Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Even More Proof That ISIS Is A Complete Fraud! ISIS Getting MORE Supply Drops From America

I for one am sick and tired of the constant media lies that constantly try to ram into everyone's brains the false hood that ISIS is still the main 'threat' to the entire world, and must "be stopped at all cost"... The American government has long been using their fraud creation "ISIS" to continue to promote their equally fraudulent "war on terror" and it is so amazing that most people still do not get it and actually believe that "terrorist" group is somehow real.....

With Russia's intervention into Syria over the last month, "ISIS" is now on the run... That CIA/Mossad fraud group cannot stand up to the firepower and aerial bombardment that the Russians are employing against their positions and many have now fled over the border into neighboring Iraq.... It is also a fact that the United States and Israel do not want their fraud to end due to their insane want to have Syria destroyed at all cost and to have Bashar al-Assad removed as Syria's President.....Therefore I can guarantee the Americans and Israelis are doing their worse to bolster their fraud terrorist group at all cost, even if it could lead to an escalation in the conflict....

A while back, I wrote an article showing clear evidence that the United States, Israel, and even that criminal  group called NATO, were air dropping supplies directly to their fraud "ISIS" terrorists and it was surprising that in spite of that clear evidence that exposed ISIS as a fraud and nothing more than American/Israeli operatives, most people still did not get the message.. Well... I came across the following video that I definitely want to share with my own readers here that shows again the fraud of ISIS in all its glory.... In this video, you will again see proof positive that the United States is in fact STILL supplying weapons and food directly to their ISIS forces..... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  With Russia now directly fighting and destroying ISIS in Syria, the Americans are now playing a most dangerous game with this resupplying of their fraud terrorist group, ISIS, and this could indeed lead to a direct US-Russia confrontation and possibly World War III....

There has been many articles that have come up recently that also show that the Americans are directly airdropping anti-tank and anti-aircraft munitions that will be used against Syrian tanks and Russian aircraft very soon..... Yes, the US is indeed pushing the envelope and when these weapons are used against Russian forces, there could indeed be hell to pay....

Honestly, I just do not get it with some people... I have constantly been stating to friends, associates, and colleagues that this "ISIS" is nothing more than a fraud and a massive swindle on the world to continue to both promote the fraud "war on terror" and to be used to have more innocent nations destroyed.. It is so shocking to see that so many people are so far gone and so gullible that they refuse to listen....  It seems that the only time they will all wake the hell up is when this war for Syria's destruction escalates and we are involved in a full Global war with billions of lives at stake....

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Anonymous said...

Kool video
xmas in the middle east
Look what we found
A treasure hunt

In your Sunday blog,you said

the Jews are still the real king makers in the Russian Federation, and if Putin ever stepped out of line from their control, they would indeed have someone put a bullet into his head and put another one of their puppets in control....

I say,if that is the case
Why are they destroying Isis?????
Are they jews feuding with jews???
Or,maybe they are just causing instability for population control and job creation.
So please tell,why Russia under the jews wants to stop USA under the jews.
Why Russia under the jews wants to save Syria
While USA under the jews wants regime change
Im confused



Anonymous said...


Ever read Three WOrld Wars by Albert Pike ?

Gotta create it somehow ....