Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Sickness Of The Self Proclaimed "Chosen Ones" Knows No Bounds: Sick Freaks Celebrate Terror And Murder At An Israeli Wedding (!)

I have posted so many articles here at this blog that exposes the absolute sickness and depravity of the so called "chosen ones" ... It is so frightening and sick to see this group, that claims that they are somehow superior to everyone else and that they alone are the masters of this planet, carry out their evil operations not only against the Palestinian people who's land they have stolen, but against the rest of mankind as well.... It should be a wake up call for everyone to see their true actions and mentality, and I will continue to present them here for everyone to see and share with others....

Now, I want to present an absolute must see by everyone... This report comes from the Desert Peace website, at, and is entitled: "Celebrating Terror At An Israeli Wedding"... Please watch the video especially, for it is very revolting and again shows the madness of these insane "chosen ones" in all their glory... I have that article here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


At a wedding, Right-Wing West Bank Jewish settler yeshiva students celebrate the arson-murder, allegedly carried out by right-wing Jewish settler youths, of an 18-month-old Palestinian baby and his parents in the West Bank Palestinian village of Douma (Duma) in July 2015. Aired by Israel’s Channel 10 News on 12-23-2015, the video has shocked and revolted much of Israel. Israel’s Chief Rabbis condemned the behavior shown by the settlers in this video, as did Knesset members, including at least one right-wing supporter of radical settlers.

The video is in Hebrew, but the hatred needs no translation …

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Police investigating wedding video on suspicion of incitement

Video shows right-wing youth dancing with weapons, one of them repeatedly stabbing a picture of infant Ali Dawabsheh, who was killed in the Duma arson attack.

NTS Notes:  I always have my critics and the agents of the JIDF/Hasbara group (my "favorite fan club") always claiming me falsely to be a "Jew hater" and of course the laughable lie of being an "antisemite"... Well, I say to them to please answer this one if they can!

Yes, these monsters had the gall to celebrate the murder of an 18 month old Palestinian child at a wedding?  How sick is that?

Yes, there are indeed monsters amongst us... And the video clearly shows who they are.....

More to come


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