Sunday, December 27, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 27th, 2015


Sunday... Last Sunday of 2015... And time again for my weekly rant...

I have been watching all the reports about unusual weather happening in the United States over the last week, and again I have been extremely troubled by the liars in the Jew spew media continuing to proclaim, falsely, that it is due to man caused "Climate Change".... Yes, the southern United States and the eastern Atlantic coast have been having higher than normal temperatures, but what is not told is how the central great plains region and the west is at normal or below normal temperatures.... The fact is that the Jet stream that by this time should be across the central to lower US has been bent out of shape due to the "El Nino" effect from the Pacific Ocean...The changes to the jet stream is exactly what has been causing the peculiar weather patterns across the United States and has nothing to do with the fraud of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change".....

It does trouble me that there are so many people out there that are still caught up in the Climate Change fiasco and how our governments so quickly signed off at that phoney "COP21" conference on Climate Change in Paris earlier this month.. With the already strained economic situation and the danger of a full economic collapse at the beginning of 2016, it does appear that the criminals behind the Climate Change hoax will be laughing all the way to the bank as our own governments start fleecing us of our earnings under the fraud of "Carbon taxes"....Be ready everyone, for they are coming.....

I honestly do not know what it takes to convince the general public that the entire "war on terror" is a massive fraud... .I spent last night on a Skype call to my brother that lives in the United States, and besides wishing each other a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year", we discussed a wide range of topics from what I thought about Donald Trump, to the situation in the Middle East.... I was shocked to find out that he had swallowed the "kool-aid" and was a firm believer that the fraud CIA/Mossad run "terrorist" group "ISIS" was real!   He was especially shocked when I said flat out that "ISIS" was a propaganda and psychological stunt and was as phoney as a $3 bill.... He asked me for proof, and I spent about 15 minutes basically giving him a list of articles, videos, and reports that show the fraud in all of its glory...But even after telling him all that, he basically thought I was nuts..... Yes, again the brainwashing is so tremendous and as I have said before it is such an uphill battle to convince gullible people that they are being played as saps when it comes to "terrorism".....

And speaking of "ISIS"... I again have to ask where is the common sense out there when it comes to this fraud... I have to ask beyond the fact that "ISIS" has been shipping oil through Turkey to Israel, how in the hell can a "terrorist" group even have refineries producing oil in the first place?   If the United States has been in this "war against ISIS" for the last 2 years, then how in the hell did they ever miss bombing these refineries over that time frame?   An oil refinery takes up a lot of space and is so easy to spot in a wide open desert... And it has so many components that hitting any of them with any bombs would cause a massive fire and explosion and basically blow the entire complex to smithereens.... So I again have to ask anyone with any common sense why the US missed these easy targets for the last few years? ....And one other big question is this... WHO has been financing these refineries?  To build and operate refineries is a very expensive undertaking, so who has been footing the bill?...And one other point.. Who has been financing and building all those oil trucks that have been running in long convoys from these "ISIS" refineries all the way to the Turkish border?  Oil trucks are not cheap, and yet we find ISIS supposedly has thousands of them?.... The answer is so obvious and points directly to the criminals in the United States government and of course their "allies", both Turkey and Israel....

Just this last week we find new reports that oil from those US/Israeli/Turkish financed ISIS refineries has still been reaching Tuirkey via Iraq... Yes, with the Russians destroying oil convoys from Syria to Turkey, the US/Israel fraud of ISIS has been diverting the convoys and running them through Iraq to reach Turkey!  It is therefore no wonder that the US has been preventing the Iraqis from launching large offensive operations to retake the Mosul area of northern Iraq... They need that area to still be controlled by their fraud of "ISIS" just to make sure the stolen Syrian (and Iraqi) oil is still being sent through Turkey to reach their masters in Israel....We also have seen how the Iraqis have been stymied in their efforts to retake the "ISIS" strongholds in their northern provinces, and it is no wonder that the Iraqi leadership and their military are claiming that the US itself has been aiding ISIS and especially providing the means for their escape from Iraqi attacks....

