Sunday, October 25, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Sunday again... And of course here comes my usual weekly rant...

It has been a most hectic week here, and with so many projects on the go and work related issues, by yesterday I was truly an exhausted individual... But to top it all off, my better half came down with a severe cold over the last few days, and suddenly on Friday she broke out in a severe rash on her legs that was so painful and full of blistering that I had no choice, in spite of her stubbornness, to take her to a local doctor to have it checked out....Lo and behold, it was a case of "Shingles"...

For those that are unaware of what "Shingles" is, it is basically the Chicken Pox virus that is dormant in most of our bodies, suddenly becoming active and attacking the body again...  It has been long claimed that "Shingles" can attack the nervous system and has been linked to not only the horrific blistering on the body, but can lead to long term physical as well as neurological damage to the body as well.... Luckily her "Shingles" turned out to be a mild form of the disease, and basically she was told to be off her feet for the next week to allow the disease to run its course....So, since yesterday I have been a nurse maid to the woman who has put up with me for the last two decades at least....

But of course while I was waiting in the doctor's office for my better half to be diagnosed, I could not help but notice not only all the sick people in the waiting area coughing and hacking, but the posters everywhere stating that it was "Flu season" and of course "suggesting" that everyone go out and get their "flu shot".... It is to me so ridiculous that so many have fallen for this lie and again as I have said in so many previous articles.. FLU SHOTS ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK!

It is a known fact, and anyone can take the time to do their own research, that vaccines absolutely do not work and worse, they actually weaken the body's own immune system... It must again be noted that the chemicals in "vaccines" do damage to our bodies, including Mercury in the form of Thimerasol that attacks our nervous systems... Therefore what we have are chemicals that are made by Pharmaceutical giants for profit that not only do not work, but weaken our body's natural ability to fight off diseases....

It was indeed so amazing as I stood in the line at the Pharmacy for some medication to help alleviate my better half's painful experience with Shingles that I could not help but look over at the people that stood in line like brain dead sheep for their 'flu shots'..... Honestly, I have tried in the past, and there are many articles at this blog that talk about my exploits and what happened to me as a result, in trying to stop people from subjecting themselves to the hell of vaccines.... But again, now that I know that many cannot be reached and are too far gone, I sadly have had to turn my back on these people and have stopped trying to save them....

Yes, Canada has a new Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau, and from what I have read about him and his platform, Canada will indeed be much better off than what we had with that dictator Stephen Harper in control, but honestly just barely.... There are some policies that Justin supports that to me boggles the mind, including his support of the "Climate Change" issue and his wanting to have Canada sign off on the upcoming Paris accords on "Climate Change" that will see the imposition of Carbon taxation on the already taxed to death Canuckleheads here.....Yes, it appears that Justin has indeed "swallowed the kool-aid" on the fraud of Climate Change which indicates that he has either not studied the real science and facts behind the fraud, or he is indeed under the control of the criminals that are behind the agenda....

Several people mentioned last week that I missed Justin's position on the legalization of Marijuana in this country... I honestly do not see this as either good or bad simply because I have been a firm believer that the present laws that make Marijuana illegal in this nation are a joke... Marijuana as far as I am concerned should be both legalized and controlled much along the same guidelines that alcohol is in this nation... Marijuana should also be promoted for its usefulness in fighting diseases such as Cancer as well.... Therefore for Justin Trudeau to legalize Marijuana in Canada is a step forward.....

Criticism has indeed been coming my way as per my article stating that we should still be weary of Vladimir Putin and his real intentions as it pertains to Russia's involvement in the Middle East... I again must point out that the Jews never left Russia and are indeed still very much in control of the Russian Federation, including its entire political spectrum as well as Russia's monetary system... Therefore the Jews are still the real king makers in the Russian Federation, and if Putin ever stepped out of line from their control, they would indeed have someone put a bullet into his head and put another one of their puppets in control....

One thing that has bugged me about the Syrian situation and Putin is of course his constant meetings with Israeli representatives that we have seen in Moscow over the last few weeks as well as his direct meetings with that nut job, Netanyahu, last month... Few details have come out about what resulted in those consultations, and many have said that Putin told Netanyahu to basically "take a hike".. But to me if these talks were about coordination in terms of Syria and what  Russia was to do with their involvement in striking "ISIS" then some must again wonder exactly what Russia's true intentions are pertaining to their involvement in Syria?...As my article last week stated, are we being played as fools as part of a sick twisted game?

