Sunday, August 9, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 9th, 2015


Well, it is Sunday again, and it means that it is time for my weekly rant...

First, I have always been asked the question about how I decide which articles to post here at this blog... I constantly read and surf the Internet, and when I come across an article that sparks my own interest, I do further analysis of the facts that are presented by the links provided for that article, and then usually check for any other information online that backs up the information provided that validates the article... If that article originates from another blogger, then I always give full credit and kudos to that author as well... It is important to share information with everyone and to always give credit where credit is due....

OK, onto what has been happening in our sick world the last while... And of course I do want to start with the Selection (Election) Campaign right here in Canuckleheadistan where Canuckleheads will select the Jewish appointed Prime Minister for this once free country.... Lets not kid ourselves here, for just like in the formerly free United States of America, Canada's next Prime Minister has already been decided by the Jewish power elite, and the voting process is nothing more than a farce....

But beyond the fact that the Canadian "selection" process for Prime Minister, there was indeed a "leaders" debate this last week (I missed it, but would have probably fallen asleep watching it anyways...)where the 4 Federal Party leaders squared off... From what I have read in the alternative media, the "debate" was a waste of time, and the present status quo of "party standings" in the polls here in Canada are still much the same... It is a 3 way "horse race" here in Canada for Prime Minister with the Jewish dick sucker Stephen Harper running neck and neck with NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, and of course Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.....

The major issue of the selection campaign here in Canada is and always has been the economy.. Right now, the Canadian economy is in a tailspin as this nation is heading headlong into a Depression... Jew dick sucker Stephen Harper is trying to promote the false idea that Canada is not in a "recession" or "depression" by claiming that Canada's economy is growing.. However, the truth is that this nation is in deep trouble as economic "growth" has reached a complete standstill.... The real truth can be seen about how bad the economy is here in Canada by Canadians just going out and checking out retail establishments.. These retailers are all clamoring for customers to fuel their businesses but there are none around and there is little money held by Canadians to purchase their goods....That coupled with the falling world price of Petroleum and the truth is obvious that the Canadian economy is failing rapidly..... As a result, the criminal Harper knows his chances for re-selection appear to be slim....Unless of course the Jewish elite here in Canada have decided to have him "re-selected" as the Prime Minister come October 19th....

Canadian politics are a sham, but it is nothing compared to the insanity of the American political system..... Yes, I did catch a bit of that Republican candidates' debate via that Jew spew Fox News with that Jew spew troll, Megyn Kelly, trying her damnest to ruin the "people's choice" for President, Donald Trump, but failing miserably... The fact is that "The Donald" does put up a good show, and what he said in that debate is factual, but as I stated in last week's rant, he is there as part of the Jewish game, much like Ron Paul was in the last Presidential race...  Donald Trump will never be President, for the Jewish power elite in America have already "selected" their person as the next President and the gullible American people are of course none the wiser.... Basically as I said in the last rant, if Donald Trump is allowed to run even as the "third party" candidate, it will be part of the plan by the Jews to have the American public split the vote so that their anointed "Democratic" candidate gets in easily..... Honestly, I hope that candidate is NOT Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) for that woman is a sheer lunatic!

Of course while American public have had their heads filled with fluff from their own Jew spew media, especially with the political circus we have just witnessed, the American government has gone right out and basically declared full war on Syria.... We have seen this last week as the criminal Barry Soetoro administration in Washington has now sent their combat aircraft and drones to attack Bashar Al-Assad's forces under the lie that they are "protecting" the "moderate" rebel forces in Syria itself.. This of course is an outright LIE, for there are no "moderate" rebels left fighting in Syria, period... What the criminal American government has done is to escalate the war against Syria by openly supporting their fraud "ISIS" and other fraud "terrorist" groups in Syria, and has started attacking the Assad government forces in an undeclared act of war!   To me, this is so shocking, and of course the Jew spew compliant media is again lying their collective asses off by either lying outright about these attacks or avoiding the issue all together to keep the dumbed down American public in the dark.... 

Lets be clear here again.. The whole scam of "terrorism" has been an invention to use the psychology of fear on gullible people... Our crooked and disgusting Jew spew media has been constantly bombarding our minds over their Talmudvision with pictures and stories of "terrorist" attacks that are in most cases staged events, and in others run by our own criminal governments.....The psychological effect on people has been tremendous though, as most gullible people fall for the trap and call on their own criminal governments to "do something" about the "evil" terrorists... And in almost all cases, the scoundrels that run our crooked governments come back with their solution which is usually for their citizens to surrender their rights so that the government can "protect them".....Yes, I will again make it perfectly simple here in that ALL terrorism is a complete lie, for in 99.9999999% of all cases and terrorist attacks, they have been conducted by either the Israeli Mossad, the American CIA, or some other criminal government group.   But as PT Barnum said well over a century ago, there are indeed suckers born every minute...

