Sunday, November 15, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 15th, 2015


Yes, it is Sunday again... And even as the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, I still find the time to tell it like I see it in my usual weekend rants....

OK, What else does it take to convince people that the newest "Paris attacks" is indeed a false flag event?  Heck, I was out yesterday, before I posted my own interpretation of that incident in my most recent articles, with both family and friends and in spite of it clearly being a staged event and/or a false flag, these people just did not get it and flat out said to me that "It had to be that evil ISIS again".... I was shocked and dismayed at the time and I realized (again) that there is just no hope in reaching some people... Many are just too far gone and too brainwashed by the lies that the Jew spew media continues to shove into their brains and are now beyond any hope of awakening!

Here are the facts... The United States and Israel are being beaten badly in Syria.. The Syrian/Russian/Lebanese/Hezbollah alliance have wiped out so many of the fraud "ISIS" held areas and are now sending those rats scurrying for their very lives back over the border with Iraq.... We have seen how in the last week alone the Syrian armed forces are clearly on the offensive and are retaking formerly ISIS held territories and villages on a daily basis... The Russian airforce has also been doing a top notch job in plastering ISIS encampments and strongholds killing thousands of these CIA/Mossad agents in the process.... It would have been only a matter of time before all of Syria was restored to the Syrian people and ended the Israeli dream of their sick "Greater Israel" once and for all.... Therefore these lunatics and maniacs in the US and Israeli governments needed SOMETHING to turn the tide and they concocted this Paris incident as their ace in the hole......

One serious aspect of these Paris attacks that has me puzzled and points to it being a staged event is actually quite simple:  WHERE are the independent photos and videos made by curious onlookers and those who survived both the bombings and shootings in Paris?  Honestly, considering that every adult these days has at least one smart phone with video/photo capabilities, it boggles the mind that there are almost ZERO independent videos and photographs of these attacks!   All of the photos and videos that we have seen so far are being supplied by the Jew spew media...And honestly we know by now how much we can trust those liars, right?.... And I am puzzled by the lack of Youtube videos coming out from independent victims and onlookers at what happened in Paris.... There has been no logical explanation yet from any of the so called officials when it comes to the lack of independent smartphone videos of the attacks, and that alone makes all of these "attacks" smell to high heaven....

Then there is the strange reports that came out from the Jew spew media right after the first attacks and the bombings... These liars reported that many of the "terrorists" screamed "Allahu Akbar" which is illogical, and smells of a set up to again to blame Arabs... And of course we have the reports that many were "Syrian terrorists" which absolutely when I first saw that report made me convinced absolutely that this was indeed a staged event.... The real laugher was when the Jew spew liars then made the claim that a "Syrian passport" was conveniently found lying next to one of the gunned down terrorists!......It did seem that many Jew spew outlets were going to run with those initial reports, but realizing that in doing so it would have fully exposed these attacks as false flags, they quickly switched over to blaming their tried and true fraud terrorist group "ISIS" instead....

Lets face it.. This Paris attack could not have come at a better time due to the G20 summit that is to take place as of today in Turkey... The people attending this summit will definitely have their entire focus now on Syria, with 19 out of the 20 people in attendance all hammering the 20th person attending that summit, Vladimir Putin.... Yes, the timing for this newest false flag attack was indeed perfect and just at the right time before this summit got going.....

Yes, the US now has gained a valuable ally, France, in their fraud war on terror against their own CIA/Mossad agents in ISIS.... There will be a massive amount of outcry from the brainwashed French public wanting "revenge" against "ISIS" for this false flag attack in Paris.... And yes, the outcry could lead to all of NATO coming into the war against "ISIS" in Syria... This is exactly what the criminals in the US and Israel hope will be the outcome of their latest scam in Paris, and the war in Syria could now enter a most dangerous  phase with Russian and Syrian forces on one side, pitted against the United States and NATO on the other!  The real danger is that the Syrian war could further escalate and we could indeed be seeing the start of World War Three......

