Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Fraud US Presidential "Race": No Matter Who Becomes The Next President, Israel Wins Again!

I have come under some intense fire this last while for my stance on Donald Trump, and how I see him as not the "hero" that most people are foolishly being led to believe, but is just another Jew controlled lackey... I have said it many times over the last while, including in my weekend rants, that Donald Trump is not the "hero" that most Americans believe him to be, but is in fact in the 2016 Presidential race for nothing more than splitting or ruining the Republican party and thus allow the other Jew lackey, Hillary "Killary" Rodham Bligh (again real last name of Clinton) to become the next US President... I have not seen anything yet that convinces me otherwise...

I want to present here a most interesting article that comes courtesy of "The Naked Truth In A Confused World" website, at The article is a reprint of an original report put out by Philip Giraldi, and is entitled: "USA/Israel: No Matter Which Asshole Becomes USA President, Satanic Israel Wins" and is a must see by everyone to fully understand who is behind the so called US Presidential 'candidates' and not only funds them, but controls them as well... I have that article right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

USA/ISRAEL: No matter which asshole becomes USA [president, Satanic Israel wins.

No Matter Who Becomes President Israel Wins 


by Philip Giraldi 

(The Unz Review) – The next American president will almost certainly be bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby. Hillary Clinton has already declared that that when she is elected president she intends to take relations with Israel “to the next level” and has also promised to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit on her very first day in office. It is difficult to imagine what the next level might actually be in America’s already servile deference to Israeli interests so she should perhaps be careful regarding what she commits herself to do. Netanyahu just might feel empowered to remain in the Oval Office on his visit, possibly also moving the Knesset to Washington so it will be closer to the U.S. Treasury if Israel’s budget comes up a bit short as well as just across the river from the Pentagon and all those nifty weapons that can be used to kill Palestinian children..

Hillary’s pledge of fealty to Israel took place at a meeting of the Saban Forum, which is an annual dialogue between American and Israeli leaders from across the political and social spectrum, hosted by the Brookings Institute, which also has a Center for Middle East Policy, formerly also named after Saban. The eponymous Saban is Haim Saban an Israeli who has made his billions of dollars in the United States in the television and entertainment industry. His best known brand is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is consistently one of the largest donors to the Democratic Party, contributing $10 million in 2001-2, whose stated formula for influencing American politics is to donate to politicians and parties, establish think tanks and control the media message. He has worked hard to do all three on behalf of Israel, to include paying for the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC. 

Saban’s dealings with the Democrats have apparently  not inhibited his cooperation with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad. In 2009 Congressman Jane Harman was contacted by an Israeli intelligence “agent” and reportedly agreed to attempt to influence a reduction in the espionage charges in the then ongoing trial of accused American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spies Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. In return, Harman’s contact promised to support her bid to become chairman of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence. The Israeli, who some suspect was Haim Saban himself, indicated that he would pressure House speaker Nancy Pelosi using threats to withhold political contributions from Saban if Harman were not given the position. Harman was later spoken of as a possible candidate to become Director of Central Intelligence and, without the FBI recordings of her phone conversations, which were made known to Pelosi, she might have obtained either position or possibly both in succession. 

Saban has also long been associated with the Clintons and he and a tight group of like-minded donors may indeed constitute the most financially significant part of Hillary’s political base. When Bill was president Saban was a regular overnight visitor at the White House. He has pledged to spend “whatever it takes to elect Hillary in 2016 because “the relationship with the US and Israel will be significantly reinforced.” Saban has repeatedly claimed that “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Hillary and Bill appear to agree and one might even argue that Bill has a soft spot for money coming from Israeli spies, witness his pardoning of fugitive Marc Rich in 2001. So put it all together if you will and if you think that the wag the dog relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv is bad now, just wait because it will be moving “to the next level” if Hillary is elected. 

So who is standing up for the interests of the American people? Nobody, apparently. Senator Ted Cruz has no less than 69 press releases on his web site pledging support for Israel. Jeb Bush has pledged to ban the pro-Palestinian Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement in the U.S.which most people would consider to be free speech. Every Republican candidate also continues to pander directly and personally to Benjamin Netanyahu, includingDonald Trump who planned to drop in on Bibi but had to cancel the trip because of the reaction to his comments about Muslims. Trump had also caused somewhat of an uproar by telling a Jewish Republican audience in New York City that they wouldn’t support him because he didn’t need their money. Imagine the cheek of Trump to link Jews with money with buying influence! In any event, Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL),determined  that Trump’s comments were not anti-Semitism because they had been misinterpreted and I for one am relieved that we have a brave and enlightened organization like the ADL to keep us on our toes when it comes to potential hate speech. 

