Saturday, August 22, 2015

US Activist States Obvious: US Acts As Client State Of Israel

For decades, I and others in this, the "real truth movement" have known that the US is and for decades at least, has been a client state of the criminal and psychotic state of Israel... We have watched as that psycho state has unleashed its Army armed with military hardware, bought and paid for by the United States taxpayers, against the innocent people of Palestine as well as Israel's neighbours... It is also so disgusting that the US government has done everything possible to deflect and stop any criticisms or actions against that criminal state... The shocker has always been as to why the American people are so blind to their own government subservience to such an evil foreign power!

Just today comes a report from the Press TV website, at, where an American activist out of Maryland, Myles Hoenig, comes out and states the obvious... That the United States of America acts as a client state of Israel.    I want to present that Press TV article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The United States is politically subordinate to Israel and captive to the influential Zionist lobbying groups advocating pro-Israel policies to Congress and the White House, an American activist in Maryland says.
“The US acts more like a client state rather than a superpower; the hold that Israel has over our members of Congress is inappropriate and dangerous,” Myles Hoenig told Press TV on Saturday.
“It is no secret that President Obama has shown his disgust over this but has not taken the leadership necessary to put a halt to it,” Hoenig said.
The American activist said Congress has proven “subservient to Israel” by allowing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before US lawmakers to oppose US foreign policy.
He added that Obama has not effectively countered this “treasonous” act.
“Although we see the American people, and Jewish Americans in particular, moving away from unquestioning support for Israel, Congress and the president are captive to its lobby in the US,” Hoenig further noted.
“Israel demands dominance, not equanimity amongst its neighbors,” he said. “It is a nuclear power and yet refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).”
The nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries holds the possibility of long term stability in the Middle East, Hoenig argued.
Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, almost unanimously oppose the agreement because they say it gives too many concessions to Iran and threatens the security of Israel.
Obama has pledged to veto a resolution of disapproval in Congress, and opponents need a two-thirds vote to override his veto.
The Israel lobbying groups in the US, particularly the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), are engaged in a massive effort to sink the Iran nuclear agreement in Congress.

NTS Notes:  I have only one thing to say to this American activist when he states that the US is a client state of Israel.. "Well, Duhhhh"..... Most of us that have studied the actions of Israel over the last 67 years since its criminal inception have always known that it commits murder and genocide against innocent people with impunity thanks to the power of the United States behind it!

It is so amazing to see when people do wake up to the reality that Israel is the most evil and heinous state on the face of the planet..... The big question of course once people do wake the hell up is... What are they going to do about it?  ... Considering the total control that the Jews and their criminal state exert on the US government and control the members of that government like slaves, I doubt if any action to stop the madness of Israel is coming any time soon...

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