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The San Bernardino California Shooting Is A Fraud: A Summary Of What We Have So Far

Yes, this site was definitely under attack the last few days and I spent much of yesterday, besides trying to get some much needed rest and relaxation, on my computers cleaning up my systems....... It does appear that I have finally been put under the bulls eye of the Hasbara/JIDF group (what I usually call my favorite fan club...) and some others... The truth about the very fraudulent recent shootings around the world, and the truth that the entire war on terror is a sham, must be told to everyone.. .And obviously the criminals behind these shams do not want the message to get out....

I am doing some much needed catching up now that my computers are working properly... So bare with me.. First, I want to present a most important article that comes courtesy of a real truth seeker, Aangirfan, who of course writes the excellent blog: "Aangirfan" at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com... The article is entitled: "San Bernardino Shootings -"False Flag Inside Job Conspiracy"". and gives an excellent summary of what we have learned so far from this latest false flag attack... I have that article right here, and of course my own follow up thoughts and comments, along with my own take on what we have so far about this hoax:

Sunday, 6 December 2015



Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife are alleged to be the San Bernardino shooters.

However, the wife, when she was apprehended by the police "was in shorts, high heels, and a short bare tummy blouse."

San Bernadino Litmus Test Time.

The police believe that Enrique Marquez (above) is the person who bought the two 'assault-style' weapons that were used in the shooting in San Bernardino, California.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said during an appearance on the Morning Joe Show: "the ATF believes that someone purchased this gun on behalf of the police department and somehow that gun ended up in the hands of this guy."
Syed Farook's Mystery.

In other words, these weapons were not bought by Syed Rizwan Farook (above), who has been accused of doing the shootings.

Syed Rizwan Farook's father Syed Farook is an alcoholic and mentally ill, according to Syed Farook's ex-wife.

San Bernardino Shooter: Mother

Syed Farook is the source of some of the statements critical of Syed Rizwan Farook.

Enrique Marquez

The CIA has a history of making use of the mentally unstable.

Hours after the shootings in San Bernardino, Enrique Marquez entered a mental health clinic in Long Beach, California.
He has not been seen since.

Marquez is 'quiet' and 'shy' according to Lorena Agurre, who lives across the street from the home Marquez shares with his parents and brothers.

San Bernardino Country Sheriff’s Department said that it was looking for three white males dressed in military gear who fled in a black SUV, FOX 11 Los Angeles reports.


Tashfeen Malik is the patsy that nobody ever saw.

The Jewish ADL has trained law enforcement in San Bernardino.

The 2 December 2015 shooting in San Bernardino, in California, appears to be a government false flag operation.

The attack took place at the Inland Regional Center which helps disabled people.

Los Angeles police use the building for active shooter drills carried out every month.

As the police raid began, one staffer from inside the building tweeted, "drill started."
At least two gunmen opened fire, killing 14 people.

Two suspects - Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27 - were killed in a police shootout several miles from the site of the original attack.
A third suspect who had been seen fleeing the shootout was taken into custody.

Elliot Rodger - mind controlled patsy.
The San Bernardino shooting was the 355th in the USA during the year 2015.

Two dead suspects named after mass shooting that killed 14 at Calif. office party

The shooters were dressed in black masks.
They could have been agents working for the security services.
They wore tactical gear and carried multiple weapons.
Large numbers of armed police arrived at the scene.
However, the attackers were able to flee in a black SUV and elude capture.

The real killers usually work for the security services. Above we see the CIA's Doku (Dokka) Umarov, believed to be behind the Moscow Metro bombing in 2010 which killed at least 40.

The Los Angeles police, searching for the San Bernardino shooters, visited a house in the nearby city of Redlands.
When the house occupants drove away in an SUV, the police gave chase. 

Kasab - innocent patsy in the Mumbai attacks of 2008.
Former CIA agent Robert Baer said the San Bernardino shooting was carried out using tactics that are used in the Middle East.
The attack also resembles the false flag Charlie Hebdo attack.
Donald Trump tweeted "Good luck to law enforcement and God bless. This is when our police are so appreciated!"


After the shooting began, San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said that their SWAT team happened to be conducting training nearby. 
The team was suited, “ready to roll” and responded rapidly, Lawhead said.
What makes this noteworthy is that this is not the first time that emergency drills for the exact scenario unfolding were taking place at virtually the same moment the actual terrorist attacks began.
Paris-area emergency personnel and ambulance crews were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the very same day the Paris terrorist attacks took place.
During the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) was in the midst of a training exercise called Vigilant Guardian, which “coincidentally” simulated planes being hijacked by terrorists.

Breaking: SWAT Team Drill Turns into REAL Mass Shooting Scenario in San Bernardino, CA


NTS Notes: I again first want to thank the Aangirfan for this information...

What I have been watching these last few days over the Jew spew media (before I had to switch their garbage off before my own brain melted) is that they are trying desperately to spin their fairy tales about these two "radicalized Muslims" Syed Farooq and of course his bride, Tahseen Malik, were solely responsible for this ridiculous hoax... The facts are coming out crystal clear now that these two "shooters" were in fact the patsies that were set up to take the fall for this incident... And of course they paid for their part in this operation with their own lives....

It is also so peculiar that the original stories being pushed by the eyewitnesses to this fraud constantly claimed that there were "3 WHITE men involved" in the shooting... The first news reports coming from the San Bernardino reporters and camera crews all witnessed and recorded the statements of the first eyewitnesses and these witnesses ALL stated that there were definitely 3 shooters and they were all wearing combat gear, and were absolutely white!

Therefore the story had to be changed, and the spin doctors went to work on the minds of Americans to create the fraud that the entire episode was done by these two "radicalized" shooters, both Muslims (of course), and that they were at that "Christmas party"  to kill innocent people....

Yes, this story is almost laughable if it was not tragic for the brainwashed American people... Now that crazy US President goes onto his ridiculous speech the other night (I may yet do an article to tear that ridiculous speech to pieces) and is now pushing hard for both gun control and to bring a form of martial law onto the streets of American cities due to the fraud "threat" of the American CIA/Israeli Mossad scam called "ISIS" at home....

Wake the hell up, America... Your own crooked government is now into overdrive in trying to get you scared enough by these frauds that you will gullibly surrender your freedoms, your liberties, and your guns....

More to come


*One other note:  I have been asked many times now to have this site be used as an outlet for any new information about this fraud for everyone to share and see... If anyone has some additional information that they want people to know about, I would gladly add it to this and other articles... Please feel free to send your information via my comment section, and it will be posted..

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