Thursday, December 24, 2015

One More Time: Blowing The Sandy Hook Fraud Wide Open - Crisis Actor "David Wheeler" Played TWO Roles At The Sandy Hook Fraud Shooting!

Again, I do want to thank commentators and a wide variety of other supporters of this website for constantly sending me material that they feel is imperative for everyone to see... I have said before that if their findings are credible, I will absolutely post it here at this blog for everyone to see for themselves.....It is so imperative that we all understand the evils of this world and the criminals that are indeed out to enslave us all....

I was given the following link to an article that came out last week from a fellow truth seeker who calls himself the "Soldier Of Yah" and I have indeed posted many of his previous works here for everyone else to of course see and spread to others.... But this one again exposes the Sandy Hook fraud and is a must see by everyone... And especially those fools out there that have still been selling the lie that Sandy Hook was somehow real... This one comes from the "Truth Seeker Archive" website, at, and is entitled: "BUSTED! David Wheeler Played TWO ROLES In Sandy Hook Coverup?" and is a must see by everyone... Pay close attention to the videos for they do expose this fraud crisis actor in all his glory... I have the link to that article here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: As the PNN commentators say... How stupid do they think the American public is?  The fraud of Sandy Hook has been pushed and rammed into American brains for over three years now, and more and more people are still brainwashed by the lies... The net result will be the majority of the American people blindly surrendering their rights and freedoms, and especially their guns... Once Americans are defenseless against their own tyrannical government, the criminals in charge will be able to enslave, imprison, and kill many citizens without any resistance!

Yes, it does appear that piss poor crisis actor, David Wheeler, did indeed play several roles at the Sandy Hook fraud incident.... And he just like the other crisis actors involved have sold their own souls and are traitors to the American nation for nothing more than pure profit and GREED.....

And again about those fools out there that are still trying, as snake oil salesmen and saleswomen, to sell the lie that Sandy Hook was a real event, I can only say that you should all be ashamed of yourselves, and you are nothing more than liars and cheats.... I hope the payoff for also being traitors to your own nation was worth it!

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RickB said...

Oh No! Dopey Mark Glenn's work of debunking the Sandy Hook hoaxers is not done!

He'll have to once again employ his shock troops -his sycophantic fans- to come over and humiliate you for not banking on the lil omniscient's word that the Sandy Hook event was real.

The lil great one said it was real. That should be the end of it.

After all, the lil one wrote a book, he's college educated (so he says), he loosely speaks several languages, he knows how to play the guitar and...

he's a regular PRESS TV commentator (even though he's never been asked to comment on Sandy Hook or the holohoax).

sgruts said...

Thank you. I'll follow you, if you follow me. We'll get 'em.