Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Paris False Flag Attacks: Interesting Article From Penny For Your Thoughts - 11/13/15 Paris Attacks: Two Separate Operations In One Event

Again, it is now over a week since that obvious false flag attack in Paris, and even now we still have the compliant Jew spew media and our own crooked governments trying to sell everyone with the lie that it was a real "terrorist" attack.... As I stated in previous articles, I have had my own uphill battle in trying to convince people around me that it was indeed a false flag event but still so few are willing to listen or even open up their thoughts to the idea that it was not as it seems... Sadly there is no hope for so many as they have indeed swallowed the "kool aid" and are beyond rational and logical thought....

For this article, I want to turn to a most interesting piece of information that just came out from a fellow real truth seeker "Penny" who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at It is entitled: "11/13/15 Paris Attacks - Two Separate Operations In One Event" and is a must read by all of my own viewers... I have  the link to that very important article from Penny right here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Kudos to Penny for coming out with this fine article, for I too never thought of the idea that there could have been two separate operations taking place during that one event in Paris....

Yes, I agree with the findings that these attacks have resulted in the French government now cracking down on their own citizens and imposing a state of "martial law" across France itself.. The criminals in the French government have also used these 'attacks' to bring forward changes to laws that would strip the French people of their basic rights and freedoms (just as what happened here in Canada after the fake Ottawa attacks of October 2014 and the infamous Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11 in the USA!)

One other note that few have mentioned.......I too have been troubled by the supposed "suicide" bombers who blew themselves up at so many venues across Paris last week Friday... For  one thing that I do know that according to true Islamic teachings, "suicide bombers" are absolutely strictly against their own religion and in previous "suicide bombings" the truth later came out that the suicide bombers were nothing of the sort but were actually unsuspecting victims being used as tools to carry explosives!  I therefore began to surmise that when these "suicide bombings" took place that we saw was actually very innocent people that were very gullibly led to carry explosives (made by CIA and Mossad) on their bodies that they themselves were either totally unaware of, or were forced to carry them against their own will... THAT would explain the strange inconsistencies that we are now seeing in regards to the 'actions' of these supposed "suicide bombers"!

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RickB said...

I can't believe how the French, the world, are sucking it all up... without question.

Recall that with the train bombings in Madrid, meant to win the election for Aznar and change Spain from anti-war to pro-war, the Spanierds immediately responded with massive protests in the streets all across Spain saying "don't lie to us". I coincidentally followed the whole thing live. I was very proud of the Spanierds, whom I lived amongst 10 years.

Of course, regarding France, and the rest of the world for that matter, we only know what the jewish mainstream wants to tell us... which are jewish lies and jingoing for their agenda.

Nothing but lies, lies, lies. Even the sports events are controlled by jews. Ever notice that sports programs are always lead by blacks, women... and whenever it is a white mail, it is a jew?

We must disengage from jewish agenda.