But in terms of what we are witnessing in Syria right now, I would say that the  Russians have indeed exposed the fraud of "ISIS" to the whole world as being nothing more than a massive hoax and an American/ Israeli propaganda device of "fear".... The Russian air strikes have been so effective that even now the American public are finally awakening and asking the big question: "If the Russians are so effective today in destroying ISIS, then what the hell have the American "air strikes" been hitting for the last year at least?".....The answer is so obvious: American airstrikes have all been targeted at Syrian forces in SUPPORT of ISIS!

Yes, the news out of Syria becomes better every day as we see the good guys, the Syrian army, rapidly retake large areas of Syria away from the ISIS and other so called "moderate rebel" frauds.  It is therefore only a matter of time now before the ISIS fraud is finally wiped out in Syria, and it is no wonder that the American regime is searching for something, anything, to slow down the Russian steam roller... This is why the sick and twisted American pentagon thinkers are actually contemplating not only trying to impose a "no fly zone" again over Syria (good luck to that one), or even openly fully arming the so called "evil" ISIS "terrorists"(watch their spin doctors explain that one to the American people..)...It is indeed a sick game that the Americans are playing, and they will either lose or escalate the conflict into a full blown war against the Russian Federation itself....

Yes, Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" showed his true insanity last week by trying to suddenly become a history 'revisionist' and yet failed so miserably and laughingly... It is so remarkable that few Jew spew media outlets in both here in Canuckleheadistan as well as the formerly free United States even broadcasted his insane rant where he claimed that the Palestinians caused the Jews most holy "Holocaust" of World War II.   But we all should know by now that this lunatic is desperate in trying to find any excuse possible and seemingly "plausible" for his psycho nation to wage an all out war on the Palestinians...  Yes, these morons actually do think that by turning all of their lies of history upside down, they can now have their excuse to slaughter thousands and wipe out an entire people.......Netanyahu being the huckster and formerly failed used furniture salesman has instead finally opened peoples' eyes to the lies of our history and many should rightfully now re-examine the so called "holocaust" itself... I can guarantee that there would indeed be hell to pay once the real facts behind the "holocaust" are revealed....

With all the news that came out last week that did so much damage to the tribal Chosenites and their fraud media, it is no wonder that they were looking for something to divert their slave nations' attention somewhere else... And lo and behold, we have this so called "deadly" hurricane "Patricia" that suddenly went from a category 2 tropical depression and small storm to a "super hurricane" in the period of just two days... And of course it was making a bee line to a heavily populated area of Mexico along the Pacific coast as well..... But what happened after all the media hype about this 'super storm'?  NOTHING!  The expected multi thousands of deaths that should have occurred from this "biggest hurricane ever" did not occur, and in spite of the usual reports of "devastation" and pictures that do show some damage, something is definitely amiss....I wonder if it was indeed a massive fraud on our minds?

One major issue that I found puzzling was the reports of the hurricane's wind speed and how there was such a wide variation in reports such as some coming out while the storm was heading towards Mexico claiming 320+ kph winds...But when the storm actually made landfall, there were reports of wind speeds of 220-250kph or even lower... If this was the "storm of the century" the winds should have been very much higher and the entire Mexican coast should have been wiped out. And yet the pictures show in spite of the pronounced devastation so many trees and buildings standing in the hurricane's path?   It seems to me that the media was purposely making this storm much worse than it actually was, and people should be asking themselves why?

Lets face the facts.. The last few years have seen hurricanes in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans actually being much smaller than anticipated.  This flies in the face of the "global warming" and "climate change" kooks out there that have long claimed that the warming of the planet would indeed cause hurricanes to be more "intense"... But all the evidence is showing that due to the planet cooling, tropical storms would indeed diminish in strength and we are seeing the evidence clearly with smaller and weaker hurricanes..... I therefore makes sense to me that for these scam artists and our governments behind the scam to keep their fraud Climate Change agenda alive, they required a "super storm" to take place to sell the lie to the public and with the fraud Paris conference coming next month, where they are trying to sign off on Climate Change huckster accords, they had to act fast.. Therefore they selected this storm "Patricia" to be their con, and they worked their magic through their control over media and government to sell it as a "super storm" when it was in fact absolutely not.... And yes, so many people have been played as suckers and the proof is from what we have just witnessed from the non-existent "destruction" from this 'super storm'.... Hey, I am stating facts here, and if people do not like it, then do your own fact checking about what really happened with "Patricia" and get back to me....

OK, I usually have left my thoughts about that super treasonous murderous criminal Jewess Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) until my last minute tidbits, but I honestly have to ask if the American public has lost their insanity and is actually going to allow this freak of nature to run for President on the "Democratic ticket"?   I have been reading and watching all the real reports of this treasonous witch's involvement in the Benghazi fiasco from years ago and how she has been lying about her trail of murders during not only her time as the first lady in the White House, but even her murderous campaigns during her time as Secretary of State... Honestly, if the American people simply are that stupid and will allow this murderous criminal who sold out her own nation so many times to be selected as their next President, then there is absolutely no hope for the American republic.... But it does appear that the Jewish controllers have indeed selected Hillary as their next puppet in charge, and it does not bode well for America as a whole...