So we all know that the entire "war on terror" is a massive fraud, and that the United States and Turkey have been stealing Syrian and Iraqi oil to be shipped to the psycho state of Israel... But what I find troubling is that nobody in the United States has formally charged their own government with treason!  Yes, aiding and helping 'terrorists' is a treasonable offense, and the US government still has their fraud of "ISIS' still labeled as "terrorists"... Therefore the US government aiding ISIS is absolutely treason, right? ... Sadly, the American people are doing absolutely nothing to stop their own sick and twisted government from playing this sick "terrorist" game and nobody has come forward to even charge that ultra criminal, Barry Soetoro, for not only treason against the American nation, but crimes against humanity as well.....

The war against Syria itself continues to go badly for the criminal American/Israeli/NATO alliance..... The good guys, the Bashar al-Assad government forces along with their allied forces have basically cleared all of eastern Syria of all "terrorist" and "rebel" groups and have now launched operations to retake Palmyra and seize back territory controlled by "ISIS" in the western provinces as well.... The Syrian government forces have also cleared Damascus of any "rebels" and "terrorists" and it showed with full Christmas celebrations in the city itself with no interruptions by any rebel attacks or bombings... Yes, the facts are that Syria is finally on the road to being free of outside interference which does not sit well with the US/Israeli leadership that is still searching for the means to have that country destroyed.....I have said before and I will say it again.. The Americans and Israelis are very poor losers and they may yet come up with a new dastardly scheme to somehow turn the tide in Syria.... Watch for it, everyone, and always be ready to point the fingers at the real perpetrators behind the crime....

Yes, Canada has started accepting "Syrian refugees" and I am still puzzled... If the Syrian government and their allies have indeed won major victories and Syria is finally on the road to being a free nation again.. Then WHY IN THE HELL are our nations not doing the right thing with these "refugees" and provide the means necessary to send them home to Syria?   From what I have seen so far with these "refugees" coming to Canada is that our government is providing them with housing, food, and the means to have a "better life" here... But in the long run they will only be a burden on our already strained welface and social programs... Many of them will only be miserable and unemployed, living in a foreign nation and speaking a foreign language.... Therefore common sense does dicate that the best thing for them would be to have them sent back home where they can live and rebuild their own country.....I said in my previous rants that these people would be better off in Syria, and I stand by that fact... I am still waiting for someone to answer my question as to why our governments are not helping them go home where they belong and would be much happier, and I am still waiting for an answer......I am therefore questioning the entire ethics of our government in their want to have thousands of these "refugees" here rather than do the right and proper thing in having them sent home...

I do not know about the rest of you, but honestly it did not seem like Christmas this year... I spent a lot of time in helping family and friends out, and spent a lot of time at the local mall looking for and purchasing the right items for "giving" and what I found in my travels was very troubling.. Fewer and fewer people seemed as happy or as joyous as in previous years.. It does seem that with the increasing economic hardship and the fact that most people are so rushed these days, that the mood that I felt around me was at times quite foul.... I did my best to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" in my interactions, but many did not even notice or return the same greeting...Some people in fact gave me a strange look while others felt offended!.....And of course I saw that so many retail stores were having a very hard time this year in trying to make the same profits from this season as they had in previous years......It does seem that the true meaning behind this season which is of course to be kind, caring, and compassionate, to our fellow man and woman is being lost, which to mean is quite alarming......I personally do not want the true meaning of Christmas to be lost due to greed and selfishness, and hopefully most of my readers do feel the same way.....I also want to see people being caring and giving at all times of the year and not just during this season.....

