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WHY Is THIS Not A War Crime? Ukrainian Military Using (Banned) Phosphorous Bombs Against Civilians In Donbass Region

In the history of modern "warfare" we have seen again and again how some nations have defied international law and have used weapons that are supposed to be outlawed by international standards and "rules of war" against innocent civilian populations... Such was the case of course when the psychotic state of Israel used many American built and paid for weapons against civilians living in the open air concentration camp called the Gaza Strip last summer.  In that "war" conducted almost exclusively against civilians, the psychos in the IDF forces used a wide range of high explosives and even outlawed weapons such as phosphorous bombs to slaughter the innocent people of Gaza in what was absolutely a criminal act of genocide.....

It has been a while since I last reported on the situation in Ukraine and especially in the breakaway republics of the Donbass region.... It is a fact that the criminal US puppet government in Kiev has been building up a massive amount of troops and heavy weapons along the border of these breakaway republics for a planned assault on the civilian population there... The plan by the psychos in the Kiev regime is to basically slaughter all the civilians in a massive offensive operation for their plans to brutally suppress these republic's aspirations for independence and therefore force the entire Donbass region back under their control....

But something today caught my eye, and I do need to ask WHY the world is not looking at this as a war crime against innocent civilians?  For according to the following report from Sputnik News online, at, it appears that investigators have discovered that the Ukrainian military has been using banned Phosphorous bombs against the civilians living in the Donbass region of Ukraine!  That article is entitled: "Ukrainian Military Using Phosphorous Bombs Against Civilians In Donbass" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Ukrainian Military Using Phosphorous Bombs 

Against Civilians in Donbass

The Russian Investigative Committee has obtained evidence proving that the Ukrainian armed forces have used modern analogues of phosphorous bombs against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in Moscow on Friday.

“We have received irrefutable evidence of the use by the Kiev forces of weaponry similar to phosphorus bombs,” Markin said, based on the conclusion of a forensic chemical analysis from soil samples provided by witnesses in the targeted areas.
“The refugees bring in fragments of bombs and artillery shells, which maim and kill their loved ones. We have conducted more than a hundred tests, which all attest to [the war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military],” Markin said in comments, carried by Rossiya 24 TV channel.
Independence supporters in eastern Ukraine have repeatedly accused the Kiev forces of using phosphorous bombs, which are banned by the Geneva Convention.
White phosphorus can cause injuries and death in three ways: by burning deep into tissue, by being inhaled as a smoke, and by being ingested.
Extensive exposure by burning and ingestion can be fatal.

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NTS Notes:  Again, according to international law, all Phosphorous and Phosphorous based bombs are supposedly banned for use against civilian targets..... Therefore again I must ask why in the hell the world is allowing these criminals in the Ukrainian army to use such weapons to slaughter civilians?

It again shows the criminality of the United States regime itself, for these Phosphorous weapons have indeed been supplied by the United States state department directly to their Ukrainian puppet government!   It is very obvious that the US government has given these banned weapons knowing full well their puppet regime would indeed use them against the civilians living in Donbass....

This again shows the sickness of the Ukrainian regime in its want to slaughter the people of Donbass who's only "crime" was to vote in a legal referendum to decide their future over a year ago... And in that vote, these people voted overwhelmingly to split from Ukraine and go their own way.... Every international law gives these people that right, and it is astounding how our criminal governments and media have constantly not told the truth about this and how the Ukrainian regime has launched a war of genocide against the civilians since that time....

Yes, we are dealing here with an outright crime against humanity, and a serious war crime... But considering how the US and other criminal governments have gotten away with these crimes for years, good luck in getting any of them to face trial in The Hague Netherlands for these acts of genocide...

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