George Washington could not have envisioned the manner in which money has corrupted American politics. Congressmen complain that much of their time is spent fundraising and, in such a system, it is inevitable that the most generous donors are able to position themselves for favors from the political class. Some become Ambassadors even though they are completely unqualified. Others choose to push certain legislative agendas, to include tax breaks and bailouts that enrich them personally. 

But now we have something that goes way beyond that in the new breed of mega-rich, colossally wealthy multi-billionaires who are well positioned to use their resources to support a political candidate willing to accept the money and sell out his or her principles to someone advancing the interests of a foreign country. We are now on the verge of having a Manchurian Candidate president. 

Last November an organization called the Israel-America Council (IAC), which ostensibly represents expatriate Israeli citizens residing in the United States, hosted an inaugural bash in Washington. Present were Saban and Sheldon Adelson sharing a stage. Adelson, the principal funder of IAC, was born in the United States and lives in Las Vegas but also has a home in Israel and presumably has Israeli citizenship. His wife is Israeli and he has said that he regrets serving in the US Army in World War Two while also expressing a fervent desire to have a son who would serve as an Israeli military sniper. Both Adelsonand Saban are essentially Israelis who live in the United States for economic reasons. Scott McConnellhas described them as having “maximal loyalties to Israeland minimal ones to the United States. 

Adelson is the Republican version of Saban. He believes that the United States should nuke Iran as a “negotiating tactic,” has an estimated $23.8 billion fortune derived mostly from casinos in Las Vegas and in Asia. He is a Republican funder for those prospective candidates who promote unlimited US support for Israel. He bankrolled Newt Gingrich’s bid for the GOP nomination in 2012 as well as Mitt Romney for a total of $150 million and also contributed $10 million to Republican candidates in the 2014 congressional campaign. Newt Gingrich in return repaid the favor by praising Israel in his foreign policy pronouncements, taking a hard line with Iran and describing the Palestinians as an “invented people.” 

Adelson and Saban’s “spirited public discussion”at IACincluded a number of zingers that have been widely reported in the alternative media. Saban commented that in the event of a bad” deal between Washington and Tehran over the latter’s nuclear program (bad as being defined by Israel) Netanyahu “should bomb the living daylights out of the sons of bitches.” Adelson noted that

the purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel” before dismissing the possibility of a democratic state including both Arabs and Jews by responding “So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” He added that democracy was not mentioned in the Torah. 

The two also joked about combing their resources to buy the New York Times by offering to pay “more than it’s worth” to make its coverage of Israel even more favorable than it already is. Saban added that he had even used threats” to obtain favorable media reporting about Israel. The seven hundred “Israeli-Americans” in the audience reportedly responded to the conversation with “wild applause.” 

Adelson and Saban concluded that 

there’s no right or left when it comes to Israel” and the conference Chairman Shawn Evenhaim joked at its conclusion that “After the election in 2016 one of you will get me a private tour of the White House. 

The jest was on target. At this point it is almost certain that both Saban and Adelson will become the largest single donors for whoever becomes the GOP and Democratic candidates. That will buy them enormous access, as Hillary Clinton has already demonstrated. Given that reality one has to accept the obvious conclusion that the two Israeli billionaires might well be able to substantially define the relationship between Washington and the Muslim world, toIsrael’s benefit. 

That Adelson and Saban might think privately that they have become political kingmakers is one thing, but stating as much in a public forum defies belief. They should be recognized for what they really are: agents of a foreign government and there is no reason why the Justice Department should not require them to register as such under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. Their close and continuing relationships with Israeli government can no doubt be demonstrated, validating the claim and registering as foreign agents would make illegal their funding of American politicians. 

And once one starts recognizing foreign advocacy groups for what they are, other organizations like IAC, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) andAIPAC should also be required to register as agents of the Israeli government. And there are many more such organizations, a virtual alphabet soup. Registration would mandate transparency in their funding and end their phony status as educational tax exempt organizations. 

