Friday, October 2, 2015

Oregon School Shooting Is A Fraud: RedsilverJ Video Shows Clear Evidence Of Another Fake Shooting, And Other Evidence Of The Fraud

OK, just the other day the Jew spew news turned from its attacks on Russia for the Russian Federation taking action against the American fraud known as "ISIS" to turn its attention to a brand spanking new "shooting" in Oregon..... I was alerted to this "shooting" yesterday morning and indeed have been following all the reports coming from the liars in our media, and of course from reports coming through the alternative media as well... From the very beginning of this latest "shooting" I smelled a rat, and lo and behold after looking over so much data, I am firmly believing this to be an absolute 100% bona fide hoax....

To help understand the strange circumstances behind this latest fraud shooting, I want to turn to a most excellent video that comes from Youtube user "RedsilverJ".... This video that I have right here for all to see for themselves, definitely shows that we are dealing with another fraud for the same purpose of all the other fraud shootings... To create shock and horror in the American public to the point that they will gladly surrender their last defense against their own criminal government, their guns... First here is that important video, and I do have follow up information, thoughts, and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: There have been some peculiar happenings since the Oregon "shooting" yesterday that makes no sense.. First of all, here is a link to an article that states that the local police that first attended that "shooting" had the gall to confiscate ALL of the cell phones from college students on site!  Here is that link to an article from the Rumor Mills forum website explaining this peculiar action by Oregon Police:

Now WHY in the hell would they confiscate smart phones? There can be absolutely no other logical reason other than to make sure that no pictures, or videos were captured by the students that were not involved in the hoax that may suddenly reach both the social media and the internet and expose the fraud for the world to see!  If anyone has a logical reason otherwise, I am all ears...

Next we find evidence that the school where this "shooting" occurred just had a shooting drill conducted the week before this incident (Surprise.. Surprise..) which seems to always occur before each of the previous school "shootings" that have all been proven to be hoaxes as well... Here is a video explaining the recent "drill" conducted at that school:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, nothing surprises me any more... We have seen how quickly after this latest "shooting" the criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, was making the media rounds calling for immediate action on gun control in America.... That alone made me smell a rat and everything so far points to this being another criminal action on the gullible American people!

I will continue to monitor and report any new findings about this "shooting" here.. And again, I call on my readers to do their own due dilligence and drum up any evidence themselves that shows this to be another nefarious act on the American people... I will gladly post their findings here at this blog for everyone to see for themselves....

Stay tuned, for there definitely is...

More to come



RickB said...

After the Sandy Hook hoax, all reported, dramatic mass shootings should be considered suspect... which is why we need to discuss and expose Sandy Hook. One lie builds on another.

Believe it or not, the TUT-land dope still hangs his hat on the embarrassing stance he took on Sandy Hook. The little great one doesn't have to look into evidence or lack thereof, the little great one knows.

Anonymous said...

A vet with a real gun was not allowed to intervene because he might really have shot someone?

Concealed Carrying Air Force Vet Held Back From Stopping Attack By UCC Staff
Posted by Jenn Jacques on October 2, 2015 at 9:47 am
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Air Force veteran John Parker, who had a licensed concealed carry gun on his side, was was situated in a building about 200 yards away from where the shooting began at Umpqua Community College yesterday. Instead of taking down the active shooter, Parker was prevented by staff from intervening in the shooting in which ten people were killed.

“There were a few people in the vet center and then when we heard the shooting happened, we got up and we were gonna go out and see what we could do,” Parker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Immediately the school staff stopped us and told us to get inside of the building….essentially the staff wouldn’t let us go to assist,” he added.

Anonymous said...

NTS--this incident may be a hoax, but your saying "I am firmly believing this to be an absolute 100% bona fide hoax...." and "a most excellent video that comes from Youtube user "RedsilverJ".... This video that I have right here for all to see for themselves, definitely shows that we are dealing with another fraud for the same purpose of all the other fraud shootings..." just destroys your credibility. Rather, if you had stated that you "think/feel/maybe this was a hoax--especially with the timing of Russian's action in Syria, at least until further evidence is introduced" would be have been much more credible. And then to list the stupid video by RedsilverJ as an "excellent video" that "definitely shows we are dealing with another fraud" . . . get real NTS, his video sucks--what a waste of my time. You have many good postings, but when you post in such a non-professional manner it really makes your blog readers wonder how many other things you post are based on crap too. You're better than this--keep the bar set high.

Anonymous said...