Yes, the year 2016 approaches... And I will not give any "predictions" for what I see in store for all of us... The only thing that I do know is that the economic hardships will increase, and we are indeed in danger of a full economic collapse shortly in the new year..... The fact is that the ultra Jewish elitist criminals behind the failing financial ponzi scheme can no longer keep it going and it will indeed implode very soon..... People must be ready for that collapse and the hardships that will come right afterwards... It is always a good idea to keep some extra provisions and food available, for if and when the collapse happens, obtaining goods will be tough for months to follow......Being prepared is always the key for survival......

Well, I figure I have rambled on enough.... There are so many other issues again that have happened in our sick world, and hopefully I can touch upon them here in my "last minute tidbits".......That ultra slimeball mass murdering freak of nature, Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) made a claim the other day that "Arab terror" cannot be compared to "Jewish terror", and he is right.. Jewish terror is thousands of times worse and has done so much damage to our planet......Want an example of what true Jewish "terrorism" is all about?  Check out my article (link here) about how those psychos celebrate the death of a Palestinian child at an Israeli wedding. They truly are mentally deranged and a menace to the planet......It does appear that barring a bullet to his head like Robert Kennedy received or the usual fixing of voting machines, Donald Trump should win the US Republican nomination for the 2016 US Presidential election handily.  But again I must warn people to not get their hopes up too high for Trump is as bad a Jew butt kisser as the rest of them.  And his "meeting" with that ultra slimeball Jew Sheldon Adelson last week for him to get his "marching orders" speaks volumes on what Trump is all about.  Again, if Americans want a savior for their nation it is time for them to save it themselves......And again I must ask how in the hell a mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "psycho" Bligh (Clinton) can be running for President when in fact she should be in a prison cell?  Only in America can a criminal become President of the United States it seems.......A report came out this last week where the US has said it would not share their "intelligence" on their fraud "terrorist group" called ISIS with the Russians until the Russians agree with having Bashar al-Assad removed from power in Syria.  The gall of the American government definitely knows no bounds so it seems........People again have been asking why I continue to push health care issues at this blog instead of concentrating on more "serious" matters.  I say to these critics constantly that health issues are just as important, simply because the criminals that want to enslave us all have been purposely poisoning our bodies as one of their methods to control us.  Therefore the health reports will continue......President Barry Soetoro had the gall to send out a "congratulations" to the people of Libya for what he claims was the "liberation" of the Libyan nation during the 2011 invasion.  The Libyan response was priceless.  They thanked the US President for destroying their country!  It does seem that more nations finally realize what US interference and "invasion" is all about...........Someone asked my when I will be converting my Windows 7 laptops and desktops to Windows 10, and I told them flat out not until the security issues are fixed. Until Microsoft gets their act together, I do recommend that everyone not "update" to that new "operating system" any time soon.........Arsenal got blasted yesterday in BPL action by the Southampton Saints by the score of 4-0.   The Gunners therefore made no gains on front running Leicaster City and still sit in second in the table.  20 games to go though, and they still could win the league championship come May..........And for just this week I will forego any comments on the Kardashian scumbags.  It is the holidays, and I figure I would give them a pass for the moment.  Come the new year I will again be asking why in the hell the American people actually care about these rejects and wastes of humanity.....

By the way... Happy New Year to everyone.....Be prepared, for from what I see 2016 will indeed be a very rough year....

More to come



greencrow said...

Re your brother..." He asked me for proof, and I spent about 15 minutes basically giving him a list of articles, videos, and reports that show the fraud in all of its glory...But even after telling him all that, he basically thought I was nuts.....". It's funny how we always get asked for "proof" for our views... while the Mainstream Media never has to provide "proof" for their lies...which are always accepted unquestioningly. I have come to believe that ONE of the reasons for all the blatant lies is to sow dissension within Western communities and even families. Divide and conquer is the most important strategy of the evil ones.


greencrow said...

Oh, and the Syrian refugees are being encouraged to stay in the West until the West get's rid of Assad...then they will be sent home (freshly brainwashed) to set up the puppet state.


sgruts said...

