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The San Bernardino California Shooting Is A Fraud: Update: Absolute BOMBSHELL! The Two "Shooters" Were In Fact Driving A Police SUV

*Update December 9th, 2015-  Jim Stone has changed the story on this SUV... The SUV in question was NOT the prototype Ford Excursion that he had in fact put in his original story, but was in fact a production Ford Expedition... However the headlight flashers on THAT vehicle did indeed have headlight flashers that are exclusive to police vehicles only... How these two "shooters" got a hold of a police rated SUV is telling and shows that it was indeed a scam.... I have also updated my original article to make the corrections......

I have continued to pour over the material over the alternative media and of course from comments sent my way about the San Berdardino California shooting hoax, and today I came across some interesting material that absolutely blows this fraud wide open, and shows that the perpetrators behind this fraud definitely blew it big time...

The following very important report comes courtesy of Jim Stone, who writes the blog: "Jim Stone Freelance" at www. jimstone.is.... It is an absolute must read by everyone and shows clearly that the criminals in the US Government and those who staged the San Bernardino false flag event blew it big time...  Here is that report, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

I have corrected this report to state it was an in production Ford Expedition, not a prototype Excursion.


While correcting me and saying it was a Ford Expedition and not an Excursion, yet another reader, after watching the video I linked (farther down this page), made the point that in the video the Expedition is not using the hazard lights, it is using headlight flashers that are exclusive to police vehicles. This proves it really was a Police SUV that was used for the "shoot out". I cropped the capture below to include the police lights on the pursuing cars, which prove the camera was not just blowing everything to white - if that was a normal SUV the flashing lights, clearly seen in the linked video SHOULD BE YELLOW. In America, it is illegal to have flashing white lights anywhere on a vehicle, this is designated for law enforcement only.

So I was wrong about the prototype, but this vehicle still could not have possibly been acquired and driven by our patsies.


An avalanche of readers sent a message that it was a 2015 - 2016 Ford Expedition, this inconsistency is explained and cancelled. Not to worry, THE VIDEO CAPTURE PROVES THEY STILL WERE NOT DRIVING IT. And the two SUV's are so similar they have the same seats.

As you can see from the enhanced capture below, THE DRIVERS SEAT IS EMPTY. 


From THIS VIDEO I captured the SUV as you see it to the left here (it is in the very first part of the video where the SUV is being filmed from the street, where the scenes are changing so fast they are practically flickering) and I then pulled the capture into GIMP. Then with the levels editor I pulled all 3 arrows down to the dark end of the dynamic range with a small space between pointers and then moved the center slider around until it hit the correct range in the capture to show the seat was there, and empty. The levels adjustment, when used this way, expands the dynamic range to make subtle differences you can't see in the image when viewed normally pop out of the murk.


Additionally, I can't for some reason get the audio from that video, but I have watched it in full and it has a lot of helicopter footage which apparently proves our two patsies were shot and killed by police after the police destroyed their car about 5 miles away, and that they were then transferred to the SUV in handcuffs unconscious or dead. That video is a good one, I think it got leaked by an insider who did not agree with what was done. The video proves police helicopters have cameras no one ever dreamed of, and that is something that is no doubt classified. The helicopter footage has to be an unauthorized leak because it proves these helicopters can put anyone on screen full screen from 10 miles away.

Don't be fooled into supporting a war

It is obvious that the Islamic terror meme is being used to get Americans to support a major war in Syria. And Trump is pumping it up as much as he can. In fact, I think Trump might even be getting manipulated into going rabid on the "Islamic terror" meme so the elite can use his popularity to accomplish their war agenda. That makes a pile of sense as far as I see it. Anything that works I guess.

I am doing a little deep digging for what I think is a holy grail of truth in all of this that will prove out multiple conspiracies in one whack but won't say what that is right now to prevent censors from blowing it.

I will say this: I find it curious that during the video of police "apprehending the suspects" there is NOT ONE SECOND OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF SHOTS FIRED FROM THE SUV. It just goes from perfect SUV to shot to pieces SUV in one frame. This was obviously done because no one ever fired anything from that SUV.

I went through a fair amount of footage of the SUV going down the road (everything I can find) using levels to try to extract as much sub detail as possible from the windows and it really looks like both the passenger seat and drivers seat are empty, and that the SUV is being driven via remote. The emergency flashers were on, which is super odd in a police chase but would not be odd if it was being driven via remote for a drill, and there was street radar which showed the SUV was only going 40 MPH while the police were chasing it which is double odd. At that point in all videos, the windows are rolled up and not shot out. So at that point in all videos, the police cannot say they were receiving fire from that vehicle.

All the video is super poor quality, but I can extract sub detail down to one step in 16.7 million with Gimp moved sliders for hours on multiple frames (sliders that let you go up and down in the sub bits you can't see when the video is normally playing) and after extracting every possible ounce of detail I saw no evidence of anyone in those seats. I believe that either the videos are all CGI or that vehicle was driven via remote. At some point I should have pulled a discernable driver out of the murk from at least one frame out of many, and there is NADA.