NTS, I just posted on your losing credibility by posting about the Oregon shooting being a hoax before having better information and including that stupid video as some kind of evidence---feel free to not post it; rather, think about what I said. Dammit, you're better than that. BTW: I'm the same writer that sent you the information about using iodine a few days back--you can see I'm on your side.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry , but RedsilverJ has been spot on on every single other fraud shooting to this point, especially about Sandy Hook.. The video and information stays put...

And even more information keeps flowing in showing this to be a scam....

I really love those who say I am "losing credibility"... The same type of wording is always used by the JIDF/Hasbara trolls, my favourite fan club...

Anonymous said...

Something is off-key about this man, it is now 2015, and I have seen no ageing in this man since at least 1989 (Yelstin meets Net video on RT). What is he using to keep this fountain of relative youth? Replacement, clone, some other process, curious on thoughts. I do not believe this is natural.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Which man are you talking about, "Anonymous"?

Anonymous said...


Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Here's a take that will lighten the mood...

I couldn't stop laughing.

Flanders said...

NTS, Here is some additional info which bears checking. I was able to track down the only photo I know about which shows the alleged patsy's negroid mother and it is contained in another very informative article at Red Ice Creations. Here is the link:

Also, and perhaps most importantly is this report:
"The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.

Flanders said...

More - 2 more articles at the same site and the one below:

Anonymous said...

Oregon Site of Numerous “Active Shooter Drills,” Received Million$ in Federal Grants
October 3, 2015 James Tracy
Max Quigley Report

"Umpqua College hosts the police academy:
“The Academy is conducted in conjunction with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Roseburg, Winston, Sutherlin, Myrtle Creek Police Departments, and Oregon State Police.”"

"Umpqua College has nursing program too – and in mass casualty training events medical students are often required to be ‘volunteers’"
Here (pdf) Oregon discusses their obsession with holding shooter drills after a Happy Valley mall shooting: "

"Umpqua College was also recently awarded a federal grant of $2.2 million. ( That’s huge money for a small rural college."

"So put together and you have a campus that is going to get a lot of money, students in police and nursing willing to play along for jobs and benefits, and you ‘lock-down’ the rest of the students so they don’t know what is happening."

Anonymous said...

"Hero" claims he threw himself at shooter directly and was shot 7 times, but only in his legs, not in his upper torso? He and his friends show occult hand and tongue signs together in hospital.
Oregon Shooting Hoax - Fake Hero Image Explained
Published on Oct 4, 2015
The now iconic image of fake super hero Chris Mintz was taken well prior to the day of the Oregon Shooting Hoax. Watch the video and i'll explain why.

Anonymous said...

Ever since this story broke, I have been reading all over the internet that the Oregon shooting is a hoax, just like all the other mass shootings of late. I didn't believe it myself, at first, just like I questioned all the others. But this happened close to where I live.

PEOPLE REALLY WERE SHOT THAT DAY! I work in the O.R. at one of the hospitals where some of the victims were brought. Three of them had surgery that day. One of them lost a lot of blood and had to be brought back for a second surgery the next day. Two others died on the way to my hospital.

Here's my take on what is going on. I think those with an agenda stage a drill, complete with crisis actors, and staged photo-ops. The pictures we see are from the drill, not the main event. That might explain the lack of real blood, fake-looking wounds, and all the other clues shown by media that make it look unbelievable. The school gets a grant, which may also be hush-money. The FBI and DHS are there, and they stick around for the main event. That would explain why so many of them are conveniently on-the-scene. Then the pre-selected patsy, probably mind-controlled, is queued up, and the action begins. In case he doesn't "deliver," there are probably armed goons in the shadows to help him along (remember the footage of the guy running in the woods behind Sandy Hook school?) The staff that prevented the veteran from intervening were probably in on it. But I know for a fact my co-workers were NOT in on it.

And this makes it all the more infuriating for me to know that real, innocent people are getting killed to advance an agenda. I guess they're just collateral damage, just like the recent bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan.

- A nurse in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone says:

October 5 2015

An update about my core statement with the Oregon shooting: This time they killed people because they learned they need real blood to convince people, but the event did not happen as stated. I believe this was carried out by a clandestine group. Too many oddities suggest this.

