Friday, October 9, 2015

Blowing The Oregon College Fraud Shooting Wide Open! Idiots Running The Fraud Have Stupidly Recycled Old Video Footage From The Fake Sandy Hook Shooting, Saying It Is From Oregon!

Yes, the latest mass "shooting" at that Oregon college last week was indeed a scam and a fraud... It is bad enough that the people behind the fake forgot to tell some of the students that "survived" the shooting to say that they heard gunshots when most that have been interviewed all say that they did not.. And of course they have been trying to somehow formulate some kind of image for the fake shooter, especially with a fraud "manifesto" that is absolutely laughable....And of course they could not even get their "crisis actors" involved to stop laughing when interviewed! (Yes, amazingly, these people were caught laughing while most supposedly just witnessed friends and colleagues blown away by this "shooter"!)  But the fact is that now with these shootings the people behind the operations are just getting too sloppy for their own good, and honestly it appears that they just do not care... Their thinking is that the American people are just too stupid and too brain dead now to even notice all the inconsistencies that expose them as frauds!

Right now, I want to present a most interesting short video that absolutely blows the Oregon shooting away and shows how truly sloppy the scam artists have become.... Here is that short video and I do have my further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes at the 39 second mark of this video, we see the "Sandy Hook" school sign in all of its glory... And yet the Jew spew media is out there promoting this slop as being from Oregon?  Wake the hell up, everyone!

It is so amazing now how blatantly sloppy and stupid these criminals have become.. The trouble is that most of the American people will indeed watch such a video and actually believe the lies and bullshit that they are real and from this most recent "shooting"...

I am not shocked at all by this and other findings about the fraudulence of this Oregon "shooting".. On top of everything else, we must not forget that this college was involved in a "live shooting drill" just the week before this "incident" happened last week... And we saw the same "drills" taking place at other "shootings" across America as well.....

The real problem now is in trying to wake enough people up across our countries so that the push to remove the last defense against criminal governments, our guns, is not enforced, and that the 2nd amendment to the US constitution is not destroyed... But watch over the next while as even more bullshit 'shootings' occur and there will be more propaganda pushed out that everyone must give in to "gun control" to save our nations...Be prepared everyone, for they are coming!

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GodSend said...

THEY LIVE - and THEY are coming, to CONFISCATE our guns, not just to kill the 2nd Amendment and enact GUN CONTROL legislation! CNN and various Zionist Slimeball TRAITORS have already demanded CONFISCATION because THEY know that GUN CONTROL is not enforceable to prevent the further arming of Americans. Remember, when THEY come for your guns, just let THEM have the bullets (right between the eyes would be a good place to let THEN have the bullets). Also, look for a "False-Flag" 911-II to justify the nation-wide declaration of MARTIAL LAW. The DHS and ALIEN-controlled Military are all prepped with enabling legislation (NDAA), training (Jade Helm), FEMA Concentration Camps, Domestic Drones, tanks and billions of rounds of hollow-point ammo for the coming ALIEN WAR AGAINST AMERICANS.

Anonymous said...

Why don't honest persons involved in hoaxes ever come forward, because there must be somebody honest amongst them all? It is most probable that anyone with knowledge has been threatened with retribution if anything is said. They and their families, also. They are forced to sign agreements of silence for the sake of "National Security," because truth would expose the criminality of the government officials and agencies involved. The enforcers of law are the guilty criminals, so who to go to for help? Not even the MSM. The survivors of the USS Liberty were forced to sign such agreements and that is why they were silent for more than 40 years. In their old age, they felt they would be relatively safe in telling their truth, even if they could be stripped of their Navy pensions. I imagine the same goes for anyone with truth to impart about 9/11. The government spies on all and has the ability to track and attack any American just like in the movie "Enemy of the State" 1998. Technology does advance. Andrew Breitbart was such a victim.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Wow..." In your face!!!
Thanks NTS...

Oregon Shooting Hoax: Army Veteran Hero BUSTED!

Unknown said...

I recently came across one of the many clever quotes from Mark Twain the other day and I think it's appropriate to what you're trying to get across to people...

"It's easier to fool people then to convince them they've been fooled"
-Mark Twain

Jerome P. said...

hello NTS,
excellent! :-)
I just saw the news headlines on my yahoo opening page, and...bang! 2 additional shootings in Universities(Texas & Arizona), after Soetoro's "anti-gun" (for the sheeple of course, their gardian dogs in the police & other traitorous organizations must be well provided with weapons no problem) convenient is that to stampede the "anti gun" rhetoric into the goyims' brains...
here's a link to a joos' article (from the NY Times):
I have not looked into the details to check these are hoaxes on the public, but of course one shooting after another after another etc ad nauseam to curb the public opinion and have people abandon their precious few individual rights, it would be a miracle if these were not hoaxes as were all previous ones, and of course the gunman is immediately in custody (investigations are over before they have time to begin so to speak, as in the Charlie Hebdjoo hoax) ;-)
friendly regards,

Anonymous said...
Thurston High School shooting tragedy unfolded 10 years ago
By Jennifer Winters and KVAL Web Staff Published: May 21, 2008

"These are images burned into Oregon's collective memory, images seen around the world in the aftermath of the May 21, 1998, shooting at Thurston High School."