And one last thing before I get onto my "last minute tidbits"... I am sick and tired of the lies that have been constantly coming out about this "refugee crisis" as the media spews that is happening right now in Europe.. I again and again must point out that many of these "refugees" are absolutely NOT refugees at all, but are migrant workers from Africa who have been actually PAID ( I again smell George Soros as the rat behind this scheme) to board boats off the coast of Africa and have been flooding into southern European ports and then have made their way into many central European nations including Germany... Yes it is to me a diabolical plan (now again who would gain by destroying Europe and many of its nation's borders?) by the glorious tribe to destroy national sovereignty right across Europe to make way for their much long planned "One regional government".... It also is indeed a horrendous plan to destroy the one force and race of people that has long been against Jewish domination, which is of course the Caucasians.....The proof is so simple when everyone examines the make up of these so called "refugees" and discovers the majority are absolutely not from Syria itself (most are black) and the recent fact that most of the real Syrian refugees are right now ready to go home to Syria itself now that the Syrians are winning back their country.....The bottom line is this European 'refugee crisis' is a farce and a massive lie......If immigrants want to come to any country, then they should do it by the legal methods and not ever claim falsely to be "refugees"......

OK, After I have pissed off a lot of people to this point, onto my last minute tidbits... As expected the American Jew spew media is trying to sell the gullible people on the lie that Donald Trump has now 'lost' his lead in the "polls" for the Republican nomination.  Yes, the facts are of course otherwise and Donald is still firmly in the lead for nomination, but I must point out that even if Trump gets the nomination, he is still in bed with his Jewish controllers that guide his every step..........A quiet week in America with no new "shootings" to report here.  But they are of course coming, and as I have long said they will continue  until people wake the fuck up and put an end to these criminals and their push  for American gun control.......OK, why are economists stating that America and the entire world is now on the road to "recovery"?  I wonder what these guys do drink or smoke?  The facts are again that our economies are failing and it is only a matter of time before the Jewish swindlers behind the whole mess finally allow it to collapse.  Hopefully most everyone has done a bit of preparation for when that happens. Hopefully.......Has anyone else noticed how quickly the Jew spew media reports on blaming Russia for the MH17=MH370 fiasco disappeared? Yes, people do have very short attention spans.  But fear not, for the misfits that make up the US government think tanks, and the liars in our media, will think of something to try to make Russia into our "enemy" and again try to sell it on the gullible people out there.......Yes, the Trudeau government here in Canada is wanting to pull out of the Lougheed Martin F35 fiasco deal that would bleed Canada to death and give us about 65 flying pieces of junk in return.  Canada does need a replacement fighter for their aging F18 fleet, but anything is better than the F35 flying lemons.  I see that Russia has some fabulous Su35 fighters for sale at a bargain price compared to the F35, so why not??........Yes, Russia is doing such a fine job in Syria in destroying the ISIS fraud there, that Iraq is requesting Russia's help in destroying the ISIS problem there. And notice how the American government is having such a temper tantrum over Iraq wanting Russia's help that they are now wanting to go back into Iraq themselves to try to prevent Russia helping the Iraqi people from the mess they created?   Yes, America  has created such a mess that they are acting out of pure desperation (and insanity) now....... I am still waiting for a message from Whitewraithe as to when she wants to talk to me, and is up to restarting Turbulent Times.   Patience everyone for again I have left it up to her to contact me when she is feeling better and ready to talk......Great news! Arsenal is at the top of the table in the BPL right now.   Good news for Gunner fans indeed.  But of course the games against their major headache and adversary, the Manchester City Citizens, are still to come........I may have to spend a little less time this week writing articles here at this blog due to my having to take care of my better half while she recovers from 'Shingles'.   I will do my best to continue to write and post when I can, so bear with me........ And finally, my look as usual at the fabulous American family of trolls, trollops, skanks, and misfits, the fabulous Kardashians.   Yes, my favourite target, Kim, just turned 35 last week, and of course the paparazzi are talking about how great she looks.  Hey, if any woman spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and put on pounds of makeup then they too could look like a brain dead Jew-lywood skank.  Honestly, I continue to be amazed as to why the American people actually put up with these idiots.  Yes, while the world goes to heck and America sinks, the American public continue to love their Kardashians...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Here is what Robert Kennedy Jr. has to say about flue shots with mercury
He posted this to Louis Farrakhan justice or else followers.
He will be speaking at an event which I think he mentions at the end.
Please watch whole ten minute video and listen to what the man says.
He talks about experimenting with,watch please

That is link for Robert Kennedy Jr. message to the black people


Anonymous said...