Very good. It's amazing how so many more Americans are volunteering at non-profits, but they ignore the big issues. I've felt like for a long time that I'm living in ignoreland.

Unknown said...

PART 1 (Do not double post if it did not go through 1st time)

Merry Christmas, I hope everyone had a good one. For us it was tough as our loyal dog passed away a few days before Christmas. He loved the snow, and the day he died he was outside when a few flakes fell. Today outside there is actually some on the ground.

Speaking of snow, I have heard brainwashed people talking about "the weather" and can only imagine they have been prompted by plenty of garbage "news" they soak up, only put out in advance of the scam "climate meetings" when a bunch of useless lying parasites meet somewhere far off to volunteer everyone else to get robbed. I don't waste anytime looking at "news" these days as they have all proven beyond any doubt their purpose is to keep everyone in the fake reality, they have no credibility, no integrity, and should never be believed or trusted regarding anything of importance.

They can tell you a sports score or what stupid celebrities are together but when it comes to anything that matters they either say absolutely nothing, or they simply completely lie about what is actually happening and why it is happening, they present things in a deliberately manipulative manner and anyone who religiously believes any lie they say is completely gone from reality and mentally ill.

I know to a certainty without examining any of this garbage "news" that "stories" about our weather and pretending that "climate meetings" are about anything other than liars robbing you NEVER mention the fact that the weather is blatantly openly controlled and engineered everyday.

It's not snowing because the lying manipulators who dictate the fake reality don't want it to, because they want you to believe that "global warming" is a real thing. The weather modification is visible to the naked eye everyday.

With regards to the "ISIS" scam it truly is incredible how completely gone from reality everyone is and how they religiously believe any lie they are told by the "news" liars.

"ISIS" exists because Syria was scheduled to be genocided and destroyed just like all the previous wars we have lived through.
The reason anyone is told anything about "ISIS" is to get them on board with this genocide.
That people actually believe this nonsense that there are some ragtag terrorists in the sand who are a real threat to an actual military shows how completely gone these people are.

A brainwashed person I know mentioned they heard of FBI kicking in some door and shooting some innocents, then trying to pretend they were "ISIS" afterwords

Sensing that this person might be starting to get a clue I asked him if he remembered when it was claimed there was an "ISIS attack" in Ottawa, and he proceeded to recall the fictional story told by media liars to me as if it was some factual story he was present for.

I stated simply that looking at the footage of the pre-positioned cameramen who were not surprised or concerned at all with this apparent "surprise terrorist attack" and the fact that the CBC then tried to lie and say screw holes from a removed plaque were bullet holes, and were caught lying when pre-existing google earth tour footage showed these screw holes were just that and not bullet holes, it was very obvious to me that the entire thing was fake/staged and not at all as it was presented by the media liars.

He just stared blankly and went on to repeat the fictional story again and tell me that the story media liars told him was true, and that Harper was hiding in a closet (because media fictional story tellers told him so, it must be true).

I was not in a state to bother getting mad about someone being brainwashed and just said nothing. I told him it was obvious the "attack" was fake, he told me he wants to believe liars and not examine the fact that they are obviously lying, have always lied, and should never be believed regarding anything anyways.

Unknown said...


People living in this fake reality have no grasp of one of the first things I said here - ALL (RELEVANT) "NEWS" IS FAKE. It's either a made up lie or what actually happened and why is never at all the way you are led to believe.

To people who do not understand this and especially "terrorist attacks" and "mass shootings" like Sandy Hook being completely fake and the media not just "reporting" the lies but instead being active participants in the hoax is hard to grasp.

They have been trained to religiously believe anything that proven exposed pathological liars who do nothing but lie to them say. They live in the fake reality. They are gone. Every day, week, year they are further gone into this fake reality.

Now for the main reason for this post - I have not seen you cover this topic and you may be unaware as I was until recently.

