Thursday, October 1, 2015

Russia Strikes In Syria: Beware Of The Liars In The Media Spinning Falsehoods!

YES! Finally after 4 years of the American/Israeli brutal "civil war" against the innocent nation of Syria, Russia has stepped into the fray,  and as of yesterday has launched some 20 air strikes against the fraud "ISIS" positions in and around the Syrian city of Homs.. 

To me, this is a major turning point in that entire conflict and shows that the Russians have had enough of the American and Israeli sick game known as "ISIS"....The Russian government under Vladimir Putin has stated clearly that they would not allow their ally, Syria, to be destroyed by that fraud "terrorist" group, and they have indeed committed the Russian military and now the Russian air force fully into the battle....

However, It has indeed amazed me that the criminal government of the United States in Washington has "condemned" Russia's air strikes against "ISIS", but the fact is now crystal clear that the Russians have had enough and are aiming at doing the job of destroying "ISIS" once and for all... Something that the US has never done, and of course we know why; The US and Israel created ISIS as their major weapon to destroy Syria and have been fully supporting their entity through supplying weapons, men, and even logistics....Everyone must be made fully aware by now that there was no way the US was ever going to "destroy" ISIS simply because ISIS is their own entity!

I have been watching the liars in the so called Jew spew media spin their lies about Russia's involvement in Syria, and just last evening watched carefully as they pushed false reports that the Russian air force was not (?) targeting ISIS at all, but was targeting "moderate rebels" and "civilians" in their airstrikes... I want to set the record straight here, and for some valuable information about the truths versus the lies coming from the Jew spew media, I want to turn to the following very important article from a fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at The article is entitled: "Beware Media Spin Concerning Russian Strikes In Syria - Claims Vs Facts" and I have it right here for everyone to read for themselves... I have further comments and thoughts to follow:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beware Media Spin Concerning Russian strikes in Syria- Claims VS Facts

In case you are unaware of the latest developments?

Breaking: Russia carries out Syria strike- Confirmation

Now let's talk coverage via NATO media

I admit these perception managed media reports are a cause for concern- They're extremely irrational.
And malicious. The situation is tense enough. Why does the US/NATO media have to inflame the situation- When I think about the competing interests in that area!! I shudder.
Let's keep our wits about us when following this news

Two news stories as examples- Let’s read them with a critical and logical eye to the facts

Mirror UK    &

Claims vs Facts

Claim- “Russian commanders are ignoring their own requests for military-to-military "de-confliction" with the U.S. as their warplanes attack Syrian resistance fighters Wednesday, a defense official told POLITICO.

"It completely bypasses every bit of legitimate discussion we've had with them so far," the official complained”

Fact- Was there an agreement on the part of the US to cooperate with Russia?
It does not seem so. It’s not mentioned anywhere in this Politico article.
Since it’s not mentioned we have to conclude that the US did NOT agree to deconflict.
The only statements of fact are Russia requested military to military deconfliction and there was  “legitimate discussion” regarding that request.  No mention of agreement-
Discussion does not equal agreement.
Agreement = Agreement

Claim- Politico spins a further fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication to let their actions be known while contradicting themselves in this sentence

Fact- “a Russian general appeared at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad this morning and announced that the first Russian air operations would begin shortly, the defense official said.”

Clearly the Russian’s communicated their intent, up close and in person! Who on earth is fooled by the Politico fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication!
 UPDATE!- U.S. brushes off Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace
 Which tells me that the US did not agree to deconflict, as I had stated above.
 "The United States on Wednesday said it had conducted air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria within the last hour or so, brushing aside a Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace"
Back to claims vs facts:


Insinuated claim- Russia endangered others.
Fact: “The general warned American units to keep away, but U.S. warplanes continued to fly in Syria as normal” Logic tells me it was the US that endangered others!
 Politico reports  the General went to the embassy, (earlier news indicates an hour beforehand)  minimally an hour before the strikes were launched and the US warplanes kept flying.
Therefore the US endangered their own. Russia did not.
Claim; “A French diplomat has accused Russia of lying about the target of air strikes carried out in Syria on Wednesday”

Fact- Russia made it abundantly clear that they were targeting those that were striking Syria- Period. Therefore, Russia did not lie.
Claim: “The Russian Defence Ministry claims it has started a bombing campaign against "Islamic State terrorist dens" in cooperation with the Syrian air force.

Facts: Russia is cooperating with the Syrian airforce, which makes Russian presence vastly more legitimate then US. And since the US has been supporting ISIS all along........It’s a given that Russia will strike those terrorists propped up by the US not limited to brand ISIS
Claim: "a French diplomatic source claims the Russians have attacked Syrian opposition targets rather than IS strongholds"

Fact: Striking US/NATO/Israeli backed opposition is targeting ISIS- So at least there the diplomat was correct since there is no difference between US backed opposition and NATO backed ISIS.

Use discernment and don't get caught up in the hype- Stay cool headed friends :)

NTS Notes: Penny is so right in saying that everyone should use discernment and not to get caught up in the hype generated by the liars in our media....

The facts are again very simple.. ISIS is a fraud, period... The US and Israel have used that fraud for too long now and have caused almost irreparable damage to  Syria and the Syrian people... We only need to look at the massive amounts of Syrian people who have fled the nation rather than be slaughtered by "ISIS terrorists" in their own communities...  The Russians are no fools and clearly understand fully what ISIS is all about and basically want to stop the madness before it goes any further...

One other aspect of all this.. The plan for the destruction of Syria was laid out decades ago, and we must again remember when former US General Wesley Clark stated clearly that the US had plans to destroy some 7 countries in the Middle East (at the bequest of Israel of course..) and on that list was Syria!  But it appears now that the evil and sick plans by the US and Israel to destroy that country and have its civilian population slaughtered wholesale is coming to an abrupt end... 

Yes Russia is now in the fight aiding Syria... And of course we are all aware that China is about to enter the battle as well in support of the innocent nation of Syria as well.... And again, the Russians are putting an end to this "ISIS" crisis and are showing the world exactly what the US is truly all about...

More to come



Anonymous said...

The U.S./Western media have their orders and that is to lie lie lie and spin . Jew created propaganda will work to create the Russians in the worst of ways as the Jew media does with everyone that stands in the way of a ONE WORLD GOVT. ....

Anonymous said...

“The first reports about civilian casualties emerged even before our planes got in the air,” RIA Novosit quoted him as saying.

Anonymous said...

Moscow says journalists should gain information over its airstrikes on Syria from the Russian Defense Ministry and not from the Pentagon.

"Do not listen to the Pentagon about Russian strikes, ask the Russian Defense Ministry," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov before a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in New York on Wednesday.

Lavrov added that all information concerning Russia’s military operations in Syria had been made public at a UN Security Council ministerial meeting held earlier.

Penny said...

Thanks for linking over to my piece North- Crazy times, crazy times
And glad you are feeling better too!