And one final note in this rant about the so called "Paris attacks" that had been nagging me for the last  few days... Was there a drill or an exercise taking place in Paris just before these 'attacks'?   I was searching for that answer yesterday evening, and lo and behold it appears that the EMT's in Paris admitted that they had just concluded an exercise to train from "multi-site attacks" on the morning of November 13th, 2015 and therefore were well in place and ready to go for when these "attacks" took place later on that very day!  A coincidence?  People forget that there were drills in NYC the days before the Israeli attacks of 9-11, and there were drills conducted in Newtown Connecticut just days before the "shootings" at the fraud Sandy Hook Elementary school, and there were drills being conducted at the exact moment the fraud Boston Marathon bombings took place....So it is no surprise to me at all that we find drills happening in Paris just before these "attacks"!  It is no coincidence at all, readers, and it should have everyone looking at these attacks in Paris in a whole new light!

But with the world so focused in on this latest sham in Paris, there is so much happening elsewhere around the world.....The ridiculous Arthur Topham kangaroo court trial here in Canada just "concluded" last week with Arthur being found "guilty" of one charge of "inciting hate".... This is so ridiculous simply on the fact that the charge of "incitement of hate" stems from Arthur writing a satirical article to the most evil book written by a Jewish author decades ago called "Germany must perish"... I have read parts of that disgusting book and yes THAT work of bull crap is one of the worse "incitements of hate" imaginable.... But rather than even look at THAT book, the prosecutors in Arthur's trial went after Arthur's satirical answer to "Germany Must Perish" called "Israel Must Perish".... Yes, the  Canadian prosecutors and the criminal Jewish B'nai B'rith claimed that Arthur's satire was "hateful" and it was, even though pure fiction and satire, aimed at the "destruction" of the Jewish people!  Honestly, how ridiculous was that?  The Jews themselves published "Germany Must Perish" wanting the destruction of the German people and the German nation, and they are not being prosecuted for that... And yet if someone writes a satire about that evil piece of filth, they get charged with a "hate crime"?   Yes, the Canadian judicial system is plain nuts and this farce of a trial shows again that the Jews rule supreme in Canada.. Anyone that challenges Jewish power over Canada can be brought up on fraudulent charges of "inciting hate" and face a trial in what is nothing more than a Kangaroo court.... The verdict in these farcical trials, no matter what the evidence is presented to show innocence, is always "guilty" simply because the Jews say so!

Yes, Arthur Topham's trial was a travesty of justice and shows how Canada is not a free nation.. And it was bad enough until I read that the brave 87 year old German woman, Ursula Haverbeck, was just prosecuted for Jewish "holocaust" denial and faces at least 10 months in jail!  Yes, how butch of the Jewish power elite that they have to incarcerate a frail 87 year old woman for questioning "history".   It does seem again that anyone that challenges the Jewish power elite and actually questions history can be subjected to "hate crime" charges.... It does beg the question though.. What are the Jews so afraid of that they have to put an 87 year old person into jail for questioning history?  It should make more people come to the same logical reasoning that there is definitely something that they are hiding!

Honestly, I do not know what to think anymore about our truly sick world.... We are watching as Europe comes apart at the seams as the illegal migrant workers from Africa continue to flood into European nations turning them into cesspools.... I said before that the migrants flooding into Europe was by design and has been fully financed by none other than the man who I call "Dr Evil" himself, George Soros... .And yes, many articles have indeed come out over the last few weeks proving it as fact that Soros' groups have been the ones fully financing and providing transportation for these migrant workers to come into Europe... I also stand behind my assertions that this migrant crisis in Europe has been by design, due to the criminal Jewish desire for the destruction of most White European nations.... The proof is right there for all to see in the disgusting blueprint for Jewish world domination called the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"... I again dare anyone to prove me wrong after they have read that disgusting piece of filth for themselves, especially its protocols specifically aimed at the destruction of the Caucasian race.....

In spite of the Paris 'attacks' the ridiculous Paris Conference on "Climate Change" is proceeding according to plan with our nations all set to meet in Paris later on this month.... Yes, our criminal governments are absolutely going to sign off on "Carbon taxation" which will fleece you and I out of our hard earned incomes for the fraud of "saving our planet" from ourselves... Every single refutable scientist has now come out showing evidence that this so called man made "climate change" is a farce and that real climate change is driven exclusively by the solar radiation output of Sol itself.... Then there is the fact that Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a greenhouse gas at all (sorry all you critics out there...) which makes the idea of taxing Carbon a complete sham...... It is so tragic that so many people have been hoodwinked by the scam artists behind the Climate Change farce, and so many countries have spent billions in 'adapting' for what they have been foolishly been led to believe is a world "heating up"....The real tragedy is that these nations should have instead been putting that money into preparing their citizens for a planet that is about to get a lot cooler.....A new Maunder Minimum is coming, and even though it will not lead to a new "ice age" as many are claiming, it will lead to a long period of much longer more intensely colder winters.....