I do believe it was actually your site where I first saw a video about the "International Space Station", knowing nothing and checking it out it was obvious they were faking their video using actors in harnesses, but not seeing how it fit the big picture and kind of forgot about it.

Over the last few months I found something that first seemed ridiculous, but the best part is you don't need to believe anyone to prove it yourself.

Put simply - the earth is flat. It is the stationary center of the universe, over which the sun, moon and stars revolve.

There is no "space". There are no "planets". The moon is not a physical thing you can land Freemason astroNOTS on. Nor is Mars, which I hear the "news" is pretending people can land on, like Matt Damon in that stupid jewish Hollywood garbage they put out that all the idiots lap up.

The scientific method proves the earth is flat and not a ball, hundreds of times.

There are no "proofs" of ball earth, just terrible fake pictures.

Why is everyone brainwashed into believing in a magical fictional spinning ball?

Money is the most obvious reason. How many billions do they say are being spent on their fake programs that produce nothing more than fake computer images?

A far more important reason is the simple fact that when they can get away with this brainwashing, they can and do get you to believe anything. Because you are made to disregard your senses which easily prove you are not on a magical spinning ball, and instead religiously believe whatever lies these scum who have put themselves in a position of authority over you tell you, even when it contradicts your own experience - eg your senses see a plane clearly spraying chemicals, which is not what a plane that isn't spraying chemicals look like, and these liars in a position of authority tell you oh no don't believe your senses, believe the lies we tell you. And the majority do.

Perhaps an even more important reason is to spiritually destroy and conquer you, to rip out your spine and make you a more docile slave. The earth is the only physical place in existence. It was obviously intelligently designed, like the sun and moon placed exactly above it so sustain life on it. When you understand this the only "plane"(t), human life is given a special significance, what it deserves.

Now look what they have warped humanity to believe - that EVERYTHING came from NOTHING. That intelligent design came from nothing. That consciousness came from nothing. Everything in existence just happened magically from nothing, how scientific.

It was all a "big random accident", and earth is just one of infinite magic spinning balls in infinite magic space. And life is just another random accident. Some crap that magically appeared from nowhere magically turned into living conscious beings. And those beings evolved from being slime to monkeys to humans that are just hairless monkeys.

Unknown said...


So they train you that you are nothing, you are a random accident that magicaly happened from nothing because (fake) science said so, and the earth is just another random accident from nothing like the countless others.

They train you that humanity is a stupid accident animal that came from other animals accidently, that your senses don't matter, only what you're told by liars in authority, which carries over to the concept of morality as well.

So what you have today are spineless conquered serfs with no values of their own who believe whatever they are told by their lying abusers, and they will cling to those lies in the face of their own sense and experience proving them to be lies.

Who is behind this lie? Well, every astroNOT is a Freemason. All the fake "scientists" you're taught to respect who pushed the fictional magical spinning ball model were Freemasons. Freemasonry is the gentile wing of jewry, the goyim lackey squad.

By now you must have plenty of questions and be intrigued - great

200 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball

200 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball PDF

Take the time to examine Eric Dubay's material I have linked and easily prove to yourself beyond any doubt the earth is flat.

There is a 3 pronged shill attack going on now because NASA can never engage in a "debate" of the self evident truth vs all the bullshit they made up and continue to make up

1. Fake "flat earthers". Youtube is being flooded with shills who claim to be "genuine flat earthers", and then instead of talking about the scientific proof talk about completely bullshit or speculation. The purpose- to associate the fact of the flat earth with utter nonsense and "poison the well". The hope is that ignorant people find these shills intead of genuine, and disregard the topic or believe fiction and discredit themselves and the flat earth. This is the same tactic as the "FLat Earth Society", set up by the jew Freemasons to satirize the whole subject.

2. Youtube trolls. Sent en masse to attack video posters and commenters. To waste time and more importantly, scare off ignorant people who see the comments and are so brainwashed they're scared of being verbally attacked by shillsand brainwashed people so the are scared of.

