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The US/Israeli Created Fraud Called ISIS IS At It Again: ISIS/ISIL Documents "Found" In Pakistan State How ISIL (ISIS) Will End The World

I have said it before, and it appears that I need to say it again... The "terrorist" group known as ISIS (or ISIL, Daesch, or what ever the US/Israel criminals think of next) is absolutely a massive fraud and a scam... It was created by the Israeli Mossad and the US CIA to take over where their previous fraud known as "Al Qaeda" had failed miserably.... "ISIS" basically is a propaganda weapon that uses the fraud of "terrorism" to generate the psychological effect of fear on gullible people..... And thanks to the gullibility of the majority of people, it has worked beyond the criminal's wildest dreams!

I have been using this blog as a method of exposing the fraud of "ISIS" to hopefully open people's minds to the fact that they are being duped and foolishly led to believe that they have to surrender their own personal freedoms for the false illusion of "security" from the phantom "ISIS" threat....

I came across the following article, from Mike Rivero's What Really Happened website, at, that should be an absolute eye opener for everyone that they are indeed being played as suckers by this fraud ISIS threat... The article originally comes from the PressTV website, at, and is entitled: "ISIL Document Unveils Plans To End The World: Report" and is a must read by everyone... I have that article right here for all to see for themselves right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:10PM

The American Media Institute (AMI) obtained the recruitment document from a Pakistani citizen with ties to the Taliban that contains details concerning a plot to target American diplomats and Pakistani officials as well as US soldiers during their withdrawal from Afghanistan, USA Today reported on Tuesday.   
The 32-page Urdu-language document was translated by Harvard researcher and translator Mustafa Samdani, and reviewed by three US intelligence officials. 
Based on the unique markings and writing style used to describe leaders in the text, the officials believe it is an authentic ISIL document.
The undated document seeks to unite various factions of Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single “army of terror,” said the report.
Apart from including a previously unseen history of the terrorist group, the document calls for al-Qaeda to join the militants in their bid to perpetrate violence across the world.
“Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person," who defies the Takfiri ideology, the document states. "This is the bitter truth, swallow it.”  
The report cited the manuscript as referring to “preparations” for an attack on India that would provoke “the final battle” with the US and "all its allies."
The document was also reviewed by Retired Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lieutenant General Michael Flynn who described it is a “red flag” representing ISIL’s "intent,... goals and objectives.”
Months of terror
The Takfiri group currently controls parts of territory in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where it carries out heinous acts of terror such as public decapitations.
ISIL has executed at least 3,065 people, 170 of whom were women and children, in Syria since it launched its terror campaign 13 month ago, said a Wednesday report by the so-called Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.
According to the UK-based monitoring group, since June 29 alone, 22 civilians, among them two children and seven women, were executed in the Syrian provinces of Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Damascus, while nine pro-government fighters battling ISIL and seven Syrian government troops were also put to death.    
The militants usually carry out such executions by beheading.

NTS Notes:  OK, I will say what I think of this article in one simple statement... Complete and utter bullshit!  

The dead giveaway that this is a real laugher and nothing but propaganda bullcrap is the fact that this definitely planted piece of crap "document" was obtained by the American Media Institute (AMI).... The moment that I read that this particular group AMI, which smells like another Jewish run group much like that fraud Rita Katz's SITE group, "found" this "document" I immediately smelled a rat.....

It does appear that the US and Israel are again attempting to raise the stakes with their fraud ISIS/ISIL group now by using their Mossad/CIA operatives to threaten both Pakistan and India according to this obviously fraud "document"....

I want to present the following interesting and very laughable set of images that Mike Rivero himself presents over at What Really Happened that really shows how the Americans and Israelis are using ISIS/ISIS as a propaganda weapon on gullible people's minds... Here are those images:

I may have my differences with Mike Rivero from time to time, but I do have to give him credit where credit is due, for these images are absolutely priceless!

The bottom line is this... Until people do wake the hell up and stop trusting the criminals that run our governments, and stop ever believing anything that comes out of the Jew spew media, these criminals will continue to throw this fraud of ISIS/ISIL in our faces to scare the crap out of people.   These criminals know full well that most gullible people will stupidly cry for help and safety from this fraud terrorist threat by foolishly surrendering their own freedoms....

Wake the hell up, everyone...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

My perspective
The media writes the program and when you turn the news on.
Its all very believable.
Then I read your so called truth,it all seems believable.
Then I go back and watch the media news.
Then im convinced on what they say.
I don't take there drugs or shots
I seek the truth
But its still confusing
I don't watch pop culture
I don't tune into the Kardasians
Bruce Jenner repulses me.
Yet,with a clear mind,there narration works.
So when you say the sheeple are drugged out and dumbed down by all that crap.
Im not sure I agree.
I think its there selling point,when there talking heads are spewing there facts

That's my take anyway


Don't forget to check out the thriving economy in the Beantown area
Not only is the economy thriving
But they embrace cheating ways.
They bash us nationally,but the local talking heads create there narrative,to keep the sheeple wanting more.
I LOATH Tom Brady