"Thurston High School expelled 15-year-old Kip Kinkel May 20 for bringing a handgun to school.
Back at his Springfield, Ore., area home, Kinkel shoots his parents, Bill and Faith Kinkel. He later told police he wanted to spare his parents, both Spanish teachers, the shame of his expulsion.
Early on the morning of May 21, Kinkel drove his mother's car to Thurston High School. He entered the school in a trench coat with two handguns, a rifle, a knife and more than 1,200 rounds of ammunition."
School shooter Kip Kinkel was under psychiatric care, uncontrollable by his own parents who couldn't get the needed help for him. Post-shooting, Kip claimed he kept hearing voices in his head telling him to kill his parents and he pleaded that someone would make the voices stop. What Kip said corresponded to either chip implant, or direct low frequency wave transmittal into the brain. Obviously, Kip was not in control of his own thoughts. Although alleged drugs can make people psychotic, there must be other real brain manipulating factors involved causing persons to want to shoot/kill. It has been said that "triggers" are being transmitted through broad areas via cell towers, thus selected persons can be prompted to action similar to what hypnotic suggestion would cause. So a hoax, or a real event can be activated remotely. The Kinkel school shooting was real, done in my own community. It is possible that there are very many vulnerable minds that can be manipulated in America when one considers just how many persons can be mesmerized and duped by TV. When the mind can't know its own thoughts, that is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings were likely not done by just two and just one shooters. There were witness info and physical evidence info that were not published, info that supported evidence of a team of assassins Both massacres were staged and carried out as black ops incorporating CIA/FBI/US Military and local law enforcement. Conveniently the alleged shooters were killed on site. Simple explanations were given to satisfy TV news viewers, mostly lies, as is now done. The researched info in both shootings indicated that more persons were actively involved in these staged events. Interestingly, several of the dissenting witnesses who were at Columbine, later died unnatural deaths.
The Blackburg Executions
By Ken Adachi
Editor -
"As was the case with the Columbine school shootings, you can be sure that there was a hidden government control team in place on the campus of Virginia Tech that day in order to insure that robot Seung-Hui behaved as programmed and then dutifully shoot himself. Also mirroring the many pieces of evidence pointing to secondary shooters at Columbine, there are already reports of Seung-Hui having help in carrying out the shootings."
Topic: 10 years later, the real story behind Columbine

Oregon Nurse said...

Anon., Oct 9 @ 5:30,

It won't matter if someone does come will be ignored or not believed. Bloggers and their readers are going to believe what they want to believe, no matter what evidence they are presented with.

Case in point... I am a nurse in Oregon who posted a response to NTS' previous post about this and was roundly ignored by all.

Here is a statement given to the press the day after the shooting, by two surgeons I personally work with.

Dr. Russi, the older doctor, is retired Air Force and devoutly religious. Dr. Littman, the younger doctor, is originally from Canada. Just like you, NTS. You think they were in on what you are calling a hoax? Google the hospital they are at, while you're at it. There are thousands of employees here, and our operating room staff alone has around 100 people in it. You think they were all in on the hoax, too? Google our local newspaper, There are plenty of updates on the statuses of the patients who survived.

By the way, a previous poster on this thread mentioned the Thurston school shootings of 1998. One of my co-workers was a senior at that high school when that shooting took place, so he was especially affected by this latest event, and he is an avid hunter and gun enthusiast.

What more proof do you need that people really were shot that day? Do you also believe that nobody died on 9/11? I understand why you don't believe it, based on all the other shootings of late, but you're pointing your fingers at the wrong people.

There's a difference between a hoax and a false flag. Think about it.

daveinga said...

when my research finally convinced me that sandy hook was a hoax, I started looking more closely at these so called shootings. I watched the South Carolina video of the very slender reporter supposedly take 3 - 9 mm slugs at 3 feet in the chest and then turn and run? no way. I shot a 225 lb. big buck that close once w/ a .308 and it knocked him back about 3', before he ran shakily off to be found dead later. the main sandy hook 'tell' was supposedly leaving the 20 small children and 6 adults lying on that cold school floor for almost an hour before letting any emergency personnel even up to the school. happens all the time. yeah. I believe. I watched it all develop from the news helicopter above until lunch time, and there NEVER were any children anywhere near the school that I saw. NONE. kept expecting (like the news people said at the time) to see some of the 500+ small (k-4) children start popping out of doorways at just any time once the school was secured. never happened. a country obsessed w/ phone cameras and nobody, no parents, no press, NOBODY had a camera that day to get real footage of that epic evacuation down that cold (approx. 30 deg. F. at 10:00 a.m. (evac. time)) lonely road to the fire station? all the action and camera work was at the f.s. for sure. green screens. sign in list. circle dancing. lots of action down there. I have compiled a list of 61 things wrong w/ the sandy hook shooting. questions unanswered, just like the 2 listed above. please look up the def. of terrorism. I believe this faking of deaths of small children to fulfill and agenda fits that def.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Oregon Nurse who says,"There's a difference between a hoax and a false flag. Think about it." Either type of event can be staged with real and/or faked victims. It is not ignoring what the nurse says, it is questioning the authenticity of the victims and the perp(s) involved. To think that all medical persons involved can be above suspicion is not rational either. (The JFK medical staff in Dallas had to keep quiet about the true state of Kennedy's shot up body.) Even with real victims arriving at the ER with legit wounds, the hospital staff can't know if the shooting was a government black ops, or not. Nurse can't prove it one way or another either. That is why the official account of the UCC shooting is not believed, and why it is still being analyzed to try and get at the truth.

R2 said...

He was expelled for having a wood stock he had just bought from another kid to sand down for his 22. It was not a hand gun or even a gun at all.
He was not uncontrollable either. His father did not like that he hung out with the kids who wore black and listened to alternative music. He wanted his son to be a football player. So he forced him onto drugs (he had never needed) to get him to comply with his ideals of a good son and those drugs made him lose it. Like they do with people who don't have the chemical imbalance thy are made to treat.
He should have been put into a medical facility not prison.