Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Video Shows Again The Fraud Of "ISIS" In All Its Glory!

It is so sickening how much the Jew spew media continues to put out fraudulent reports about that phoney "terrorist group" that has been causing so much damage in Syria and Iraq right now that of course goes by the name of "ISIS".... I have never been fooled by this fraud "terrorist group" and the whole fraudulent "war on terror" for I and others can see exactly what they truly are... CIA/Mossad agents and operatives!.....

I and others in the real truth movement have brought forward so many articles and reports that clearly show evidence for the world to see for themselves that these "terrorists" are indeed fully funded and armed by the criminal governments of the United States and Israel.... Now, I want to again present the following very important video that was sent to me just the other day that absolutely shows proof positive that these "terrorists" are indeed CIA/Mossad agents.... Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This video should be seen by everyone living in the United States, Canada, and all of the  NATO countries that are presently helping this fraud "terrorist group" in its destruction of Syria...

The best part of this video is when the US Apache helicopter appears over this "convoy" and rather than attack these "terrorists" actually shadows and escorts the convoy as it makes it run towards Syria!   How blatantly obvious does it get that this proves that the criminals in the US military and government are indeed working with these "terrorists" and not against them...

If the US was so much wanting to have their CIA/Mossad agents destroyed, then that Apache helicopter would have had a field day in firing off its armaments into that convoy and destroying it outright.. But again, it does not even take one single pot shot and instead actually escorts the convoy!

I am truly sick and tired of those who are still brainwashed by the lies that we are fighting a "war on terror" when all the proof is there to see that it is and always was a sham... The US and Israel indeed created these "terrorist groups" for the sole purpose of destroying peaceful nations such as Syria and Iraq.....

Please take this video and use it on your own websites, or simply send it off to everyone you know that still stupidly believes that this "terrorist group" is somehow real...The deception must end, and everyone must wake the hell up and put an end to the actions of our own criminal governments...

More to come



greencrow said...

Interestingly, that video was part of the post that was suddenly deleted the other day. I am going to re-write and re-post it, together with the video which, as you say...really lays out the truth on a silver platter for all to feast on. But, as the old saying goes:

"There are none so blind as those who WILL not see!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks NTS,

Just the other day I replied to a comment in The Intercept (who by the way has hordes of hasbara paid trolls) that wanted proof of US support of ISIS. So I sent a bunch of stuff knowing this was bait. But the main reason I do it is for others to read it and take notice. Little do these trolls realize is that they give full platform for the truth to be blasted! SO...I will politely add this "tidbit"...THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Also I wanted to add this for what it's worth...

THIS is what I remembered for "Veteran's Day" (US) Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

The sickening reality of dishonor, depravity, immorality, deceit, war crimes...the list will fill a book. (In case you haven't seen it...Discretion Advised. But for me if you want the truth...most times it's hard to not only bear, but to believe how lawless and rogue my own government is. Correction, it's not 'my' government anymore.

take care

Anonymous said...

I just watched the ghosts of Abu Ghraib,
The poster is absolutely correct.
Its very sickening and disturbing to see how soldiers in uniform can get carried away and actually enjoy it.
I have been saying this for years,way way back when watching all Hitler atrocities,they would call him a mad man.
I would watch this docu and say,i didn't see Hitler do know wrong except yelling and saluting.
I watched all soldiers in uniform committing all the atrocities.
In fact,every time someone calls someone else a tyrant,i always say that the men in uniform enforce those tyrannical behaviors.
I never wanted to be one,they scare the shit out of me and I have never embraced or thanked a soldier.
I just look at them and say,they are disciplined and dangerous,every day is a game when you become one.
Does anyone remember the movie Oh god and George Burns told the little girl to put the info everywhere until they all believed??
I think the same awareness has to happen,instead of embracing these people,lets start showing that all sick crimes are commited by these people.
I can understand being in a war zone and like in the ghosts of Abu Grhaive the guy said whos the enemy,and the leader said anyone who looks like one.
I think after being attacked all the time,you cant halp but snap and see every person as an enemy.
That's why they say,war is hell.
I think you people should make more docu as this one and I think all your followers should watch this hour long video and learn from it.
I think you should bring way more awareness to what it means to be a soldier and how they are nothing but brainwashed robotic pawns for sick people who want to conquer lands and say we are defending freedom.
Do you know how free you are??
Put that cigarette out or I will call the cigarette police,becuse this is a no smoking zone.
Now that is freedomOr how about dog owners carrying dooo doo bags picking up after there dogs??
That looks like a human rights violation to me.
But hey soldier boy,you fought for that freedom,to feel guilty walking down the street because you are not carrying your doo doo bag to pick up his mess.
They also call the battlefield the theatre.
I always go to the theatre to be eneternained by acters and actresses.
Well the higher up go to your theatre to watch the pawns get sacrificed