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The San Bernardino California Shooting Is A Fraud: What We Have So Far That Exposes It As Yet Another False Flag On The Gullible American People

I was hoping to take today off and not have to post any articles...But lo and behold just yesterday we have yet another 'active shooter' incident in America, this time in San Bernardino California, and absolutely it is a scam, a hoax, and a fraud.... The criminal US Government is losing its fraud war against their fraud ISIS "terrorist group", and they have been exposed as being part of the ISIS oil into Turkey scam as well... Therefore they are again desperate to divert the gullible American people away from their criminal actions and as a result we have the latest "shooting" in America!

I have been pouring over so much material today about this latest "active shooting" DRILL that went live in San Bernardino, and it will probably take several articles to cover all the facts... So lets get right to it....

First, I want to present the interesting findings from Jim Stone, who writes the blog: Jim Stone Freelance, at, that definitely shows the fraud in all of its glory, and shows what we have so far to definitely show it to be another scam on the American people... Here is that article from Jim here:

Dec 2-3 2015


This story has morphed in all aspects and is all over the map as "they" adjust it to circumvent discoveries. But I found the photo that proves the current version of the story is a lie. 

As I predicted last night, the shooters would end up being a husband and wife team, because the name they originally chose for the female shooter would cause political problems with Turkey. Additionally, This morning, all key elements about the male shooter being a health inspector who was present at a christmas party for autistic and disabled children up until 20 minutes before the shooting are gone because the think tanks could not come up with a way a man in a suit could get mad and then conduct a well coordinated attack in full combat gear with two other people 20 minutes later unless the number of shooters was reduced to 2, and the other shooter was his wife.

Original story line: Sayed Farook, a state health inspector got mad at the party, stormed off, and returned 20 minutes later with two other people and shot the place up.

Current story line: Sayed Farook left with his wife in the early morning and was not seen all day until he showed up at the shooting. Police found them 4 hours after the shooting and shot them to death in their black SUV, and BOTH SHOOTERS WERE WEARING COMBAT STYLE CLOTHING WHILE SHOT BY POLICE. Problem: I found a key photo apparently screen captured out of a video, and fixed the tone curve to reveal what was there. And what came out of the murk proves this is a lie:

The dead woman is in high heels, shorts and short blouse. No blood anywhere after being filled with bullets.
QUICK: Hit Google, read the current version of the story, and then try to explain the way this woman is dressed, and the lack of blood. They will change the story as needed, so get while the getting is good!

San Bernardino makeup shooting after Planned Parenthood attack failed

"Two shooters (now the only suspects) are dead (how convenient) and were shot to death by police in their car. Muslim man and woman. Probably husband and wife. Let's see if they morph the story to two men rather than a man and a woman, because now they already morphed the story from long rifles to handguns and assault rifles and three shooters to two, who arrived in 4 cars and left in one. I am sure situational artificial intelligence has been assigned to comb the web for public opinion and script the story line accordingly, which is why it keeps changing, often in irrational ways".

The Muslim man was a former business tax executive for the state who had changed jobs and was now a health inspector for the state. So in this story line we have at least one guy that may have needed to be gotten rid of. 

This picture to the left destroyed the planned parenthood shooting story, which proves all that happened was the abortionists/staff ripped the doorway out with a wrecking bar, (details below, I am scraping up the details on this new hoax (or whatever it turns out to be) ANYWAY they needed a make up shooting after the last one was shredded by the hoaxters themselves with a wrecking bar - hopefully this new shooting was as fake as the Planned Parenthood event and no one actually died.

In this new event we have 14 "dead" and this one is MEGA suspicious because it happened at a government party at 10:59 AM I MEAN AM and it did not break on any major news outlet until three and a half hours later. RT said it happened at a golf course early on. 

Someone get onto Craigslist for San Bernardino, go to "gigs" and see if they hired anyone to stage this, dig back a month or so. I can get to craigslist but it is time consuming to dig through and I am looking elsewhere.

Digging . . . . . 

JEWISH LIE NUMBERS INVOLVED!!!! BUSTED!!! This shooting happened at a "Christmas party" with "600" people and I think Dec 2 is a little early for that. There was a video being shot from pretty much minute 1, (15 minutes after the shooting started,) there were hundreds of ambulances on scene, a tent set up to handle the shooting complete with lawn chairs, in other words, This was probably a drill.

The shooters have Islamic names. That works perfect for Trump's story about dancing Muslims on 911, when we all know it was dancing Israelis. Trump has gotten disgusting with this topic as far as I see it.

The center this happened at has had so many active shooter drills lately that employees just thought it was another drill. There were no roadblocks set up which is very strange if this was real. Local news channels were there, reporting live, WAY TOO FAST, (proving foreknowledge) yet there was a huge delay in getting the news out via larger channels of up to 7 hours, which is why I missed this until now. WHY THAT HUGE TIME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS AND LOCAL NEWS? 