It does not require any particular genius to realize that someone living in one country while favoring the interests of another is not a desirable citizen but we retain at least some semblance of freedom of speech and anyone should be able to advocate anything. But it would be nice for a change if our two venerable national parties might for once seize the high ground and act respectably. I would suggest that the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee might consider developing some backbone and combine in issuing a joint statement refusing to take any donations from either Adelson or Saban in the current election cycle. It could remove both considerable influence peddling and Israel itself from the electoral process, which would be a blessing all around. Might it actually happen? Almost certainly not. 

This article originally appeared at The Unz Review

Relation between USA and Israel
is always intimate and lovely

NTS Notes:  I will say it again... Donald Trump is absolutely no "hero" and has sold his soul for the Jews who control him....

People so quickly forget that Trump did absolutely go earlier this month to meet with that ultra Jewish psychotic criminal, Sheldon Adelson, and I can guarantee that Adelson gave him his "marching orders" as it pertains to Israel..... And in spite of all the claims that Trump is a self made Billionaire, I can guarantee that he has absolutely taken all private funds that the Jews have thrown at him for his campaign, and in return will continue the US Presidential Jewish butt kissing if he is ordained to be the next President...

Yes, the two Jewish billionaires, both Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson, are absolutely the king makers in American politics with Saban funding and controlling Killary Klinton's campaign, and of course Adelson being the driving force behind the Republican camp....Therefore no matter who gets "selected" to be the next President, Israel does indeed win.....

It is a sad state for American politics that there is not one candidate out there for this sham 2016 campaign that is not a Jew dick sucker or butt kisser..... Too bad, simply because America is a mess with the Jews sucking the very life out of the nation and America needs true leadership that actually supports the American people first and foremost more than ever.....

More to come



roninfreedom said...

This posting is exactly spot but Deeper issue.And it pertains to the posting,americans spend sooo much time on who wins The Superbowl or who will win in the Fiesta Bowl entertainment disguise as true athletic competition in the Ohio State-Notre Dame fiasco.

Here's the Super Deepest Issue,and if one realizes this like I found out over the years,I think it would re-revolutionize and get folks back on top of what's going on in America and Aboard.

NFL & Game Fixing-An Unauthorized History of the NFL-VERY RARE & Corporate Buried 1983 Document.

Btw This is the same with the NHL.


You Know without Sports to distract the Masses,Israel wouldn't be able to get by with the shit they have.

Some Folks are soo Addicted to sports they invested 60 hours a weekend on it.

Unknown said...

Here's what our puppet has to say - "All political parties are friends to Israel and should be"

So if someone like him who sucks their dick and supports their racism, terrorism and genocide says that all political parties are subservient to Israel, it's a great thing.

If someone has a shred of integrity and is sickened by things like racism and genocide says it, it's "anti-Semitic" "conspiracy theory".

BuelahMan said...

There are people that I have respect for that have gone off the deep end defending Trump. It is sickening, in the same light that many of these same people jumped on the Obama bandwagon, just to be made fools of with that fiasco.

I warned them then and I warn them now.


Unknown said...

re: NFL fixing

Being an NFL fan I've intuitively seen the refs clearly steering games so often you just kind of take it for granted.

The NFL has been unwatchably bad this year. Muay thai and kickboxing are pretty much the only sport I can stomach at this point.

Fighting is plagued by disgusting rigged judging "decisions" due to gambling just like the NFL, but atleast no judge can screw the winner when the loser gets knocked out.

A much larger conspiracy that reveals the true worldwide manipulation and deception I mentioned in the comments to the Sunday rant that NTS was kind enough to post so I will not repeat it here.

But that particular conspiracy reveals just to what extent mass fakery is pulled off, for example the US and Russia who are presented by the fake media as "rivals" both participate in the scam together, the people running them are no more enemies than WWE wrestlers are.

Unknown said...

Trump is a believer of the 911 fairy story of cavemen and melted steel. Trump has always been an enthusiastic supporter of israel. Trump's father was a conman who, with his jewish partner, ripped off the NY and American taxpayers to benefit himself. Trump had no reservations leaving construction projects unfinished and walking away with $$ men and women had paid upfront to buy condos in his unfinished buildings. Trump has no problem using imminent domain to empower the state to take people's property and turn it over to him.

He's a fascist thru and thru. A madman, a megalomaniac. And he's probably as good as anyone else currently running for that office, which is to say the american public is always left to choose - would you like to drop a 40 lb barbell on your left foot or would you like to slip and fall in the shower? Vote for whichever you think will pain you less.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Highn.... Do you see me arguing with any of the points you present?

It is so bad though to watch Americans fall for the Trump trap.....