If the jews still run Putin??
Why are they allowing him to destroy ISIS???
If the jews control ISIS , Russia and Putin and AMerika
Why is he taking Isis down and why cant he keep Ukraine under his power?
I thought Amerika took Ukraine away??
Also how does a small group of jews control soooo much???
Are they the aliens???
Your opinion would be most appreciated


Anonymous said...

Hi NTS...

First I wanted send my "get wells" to your wife. Here is some alternative help...

Her immune system is compromised and needs to be strengthened. This has some helpful advice. All of these plagues come about because of the purposeful/intentional spreading of these diseases by 'flu shots' etc. The virus(s) spread and become contagious. I don't go anywhere to eat food prepared by someone else. I too try to inform people but they are brainwashed by their faux/for profit healers, and I also let them know that they are spreading the diseases. Be careful if they have prescribed steroids...which they usually do. It destroys the liver.

And my comment to the majority of your rant is...
"There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again." -Joseph Goebbels (The Greatest Story NEVER Told)

Thanks NTS for being a good better half to your wife and to us!

Anonymous said...

What a "Rant" that was NTS!...One of your best I reckon.
But regarding your comment about Marijuana, I am led to believe that it's consuming the oils from the leaves that cures cancer and not by smoking its leaves.

And regarding one of the themes of your rant, I recommend that you take a look at this if you haven’t already seen it:

Adrian D

Unknown said...

What a "Rant" that was NTS!...One of your best I reckon.
But regarding your comment about Marijuana, I am led to believe that it's consuming the oils from the leaves that cures cancer and not by smoking its leaves.
And regarding one of the themes of your rant, I recommend that you take a look at this if you haven’t already seen it:
Adrian D

Anonymous said...

Your economy in Canada may suck.
In Massachusetts,the economy is strong.
In Billerica,they are building a new high school,one was just built in Burlington,a few years ago,they just rebuilt a elementary school and made it bigger.
I just saw on real sports with Bryant Gumble,an interview with Dallas cowboys owner talking about building there new stadium,where are the people gonna get the money to go????
I noticed in Washington that domed building has scaffolding all around,im assuming its getting a makeover.
In the Boston area,i sent you a link with all the buildings going up,in some areas they are putting up expensive housing and eliminating low cost housing,how can that be?????
All the units I see go up,some are already being lived in before the project ends.
Lots of colleges in Boston area
Lots of high tech businesses in Boston area
Lots of bomb making factories around here
Lots of compotements for nasa around here.
With your knowledge os space and the dynamics of our failed planes capabilities,you should get a teaching job at MIT or a job at one of these high tech companies.
Maybe you already do and you live no where near Canada
So every time you talk about collapce
Around here and else where,they speek about growth.
They rebuilding roads,repaving all the bad roads,bridges etc.
Unless you take a trip and see for yourself or maybe after they build everything and all of a sudden Russia and China attack us and we blame it on the muslims
I cant see it happening.
I think if Bush gets into office for his birth right.
Then he will declare war,then you will see everything collapse
No matter how bad Hillary is or what ever any other puppet that gets there,will still carry out the agenda,under Bill Clinton,strong economy,under Obama, strong economy,under Bush high gas prices and no building and lots of places closing down.
Thyey are building strip malls around here and filling the places as fast as they are built.
Sorry to bust your delusional bubble
I DO NOT ,see your doom and gloom and a sudden collapse.
If so,it would look funny around here.
I just don't see it.
Like I said northern
Come take a trip around here and maybe foolow the patriots
You mentioned withdrawel from your sport and might follow greenbay.
I say to you,follow the Patriots and listen to there interviews and watch a few of tyhere sports shows catering to the local sheeple that tune in for there brainwashing and you can seeee the power of brainwashing for yourself.
The mentality of winners and listening to the sheeple repeat there talk show hosts opinions.
The power of radio,the message I was telling you for that Duke guy and how to act on Alex radio program.
For all the sheeple tune in to get there opinion,for they don't have one until the master of the radio show gives them one.
For,you only know what your told,that thought alone is a whole essay and I don't want to type it right now.
So also maybe you can find Whitewat a better job.
That broad is a piece of work
I aoid her type like the plague
Best to stay away
Some hard truth
If she fails at her new place,send her around here,lots of opportunity around here or she could collect for section eight and have the taxpayers make her life comfortable like all the other smucks living on welfare and the system


Anonymous said...

The honeymoon is over. Trudeau has 'israel's' back. Is there ANY politician in Canada who is NOT a whore for 'israel'?

We've just elected Harper-lite!