Tuesday, December 22, 2015

If Donald Trump Is So Great, Then WHY Did He Meet With Zio-Scumbag Sheldon Adelson?

I have been warning most of my American readers for the last few months at least to be absolutely weary of Donald Trump and his aspirations to become the next US President.... We have all seen the massive hype when the last "hero" and "savior" for America, Ron Paul, suddenly pulled the plug on his campaign back in 2012 and he allowed the skewered American "polling" system to destroy his entire campaign... Now these same fools are banking their hopes on Donald Trump as a means of saving America.....

Just today, I came across a most interesting article that I want to share with everyone here... It comes from the Blacklisted News website, at www.blacklistednews.com, and is entitled: "Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson Summons Trump For "Private Meeting" On Israel"... I have that article right here for everyone to see and read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’ on Israel

Published: December 21, 2015

Source: 21st Century Wire

Well, it seems as if The Donald has been summoned by the Kingmaker himself, Mr. Sheldon Adelson.
Yes, that kind old man who just loves to be involved in “the process” of choosing who gets into power in America. 

No doubt Adelson called The Donald in for a debriefing on how Trump feels about Israel, and more importantly, whether or not Israel will be at the top of Donald’s priorities should he make it into power in the White House next fall.

IMAGE: Casino billionaire Donald Trump met with bigger casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Readers should not forget that it was this same Sheldon Adelson who was throwing around his spare millions in order to derail the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. Adelson pumped large sums of money into newly formed Israel Lobby Super PACs, with millions used to inflate the unelectable Newt Gingrich to help push Ron Paul from the spotlight, and even more millions used to to run a series of anti-Ron Paul adverts in strategic TV markets like South Carolina – all in the effort to help kill a Ron Paul presidential run. Why? 

Because Paul did not believe that propping-up Israel in the Middle East was actually in the long-term US national interests.

Hey Donald, here’s what this Israeli oligarch’s money was used for in 2012. Watch this incredibly manipulative ad, paid for by ‘The American Committee For Israel’ Super PAC:

Americans should really know by now, that foreign lobby money is being used to distort and ultimately manipulate the outcome of US democratic elections.

One can one can only wonder what Sheldon Adelson really said to The Donald…

The casino magnate and Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson praised Donald Trump’s charm following a meeting, in which the two men discussed Israel, among other subjects.

Adelson met Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the presidential elections, earlier this week in Las Vegas, Reuters reported Friday. Adelson spoke about the meeting in Macau, China, saying he had not decided which candidate to back in the presidential race.

“It was very nice,” Adelson, who is Jewish and an outspoken supporter of Israel, told Reuters when asked about the meeting. “He was very charming.” Adelson added that the pair had discussed Israel.

The 82-year-old chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the world’s biggest gambling company by market value, hosted the latest debate among Republican Party presidential candidates at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where he is based.

“He [Trump] had talked about potentially dividing about Jerusalem and Israel, so I talked about Israel because with our newspaper, my wife being Israeli, we are the few who know more about Israel than people who don’t,” Adelson said.

Speaking two weeks ago to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, Trump wavered in answering a question about whether he would consider Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, drawing boos from the crowd.

Courted by most of the Republican candidates and widely expected to be the party’s top donor in the November 2016 presidential election, Adelson said earlier on Friday during a news conference that he may wait until February’s primaries to decide who to back. He described the field of Republican candidates as “all very good.”…

NTS Notes:  Honestly, what is wrong with Americans?  Can they not understand that Donald Trump absolutely positively answers first and foremost to the Jewish scumbags that have controlled America for the last century at least?...It does boggle the mind as to this love affair with Trump considering he is as big a crook, liar, and thief, as the rest of gaggle sitting in Washington DC.....

Yes, Donald went and met with Adelson, and I can guarantee that scumbag ultra-Zionist gave Donald his "marching orders" and to make sure that he has sold his soul to Israel first and foremost like every other politician and candidate for the US Presidency..... And in doing so, the Jews will continue to have a poodle sitting in the White House that obeys their orders first and foremost..

I have long warned everyone to be careful about pinning their hopes on Donald Trump as the "savior" for the failed American republic... But if my speculation about this meeting with that scumbag Adelson is correct, then he will bow down to his Jewish masters, and if he is 'selected' to be the next US President then he will indeed suck up to Israel and allow that hell hole to continue to bleed America to death.....

People have been asking me... Is there anyone out there that can be "elected" and not an Israeli butt-kisser?  I have said to them that they should not pin their hopes constantly on these crooks and liars and instead take charge and save their nations themselves.....

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BuelahMan said...

Anyone who thinks that Trump will not serve the Jews is a moron.


roninfreedom said...

Donald reminds me of that guy that goes into the club and 5 minutes later he's leaving with the Girl.
Northern,what it is about American Culture,people have never left that Government School System Mind.
It's about the New Clique Hero,instead Rebuilding America.
Folks like their Hero from their Clique,rather than if they represent their best interests.