Like Virginia Tech shootings/massacre? Colleges have been built with underground connecting corridors among buildings for maintenance crews. Sneak in, sneak out. Also in Oregon, community college administrators will do anything to get lots more money as their own personal jobs and income depend on it. Oregon also has criminal elements running the State/County governments. The legislature recently passed an expanded background check law to restrict guns being sold/bought by private parties. Big editorial done in my city's ultra liberal newspaper condemning guns the day after the shooting, of course. Obama is working up to justify the government seizure of guns by whatever brutal means is required to send out ANY armed forces to do the job. So we can expect worse happenings than this one with as many real killings, not just fake ones.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to see the photos in the article. Real victims, wounded and dead?
Fake Blood and Blanks: Schools Stage Active Shooter Drills
FEB 14 2014, 4:48 AM

"This isn’t a bizarre, premeditated mass murder or some twisted sacrifice led by a student cult. These are the 20 minutes preceding an active shooter drill, the 13th one Missouri’s Lincoln County school district has staged in the past year.

All but 69 students have gone home for the day on early dismissal. These volunteer victims, mostly culled from the school’s drama class, are outfitted in fake-bloody bullet wounds, still wet and dripping down their foreheads, necks and chests. Bowen tells them what to expect: They’ll see “bad guys with AR-15s” shooting blanks during a simulated “passing period”—the moments when one class ends and the other begins. PVC pipes will be dropped on the floor to approximate IEDs. Crystal Lanham, a baby-faced freshman with long, gently-crimped brown hair, receives the dubious honor of being chosen as one of the gunmen’s hostages. She’s thrilled.

“I just really wanna get shot,” she jokes. “Is that weird?”"

Anonymous said...

The name is changed, but the resemblance is the same each time.
Was the Same Woman at the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston Tragedies? [And at the UCC shooting?]
An image circulating online claims to show the same woman at three different tragedies: The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Boston Bombing.

[Same female here?]
"The traumatized survivors of the college shooting in Oregon have told terrifying stories of what it was like inside the school."
[PHOTO]A [not-so]young girl is comforted as friends and family wait for students after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Roseburg newspaper is encouraging anti-Obama residents to gather to protest at the airport when Obama arrives to let him know he is not wanted there. Right!! However, this could be a trick so the media can claim these people are there to support Obama's gun-grabbing agenda. The city mayor is drooling for his opportunity to be in the news greeting this political Marxist scoundrel. So the crowd that shows up will be reported as welcoming him and approving of his gun control plans, not protesting against him. But how to warn the gullible and deceived?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that video loses all credibility when he states how this dating website is fake just because HE has never heard of it. It took about .000024 seconds to search for the website and verify that, although it is kind of a shitty dating site, it is real.

Anonymous said...

I think that vets who have really suffered gunshot wounds would be offended by this fraud getting glory and being paid off for his lies.
Oregon Umpqua College Shooting Hoax - Chris Mintz Fake Hero & Con Man - Crisis Actor Exposed
Mintz shown lying on gurney, shirtless, no pain shows in face. No emergency treatment evidenced . No blood flowing from hands or abdomen. No stablizers are there for his "broken" legs. No BLANKET covering his body as would be required due to body shock. Mintz seems to be directing his own admittance to the hospital, giving info to the female recorder at his side.
'Heroic' veteran Chris Mintz shot 7 times in Oregon college massacre
Posted: Oct 02, 2015 8:55 AM PDT
Updated: Oct 02, 2015 8:55 AM PDT
"She said that Mintz was shot seven times and had been in surgery since the shooting that left 10 dead, including the gunman.
Chris Mintz was wounded in a shooting at a college in Oregon. ?Courtesy of Sheila Brown
Originally from Randleman, North Carolina, Mintz served about 10 years in the Army. He had just started college, Brown said. He was shot in the back, abdomen and hands, and had two broken legs, she added. "

Anonymous said...

Dear NTS,Your credibility is intact and grows each blog covering this growing list of combined hoax/psyop/falseflag manipulations of the popularmind.I am concerned about the end goal which these psyop excercizes are but a stepping stone towards total loss of american sovereignty and subjucation of all americans and us citizens under a yoke of international tyranny embodied in the U.N. I hope you are familiar with 1993 kick-off of sustainable development goals at the rio summit attended by geo bush ,pres-41.Agenga 21 now agenda 2030 which will be discussed in paris in a few month.I am concerned that the newest "strong cities initiative"introduced by DOJ Loretta Lynch who want the U.N. to come to cities and counties to fight "violent extremeism" When wearing an American flag tee-shirt is called hate speach I am alarmed how many ways "violent extremism" can be twisted to satisfy control of the people.Back to the school shootings. There is nothing unlawful of illegal about any of these affairs.Chris Mintz or any past hoax crisis actors who pander for contributions appear to be operating with in "U.S' law.So for those new to the subject matter I offer these very good websites and ask you to ,perhaps help us address these combined issue,Thanks keep up the good work.