Unlike the canned parenthood ruse, this time the shooters are all dead. There were three of them OOPS, now only two, (male and female Muslims) driving four vehicles. That looks like a blooper in the story line. One vehicle was a "van packed with weapons" which is for me a stupid line that sounds great because after all, how can the original 3 people carry enough weapons on them to "pack a van"? but that works for the OOH AAH factor I guess and is subject to change . . . . UPDATE, IT DID, READ ON AND IF THERE WERE 4 VEHICLES INVOLVED, WHY DID ALL 3 SHOOTERS LEAVE IN ONE?LONG GUNS WERE USED THIS TIME (OOPS, THIS CHANGED ALSO, now it is assault rifles but could end up being a mix) to provide a way for the government to go after hunting rifles. And you can only really carry 2 long guns, they are heavy and I'd challenge anyone to shoot with more than 1 extra strapped across the back, I have never seen that done with long rifles, so this means the "van packed with weapons" story was written by a fool. But that story line is fading as AI corrects it.

"The San Bernardino PD's SWAT team was training nearby when the call came in of multiple shots fired just before 11 a.m. local time, Lieutenant Richard Lawhead told KTLA. They were already suited up and "ready to roll," allowing for a rapid response time." This shooting supposedly took place at a party for disabled people which were predominantly autistic. So the story line is: SHOOTERS SHOOT DISABLED AUTISTIC CHILDREN, DOUBLE SYMPATHY WHACK!, another near promise this is all a set up.

People are skeptical. Here are a few quotes from a popular forum:

"So...a Christmas part on Dec. 2nd, 11:00am on a Wednesday. RIIIGGHHHTTTT. Guy leaves, arms up, puts on tactical gear then gets two friends, arms them up and they dress in tactical gear and they all return and shoot the place up? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA! Even the narratives on this crap are stupid and unbelievable. "

"Of course. Just called up a few buddies, donned their gear and joined in for a mass shooting. Seems likely."

"Interesting - there was a Police "Training event" going on "close by." So the response time was very fast! How convenient!!!"

"one would have to be literally Forrest Gump retarded to not see the same repeating pattern".

My response: Yep.

They got a bloody nose from the fakeness of the canned parenthood show, and thus far have only used assault rifles and hand guns in their shooting ruses. So that has a limited impact on the weapons tyrants fear worse - long rifles, of which the best can penetrate practically anything all the while "assault rifles" are comparative wimps. Long rifles often kick very hard which is undesirable in combat, where people go down a lot easier than bears. All this new take on things proves to me is that they want ALL guns now, including deer and big game rifles. 

I think I am coming to this conclusion: As part of the police training exercise that was going on nearby, 3 police officers were sent to the disabled center to "shoot it up" as part of a drill so the rest of the police could get a surprise call for a mass shooter, and respond as if it was a real event. They were all dressed in combat gear, (as such police are) and left in a black SUV (as such police would). That is starting to look like the real story here, and to get a Muslim tie in, later they murdered a Muslim man and probably his wife as the drove away from their home four and a half hours later.

Update: As this story morphs, it looks like they are attempting to establish an "Islamic terror" theme with the key shooter being mad about the event serving pork while he was there doing a health inspection for the state! That is wafer thin, what will they think of next?.

Two shooters (now the only suspects) are dead (how convenient) and were shot to death by police in their car. Man and woman "still dressed in combat gear and fully armed after leaving their home over 4 hours after the shooting". Originally the woman's name was "Tayyeep Bin Ardogan" but they rescinded that possibly for political relations with Turkey and they probably want the end theme to be that this was done by husband and wife so they can explain how this shooting was organized and executed so quickly after Sayeed Farouk (the state health inspector) got pissed about pork being served. Names gotta match for that take on the story. Let's see if they morph the story to two men rather than a man and a woman, because now they already morphed the story from long rifles to handguns and assault rifles and three shooters to two, who arrived in 4 cars and left in one.  I am sure situational artificial intelligence has been assigned to comb the web for public opinion and script the story line accordingly, which is why it keeps changing, often in irrational ways.

Maybe tomorrow the story line will be: "Husband and wife Islamic killing team murders autistic children over steamed pork fueled rampage." After all, if this really is being handled by situational AI as it sure appears to be, a computer just might spew that. And I fear there might really be two dead people in this false flag - a state health inspector that needed to be gotten rid of, and whoever was inconveniently with him when they shot up his car.

NTS Notes:  The moment I saw the reports from the Jew spew lying media come out and say that "14 people are dead" from a shooting in San Bernardino... I smelled a rat....

Yes, it is so amazing that we have this "active shooting" happen in San Bernardino California, which just so happens to also be one of the "gun free" zones that have been created across the United States.. No coincidence there....

And in further articles I will show where AGAIN we have an "active shooter" incident in a city in America that also just so happens to have had 'shooter drills' take place in the days and months previous to the shooting... What that will prove again is that we have the set up, the crisis actors, and of course the "shooters" all in place and the "drill" going LIVE!

I had hoped that from the other fraud shootings across America that by this point the American public would have awoken to the real danger to their freedoms and their nation's existence, which is their own criminal government...But again the criminals running the US are again digging into their bag of tricks and hoping that the public is too stupid and will again fall for this.....

Wake up America... Your own government has now gone into "overdrive" in their attempts to strip you of your last line of defence against their tyranny which is your guns.... It is time to throw this latest "incident" back into their faces and proclaim that you have had enough of their sick games!

More to come


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