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Paris False Flag Attack: What We Have So Far, And What May Happen As A Result...

Honestly, I had wanted to take today off just to do some major work around the yard to prepare for winter, and for an assortment of other projects.. But lo and behold here we have the newest obvious "false flag" attack that just occurred in Paris, France yesterday.... I like others have not been fooled at all by the rhetoric that is pouring out from the Jew spew media and as usual when it comes to this latest attack, I smell a rat....

First, I do want to present here some findings that have come forward from a few others in what I call the 'real' truth movement.... Jody Paulson, who of course writes the excellent blog: "What They Don't Tell You" at, has released an article today that contains an excellent article that blows holes in the "official" stories about this Paris "attack"... Her article is entitled: "Paris Attacks: Initial Reaction --Bogus!!" and is a must see for everyone that is trying to find out the real truth for themselves... I have it right here for all to see:


Paris Attacks: Initial Reaction -- BOGUS!!!

I'm just logging in for today but before I get too caught up with everything I'd like to state my opinion based on watching the whole painful sales pitch progress yesterday on cable news: this is a hoax. If it were real we'd have a lot more footage to look and they wouldn't be using words like "France has been forever changed on this day." Plus, as you should know by now if you frequent my site, anything that has to do with ISIS is a psy-op. ISIS is funded by the Americans. It is being used as an excuse for America to bomb sovereign countries. What is particularly troubling about this Paris "attack", however, is that unlike the American hoaxes of late the goal of this hoax is to draw Europe into a wider war. It was also meant to stir up even more racial and religious hatred and distrust. I'll probably spend my limited Saturday internet time researching this matter, so expect some updates soon.

#ParisAttack Broke the Internet

*** UPDATE ***
Some guy on Twitter pointed out that yesterday was Friday the 13th. That has a history in France regarding the Knights Templars. Look it up.

The Bataclan Theatre, according to Le Point, has Jewish owners. (H/T Aangirfan)

This short clip shows more of what supposedly happened yesterday than a night's worth of FOX news and CNN put together.

Patrick Pelloux, EMT and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explains on France Info radio that Paris EMTs were prepared because, "as luck would have it", they'd planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on the morning of Nov 13,2015.

NO WAY this is real. NO WAY. Does it look like a bomb went off here? I don't think so!

I for one have received a wealth of email coming out, and one email in particular I do want to share with all of my own readers.. It comes courtesy of "pt1gard" who has been a valuable ally in this fight and especially the exposure of the fraud Apollo Moon Landings for years... Here is the most important part of that email that was forwarded to "Pt1gard" from a friend named Mike Green for all to see here:

Get this! Thousands of people there. Thousands of people with cell phones and video cameras, probably recording the soccer game. NOT ONE SINGLE FRAME OF CELL PHONE VIDEO UPLOADED INSIDE THE SCENE OF THE BOMBING OR THE SHOOTING. If you search youtube for Terrorist Attack in Paris you literally have 4 or 5 videos uploaded by MAINSTREAM MEDIA that has descriptions of what happened, yet no actual footage! If someone uploaded a single video it would have been viral! Usually during disasters people generally upload cell phone video and those videos go viral within minutes. It's been several hours and still only 4 or 5 mainstream media videos and that's all there is. NO! THIS WAS ANOTHER FAKE ASS FUCKING DRILL JUST LIKE SANDY FUCKING HOOK!!! Another way to tell this was bull fucking shit: The news media wasn't even clear as to whether they used AK47's or Klashnikovs. The media didn't even know how many people were "killed". And before the dust even had a chance to settle the news media right away blamed Syria for this. Before they had any information the media said this was a terrorist attack done by Syrians. How the fuck would they have known that? This was just an excuse for them to implement martial law on an entire city using Paris as a proxy state to test out martial law on a country where guns are banned to see how people react. It's important that we do not lose our right to bear arms!

In spite of the explicits in this email, the points are valid.. Everything about this latest "terrorist" attack just does not make any sense at all.... 

I also found this important piece of information from a fellow researcher who did great work in exposing the lies of the Sandy Hook hoax, and I do want to share  her findings here... Take a look at this link here that comes from Sherrie, who writes: "Sherry Questioning All" at, for the findings here show that there is a much much deeper plot behind this Paris attack:

OK, something definitely stinks to high heaven in regard to this latest attack, and I figure I would give my own two cents here...

Lets face the facts.. The US/Israel criminal cabal are losing very badly right now in Syria... Reports just the other day showed that the Russian/Syrian/Hezbollah/Lebanese forces were on the offensive in Latakia province and had the fraud US CIA/Israeli Mossad "ISIS" forces on the run... And of course we have the great news that the Syrian armed forces had cleared out the highways leading into besieged Aleppo as well as the important airfields around both Aleppo and Damascus.... It was becoming apparent to these criminals that their nice little war in Syria was failing miserably and something had to be done to turn the tide and quickly...

Therefore we have this Paris 'terrorist' attack and the initial reports that it was SYRIAN TERRORISTS (Yes, that was in some of the original reports!) armed with AK-47'S that did the initial bombings and shootings.... I suspect that the Jew spew media was originally going to run with their 'Syrian terrorist' fairy tale until they realized people would poke holes in that lie too quickly and they needed another approach... That is why they changed their story and then blamed of course ... ISIS for doing the deed... And lo and behold, we have the reports coming out within hours that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks!  Thus we now have the criminal US state department and the US criminal President now saying that they would 'support' France in this time of terror by going after "ISIS" in Syria for that attack....

Yes, the US has been searching for the newest "back door" to get themselves back into Syria, and here we have this Paris "terrorist" attack and the fraud of ISIS labeled as the instigators... Now the media is going absolutely nuts in saying that the whole world should now be at war with ISIS and that ISIS in SYRIA has to be the target....And of course we have the French government fully on board now with the US in wanting to 'attack' ISIS  in Syria itself!

There always is an underhanded motive for all of these 'terrorist' attacks... The Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11 was the springboard for getting the US into the fraud war on terror to have Israel's enemies destroyed... The Sandy Hook "shootings" as well as other fraud "shootings" in America were intentionally aimed at gun control legislation and removing the American public's last line of defence against a criminal government... And now we have this Paris "terrorist" attack and the focus will be on removing 'ISIS' from Syria, when in reality it will be used to get the Americans and NATO back into Syria to remove the Bashar al-Assad government..... Yes, when we dig deep enough, we do find the real motive behind all of these frauds!

I am calling this Paris "attack" for what it really is... Another false flag to scare people into supporting wars against innocent nations... The people of France need to realize that this is just a continuation of the same pattern we have seen in the US and elsewhere... 

More to come


*Update, November 14th, 2015.... Thanks to readers and my own surfing, many updates on this false flag attack are starting to come in... This first one is definitely in the realm of "You cannot make this shit up even if you try" category.. For read the following report where "officials" are claiming that they found a "Syrian passport" next to one of the supposed bodies of the "terrorists" that launched this Paris attack:

Is this not pathetic?  And shows how low the US/Israel will go to get everyone on board their 'lets destroy Syria' bandwagon!


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