One good piece of news before I get onto my closing "Last minute tidbits"... I have finally been in communication with Whitewraithe and it appears that we are indeed aiming at getting Turbulent Times back on the air.... We will be discussing the format and topics for our new shows over the next while and the target date for our first new show is still December 1st, just over two weeks away... I will keep everyone posted for the exact time, so stay tuned....

OK, onto my last minute tidbits.....I am still getting tons of comments that are nothing more than either hate or spam, and I do have to ask why these trolls continue to waste their time and mine by sending me that crap?..........Honestly, I have to ask again this question for those living in America.  WHY is Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) not in jail for her crimes against humanity?  And what about her acts of treason?  Or her part in the Clinton crime family long list of murders?  Or her and her husband's drug running in Arkansas?  The list can go on and on.   Yes, Americans are truly that stupid if they actually are considering voting for this monster as their next President........And again, I have had some hate mail for my stand on Donald Trump.  Lets face the facts here again.  Donald Trump got rich by kissing Jewish butt and absolutely working either with, or for, those criminals.  If he is ever "elected" as President, he would continue to suck Jew dick and bow to his Jewish masters..... OK, the big question again then for all of America is this:  Is there ANYONE out there that can become President of the United States that is not a Jew butt kisser?  Anyone?............An important article came out last week out of Belgium where the Belgium government has been charging that Israeli spy program called Facebook with purposely spying, illegally, on Belgium's citizens.  The fact is that Facebook has always been a scam and is indeed nothing more than a huge Israeli spy program.   I have never ever had a "Facebook" account and I again say to those who have been foolish enough to open one to close it immediately........Someone sent me a few links to some articles earlier in the week showing how the west coast of Canada is now dying due to Fukushima radiation.  Honestly, I never doubted for one minute that the still ongoing Fukushima disaster would take its toll on the north Pacific Ocean and wreck havoc on the Canadian Pacific coastline.   Again, it is so amazing that our attention is so focused in on wars for Israel, while Fukushima is making the Pacific a disaster zone.  But we know by now who controls our media...........One month since Justin Trudeau became Canada's newest Prime Minister, and I am crossing my fingers that he keeps his pledge to rescind that horrific freedom stripping Bill C51.  Hopefully his government also takes a look at Canada's ridiculous "hate crime" laws at the same time!..........More bad news about the world's economic outlook as stock markets everywhere have been taking steep dives.  But nobody notices of course while the Paris false flag attacks took over the news over the last few days.  We are in for serious economic trouble over the next while, and from what I see it is not going to be another "recession" but a full blown depression that could indeed be as great or worse than what happened in the 1930's......A week off for BPL soccer action in the UK.  I am going through Soccer withdrawals!  Maybe there is a decent hockey game on somewhere later......... And finally, no one came forward and gave me a new target to obliterate, so I guess its back to bashing the Kardashians instead.  The paparazzi went gaga just the other day with pictures of my favourite target, Kim, without any make up on.  I took one look at the picture and I said, yikes!  It is no wonder that skank and trollop cakes so much goo on her mug.   But again looks are only skin deep, and in her case she is just as ugly inside as out.  Yes, the world goes to heck, but the real news in America keeps circling back to this family of trollops, skanks, and misfits.  And people wonder why I say America is going to hell?

More to come



Anonymous said...

@@ "The bloodshed came as France, a member of the US-led coalition waging air strikes against the IS group, was already on high alert for terrorist attacks, raising questions about how such a complex conspiracy could go undetected." @@

Now they are conveniently finding proof in the Balkans...(getting closer to Russia).

The fact that they have no videos or pictures of the claimed areas of destruction (as you mentioned), but they were able to run down the perpetrators in seconds flat. Even incarcerate a family of a supposed attacker. But no proof. Just as there was no proof of the holocaust of 6 million jewsies. But! There is out here now very much PROOF of the holocaust of millions of Germans. i.e. Hitler's War
The Greatest Story Never Told
Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview with English Subtitles

Plus we don't hear the fact that Arthur Topham has a jewish wife of 30+years...