Any frames that might have given enough detail to see clearly what was going on were miraculously missing from ALL videos, leaving only murky frames to work with even though all the before and after frames are there. Let me explain what I am talking about: (umm later, I got distracted by the fact this SUV does not even exist yet, I think that is more important. I will see if I can get a good extraction and post it later). 

Dec 6/7 2015

Gun grab speech today UPDATE: I GUESS NOT. I don't know what that was!

Anyway, he mentioned the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Ok. So let's see when the next "terror attack" is. Maybe the AI program told his controllers he had better play it cool because too many people knew that shooting was B.S. no matter how forcefully they keep venting the Emu, Ferret and Camel dung through Drudge. **sigh**
///////delay the following for another up and coming day, they will try the gun ban later I guess:
I'd like people to consider something: We are on the cusp of war with Russia. What nation would want a gun ban in America right before such a war? RUSSIA. I have NEVER trusted Russia. And even if Russia is not the problem anymore, people ought to clearly see at least that it is the cold war cronies of Russia that are in control of the American government now, and even if Russia is not the bad guy now, the fact these cronies in our government want a gun grab right before what looks like it could be a world war means ONE THING: The want America to lose that war. CONSIDER THIS DURING OBAMA'S SPEECH: A gun grab now? ARE YOU KIDDING? who would want that, other than the enemy?

I posted the following to the comment section of a popular news site, and it is a great summary of what is in the report below:

There are a number of problems with the so-called terror attack.

1. The shooter was posting to Facebook during the attack (time records show he could not have done this, so if the shooting happened at all, it was staged by someone else.)

2. When you look at the scenes where the SUV is shot up, they prove the story presented about how it happened to be a lie. Yes, there is a shot up SUV, but all the windows are rolled up, and if active shooters really were threatening police and shooting them from this SUV the windows had to have been rolled down because you can't point a large gun from a space as small as an SUV unless you point it out an OPEN window. The fact the windows are rolled up and shot out in all photos proves no one fired anything from that vehicle and ALL bullets came from police.

3. There is a lawyer working the case for the shooter's family, and he has revealed that both the man and woman were found handcuffed and shot to death in the back of the SUV, which means the SUV had to have been being driven via remote control for the media cameras because you can't drive while handcuffed, shot to death, and stuffed behind the back seat. All of America's cars are now by law at least partially drive by wire and ALL are completely hooked up to the cell phone system at ALL TIMES by Federal law (all models made since 2004,) which makes remote takeover possible. Obviously this is what happened in this case, because dead men can't drive.

There are many many many other huge inconsistencies which proves the shooting was done to make Muslims look horrible and provide an excuse to control the American people, and our Islamic patsy was probably chosen for this because he was a state tax auditor up until a very short time before this happened, (and was transferred to another job for the state) most likely because he uncovered criminal activity. I think someone wanted to get rid of him, and that (along with the fact that he was Muslim) is why he was chosen.

NTS Notes:  First my apologies to everyone for the original posting of this story that put out the story that the SUV was a 2016 prototype and not available to the public... Jim Stone is human like the rest of us and I am glad that he has in fact updated his article with the real facts behind the SUV being a police issue model...  I too took the story at face value, and have updated my own article here...

Well, well... If this absolutely proves to be true and I doubt if the report is false.. .Then the entire false flag for these criminals has indeed fallen apart.....

THIS is one report that everyone should be made aware of... PLEASE take this information about the SUV and alert everyone.... It does appear that the SUV that the two "Muslim extremists" were using was a police department SUV and was IMPOSSIBLE to obtain and therefore it absolutely shatters the entire "official story" that the crooked US Government and the Jew spew media has been trying to sell to the American people and the entire world...

I am also glad that someone else pointed out the speed indicating radar display that was flashing "40 MPH" on its display as the "high speed chase" went by... I pointed that out in a previous article and it bugged me for a while that I was the only one that noticed, for it meant that there was NO high speed chase at all, and what we were witnessing was a slow moving remote control SUV that drove into the hornets nest of gunfire at that intersection...

Again, I am continuing to follow these reports and it does appear more and more that we are dealing with a false flag that has now gone terribly wrong for the perpetrators behind the fraud....

And again, I need to ask where in the hell are those fools that continue to claim that other false flags are real, especially those who attacked myself and others for showing that the Sandy Hook fraud shooting was a hoax?  It is no wonder that they are silent on this one, for they themselves have blown it big time and now everyone can see them as the fools they truly are...

More to come



westerntruther said...


Calgary Herald reports San Bernardino shooting the day before it happens. Check the timestamp - December 1, 2015 when the fake shooting happened on December 2.

Edmonton Journal ran the same story with the same predate.


westerntruther said...


Calgary Herald reports San Bernardino shooting the day before it happens. Check the timestamp - December 1, 2015 when the fake shooting happened on December 2.

Edmonton Journal ran the same story with the same predate.


Unknown said...

Brother published a good article ..I am from Pakistan and One more thing i want to share with you that Tashfeen(Pakistani woman) case is just another false flag,of course full with lies being spread to create the perception that Pakistanis are terrorists and Pakistan is a rogue state.Second CNN showed the NADRA id of Tasfeen was fake ,, NADRA has the biggest database of Pakistani citizens in the world. Even those CNN published was not real id card issued by NADRA..