3. NASA fanboys. These are quite sad. Unpaid losers. Whose religion is believing all the bullshit these jew liars made up. The ultimate irony is these morons are almost always the "atheist" type fag who hates the idea of "religion" and is completely incapable of dealing with the fact that what they believe is not science, it is a deliberate lie which they religiously believe.

For the first reason I would encourage you to only look at the scientific proofs Eric Dubay has put forth, once you prove to yourself and understand the self evident truth that the earth isflat, you can discern the shills easily for yourself.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Shotcaller.. I let your comments through for now... In the future please limit your comment size....

One other thing... I am dead set against the so called "flat earthers"... I am a man of science with a background in physics and I can guarantee 10)% that the world is round and not flat... I dismiss the "flat earthers" due to simple physics and how gravity does work....

I am however letting your comment through as a lot of material that you say, other than the flat earth stuff, is sound...

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, sorry about the length. Earth is round, not spherical.

I was also programmed to be dead-set against the idea of the "flat earth". As I said, it was probably a video about how obviously fake all of the "International Space Station" footage that first planted the seed, and I do believe it was your blog that I saw it on, so I thank you for that even though I could not understand how it fits the big picture.

Then when I was still programmed and not looking for the flat earth, went fully haywire and shut down the forum simply because someone mentioned that the earth is flat. Those of us on the site who are true truth seekers who knew nothing about the flat earth then instinctively felt the urge to investigate.

Perhaps the next thing that tipped me off was looking at flight paths. 1st, there ar no flights that go over the Antarctic, which surrounds all the continents 360 degrees. If you go south from anywhere on earth (away from the North Pole over which sits the stationary Polaris, the North Star) you will eventually reach Antarctica, but before you do you will be stopped by the militaries of the countries around the world signed on to the Antarctic Treaty and killed if you will not stop and go with them.

Flights to and from the "Southern Hemisphere" make absolutely no-sense plotted on the "Globe" map. They go thousands of miles away from instead of towards their destination to refuel. On the actual map of the flat earth, with the North Pole in the center, surrounded by the continents, with the Antarctica as our known edge holding in the oceans, the flight paths are a straight line from point A to B, with the refueling point in the middle, instead of thousands of miles out of the way.

"Gravity" is density. You are denser than air so you sink. A ship with a hull is less dense than water so it floats. A balloon is less dense than air so it rises. There are no objects anywhere that by power of their mass or size or density cause other objects to be attracted to, or stick to, or orbit them. Up is up and down is down, here, Austrailia, everywhere.

The scientific method proves the earth is obviously flat. The globe earth is pure fake "science", which they use real scientific brainwashing techniques on children to convince them of the legitimacy of the fake science for life.

Without going on much longer, the majority of the world's known surface is water. There are no "hills" of water anywhere. The earth is flat. On a globe earth from one continent to another there would exist a massive hill of water vertically inbetween. All water is level. The earth is flat.

There are train tracks running from one end of countries to another. On a globe earth from one end to another the centerpoint would be massively above either end. Trains cannot run or stay on such a magical track. Traintracks, like canals are constructed level and no consideration is made for a fictional curvature of the earth.

No matter how high you go in a plane, balloon, or send a camera up, the horizon is perfectly flat and rises to eye level as far as can be seen using any technology in 360 degrees. If the earth was a ball and you were above it with it curving down and away from you in all directions, no matter how big it was it would not be physically possible for the horizon to appear to rise to your eye level all around you, and the more you ascended the more you would have to look down to even see it.

If the earth was a ball if you could see the horizon at eye level out one window, then your other window would be staring off into "space". In reality the horizon appears perfectly flat out both windows.

That you posted it says to me you are genuine, just tricked like we all were. You care about the truth and science, so you should care about the distinction between real and fake science.

Here's the PDF I forgot to link you