THE TRUTH IS OUT HERE FOLKS...IF YOU WANT IT. Ursula Haverbeck is not only couragous, she stood at her own defense by telling the court there is absolutely 'NO PROOF' of the masses of dead jews. The pictures that were used for the last 70+ years to this day are the bodies of POW Typhus victims that were cut off by the bombing of Germany and starved to death.

David Irving The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History [Who by the way has an extensive collection of facts of the true history since the 1960's.]

Between 1940 and 1945, sixty-one German cities with a total population of 25 million souls were destroyed or devastated in a bombing campaign initiated by the English government. Destruction on this scale had no other purpose than the indiscriminate mass murder of as many German people as possible quite regardless of their civilian status. One of the campaign’s main aims was to reduce the German population (genocide) and furthermore reduce its capacity to become a trade rival to Britain. The bombing campaign led to Luftwaffe bombing of Britain in retaliation. This resulted in 60,000 British civilians’ deaths and 86,000 injured.

Winston Churchill’s enthusiasm for the deliberate destruction of civilian populations could be traced back to his comment: “The air opened paths along which death and terror could be carried far behind the lines of the actual enemy; to women, children, the aged, the sick, who in earlier struggles would perforce have been left untouched.” – Winston Churchill, The Great War. Vol. 3 P1602. [The Truth and Justice for German Society]

This is just for readers who are new here and want truth. There are citizens who have gone the gauntlet to reveal the truth and we are accountable for the Truth, albeit when we willfully disregard it we are as guilty as the ones who have lied for so many years to extort the world for wealth at the cost of the genocide of Germans, Palestinians, Iraqi's, Libyans, Ukrainians, Syrians, Yemeni's, & the list is much larger...BUT NEVER ISRAEL the Lawless Throne of Evil and it's false tongues to smear and shed "HATE CRIMES & ATROCITIES" worldwide. The enemy wants to silence the Truth and we today are witness to it.

Anonymous said...

SO, Why don't YOU, being the caring person that you are, make a complaint to officials about that very

book "Germany Must Perish" as hateful to the German people or anyone and counter this abhorrent "law" instead of ranting

to no one about it ? Want change? Then act.

By the way, why is it that you being a person that wishes we as a nation should have free speech enact the same

Laws on your site that the very censors do? HUH?

Comment moderation has been enabled.ALL comments MUST be approved by the blog author.

Afraid the wrong or opposing comment might get through to the dumb ass public?

Come on Brian! Get your big boy pants on and publish what people have to say, like it or not, or go away.

It does not get more "police state" than that Brian

Anonymous said...

And I want to add...

Please listen folks...

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

Theres so many videos from outside where the attacks took place showing REAL people crying over REAL bodies. How long it will take you to realize that real people died (and not actors).

Maybe it was a false flag but admit that over a hundred of innocent people died.. the blood wasnt wake the tears and screams were not either. Look it up.. there's so many videos even from the inside of Bataclan when the attackers came in and started shooting..

Anonymous said...

LSD says;

I liked your rant today. Not many people are questioning the Paris attacks. Only Macow mentioned a possible false flag. Operation Gladio.
One of the attacks was at a small venue with a rock concert in progress. How could there not be video footage of this? And how can the band have escaped unscathed? I am reminded of the work of Dave McGowan who reveals the military backgrounds of rock musicians.

Anonymous said...

Whew, just reading this exhausted me, as it verbalized 100% of my thoughts. Thanks.

Northerntruthseeker said...

There are no independent videos of the attacks taking place...only videos of the victims and aftermath.

Northerntruthseeker said...

And I do publish most comments that have no insults and slurs.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I will never publish material that is offensive or distasteful. However I do periodically publish comments that are offensive to show people what we are up against.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The initial videos and photos came from the MSN. No independent videos came forward until much later.

Northerntruthseeker said...

People know my position on spingola. Her refusal to admit error on SH says it all.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:16AM,

NTS said the same thing regarding the recent Roseburg shootings...that nobody died, and everyone was a crisis actor. I showed him plenty of evidence to debunk this, but he either ignored it, or dug his heels in even further to convince the readers that he knows this for a FACT, even though he wasn't there.

