have been taken by the Russian Federation as an act of war....

Now just today I found out through the Sputnik News website, at www.sputniknews.com that Turkey has backed down from that act of aggression against Russia and the Bosporus/Dardenelles are indeed open to Russian ships... At least for now... Here is the link to that Sputnik News report for all to see here:


NTS Notes:  I stated in my previous article that I thought the Turkish leadership has gone insane in purposely trying to provoke the far more powerful Russian Federation with this criminal act... Closing the Bosporus/Dardenelle passageway to the Mediterranean Sea could have indeed been seen by the Russians as an act of war....

Luckily for all of us, the Turks have stopped their insanity (for the moment) and have opened up the Bosporus.....But I do wonder what the Turks and their NATO/American controllers will try to do next in getting a war against the Russian Federation going?....

More to come


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