By the way, the initial photos and videos were, in fact, independently published online before MSM began showing them. If you have ever been on Twitter, you will see independent photos posted of a breaking news event, and shortly after several news stations and journalists will ask for permission to use their photos.

However, I'm sure NTS will stick to his narrative, just like so many other "truthers."

Anonymous said...

"Afraid the wrong or opposing comment might get through to the dumb ass public?"

Anonymous @ 10:07

What does that make you?

Northerntruthseeker said...

I will not get into this ridiculous argument with someone whom I suspect as a troll and only wanting to stir trouble. It is so amazing that "anonymous" brings up the Roseburg shooting that has all the earmarks of being a scam into the mix here. I therefore suspect an MG groupie in our midst.

I do wonder what the Ugly Troll has to say about this one and if again they are calling those who smell a false flag as being nuts.

Northerntruthseeker said...

And about the video and photo lack of evidence trolls...I do have my differences with Jim Stone but he again nails it at his website about the lack of independent videos and photos that should have been in abundance but again strangely is lacking.

Anonymous said...


It looks like people are beginning to see what a fraud you really are.

Anonymous said...

Blood sacrifice done to attack Syria, A Mossad and CIA slaughter. Will Russia defend Syria from the French/NATO intruders?
"Jim Stone. . . again nails it at his website "




Anonymous said...

club in Paris....9/11...

a fascinating 9/11 detail from The Times of Israel article about the Bataclan being sold:

His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11, and he recently immigrated to Israel.

Anonymous said...

club in Paris....9/11...

a fascinating 9/11 detail from The Times of Israel article about the Bataclan being sold:

His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11, and he recently immigrated to Israel.

Anonymous said...

You said
and from what I see it is not going to be another "recession" but a full blown depression that could indeed be as great or worse than what happened in the 1930's......A week off for BPL soccer action in the UK. I am going through Soccer withdrawals!

I say,come to Massachusetts,they are rebuilding the infrastructure and everyone is spending there money.They build apartments or subdivisions,they fill them up as fast as they build them.In Billerica Ma,they just passed a plan to build the new high school to be completed by 2017,they just finished a Umass Loweell prject and did work to a bridge and intersection to help traffic flow.Umass has been growing,that is a local college campus,actually Lowell is trying to become like a Boston and all they talk about is growth,there is a lot of surrounding towns that have been building schools and improving the infrastructure,so I cant see your projection of depression when around here they spew out growth growth growth,come check it out and see for yourself


Anonymous said...

you said
I am going through Soccer withdrawals! Maybe there is a decent hockey game on somewhere later

I say
Hop on the New England patriots bandwagon
Around here they say its gonna be like 07 where they went undefeated after spy gate
Yep the coach got fined for spying opn other teams
Now we have deflategate and now we will go undefeated.
How does a team that gets accused of cheating just beat up everyone??
Is it staged entertainment??
Maybe you should look into it.
From the beginning of year,Tom is mad,we gonna do what we did in 07,i thought Manning was going to hand them a loss yesterday and they should of but blew there chances.They say only other possible loss will be against Denver.
Anyway.hop on board,its an intellectual community and the fanatics are crazy.
Im not one of them,i don't care much for watching sports no more,on occasion im guilty.
You should tune into there local sports chatter on cable,im sure you can search on web for it and listen to the talking heads before or after a game,its interesting chatter.
The mentality is winning and professional and all the players are brainwashed to say the same thing to media when being interviewed and if you mes up.Your gone,benched or traded.
Its got a military attitude and I think as a blogger you may learn a mind set of winning and how to defeat an enemy which maybe you can apply to your goal


Its a barbaric sport filled with thugs and emotional ticking timebombs.
But don't just watch the game,listen to the soundbites and defitnally tune into there shows just for pre game or after.
You may learn something

Barney said...

A suggestion, NTS.

I realise Blogger sets the "rules" as to how this website operates, but would it be possible to remove the "anonymous" option?

It won't change things very much, but it would at least force the trolls (and legitimate commenters) to choose a name. It's not difficult.

Barney isn't my "real" name, but it's the one I'm known by wherever I comment.

You can identify trolls by their IP, but they don't seem to realise this when they try to comment "anonymously". Most of then aren't very bright.

Please overlook any typos. My eyes are playing up today (awaiting cataract removal).