I am again not fooled by the reports this last week about that "flaperon" that was "discovered" on that remote Reunion Island originating from the long missing Malaysian MH370 flight... Again, the timing of this find is absolutely preposterous in itself considering that plane "disappeared" almost 17 months ago.... For this piece to suddenly 'surface' some 17 months on and some 3000+ miles away from where the plane originally "disappeared" should have more people saying "Oh, come on now!".... But again the Jew spew media is promoting this "find" as being from MH370 and I do believe this is being done purposely just to let the criminals that are responsible for stealing that aircraft and using it as their weapon of choice for the MH17 false flag fiasco, get away with it... And of course, we top this off with the troubling and disturbing report that the Malaysian Prime Minister is in on this scam by his receiving some $500 MILLION in bribe money!.....Again, I am no sucker and will continue to state clearly that MH370 was indeed stolen and then used as the false flag weapon for MH17.... And now it appears that at least ONE other blogger, Greencrow, has stated in his latest rant over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" ( where he backs up my assertions that the "flaperon" found at Reunion has been planted there to throw everyone off track.... Thanks, Crow!

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the American nuclear plutonium bombing of the innocent city of Nagasaki on the Japanese island of Kyushu.... Just like in my report on the Hiroshima bombing and how it was absolutely not necessary, the Nagasaki bombing was absolutely an act of cold blooded murder... Even after the insane American leadership under Harry S Truman had proven their point to the Japanese government that continuing the war was ludicrous, they decided to conduct their second experiment on the Japanese public by detonating this bomb, which was much more powerful that Little Boy on Hiroshima, on another Japanese city that had no military value at all....

Yes, many people always hear about the Hiroshima bombing of August 6th, 1945, but few still understand the circumstances of the Nagasaki attack three days later... The fact is that Nagasaki was in fact the secondary target for "Fat Man"... The primary target was actually the Japanese city of Kokura, but when the observation plane 'Great Artiste' arrived over Kokura that morning, it was under cloud cover and "Bock's Car", the B29 carrying the Plutonium device was forced to the secondary target which was Nagasaki...But Nagasaki also had some cloud cover when Bock's Car arrived at around 1110am that morning, and the bomb had to be dropped through a hole in the cloud cover.... Which meant Fat Man exploded away from its primary target which was the city center... But Fat Man was a much larger explosive device than Little Boy, and when it exploded at Nagasaki's harbor area, it still managed to murder some 100000+ citizens of Nagasaki itself in an instant....

To me, the thought that the Atomic bombs were used on Japan to 'save' American lives disappeared years ago... Once I discovered the evil nature of the Jewish elite, and lust of wanting to have their super weapons built under the Manhattan project at all cost, it became obvious that they were wanting these horrific devices tested on civilians... They cared not for the lives they were exterminating in the process, for what the heck, they are only Gentiles!

From what I have seen so far from so many reports online.... Windows 10 has turned into an unmitigated disaster for Microsoft... This "program" has so many issues that have yet to be resolved, including the fact that it puts its user's privacy at risk... And of course we find reports about Windows 10 having so many 'back doors' where criminal governments and their planned surveillance system can go in and see everything that anyone has on their own personal computers.....To top it off, we find reports about Windows 10 not being so "free" after all and it appears that it forces users to "upgrade" some of their other programs and hardware at additional costs to the users!..... I say again to anyone that is considering "upgrading" to this newest operating system to hold off as long as possible until Microsoft fixes their problems, or do not bother at all with downloading this piece of crap no matter how "free" it is....

Well, here we go again with the situation in Greece getting worse by the day... The so called "austerity" that has been forced on the unwilling Greek people is a disaster with reports that even more 'austerity' will be required... And more to come in the near future as well... All this proves is that these "austerity" measures are a sham and are only there to force permanent debt enslavement on nations... Therefore the fact that the Greek people voted to say NO to austerity a few months back should stand and the Greek people again should do the right thing and tell the Jew run IMF to take their debt enslavement and shove it up their asses!   NO nation should ever accept any austerity, period, for all it is is permanent enslavement to Jewish scoundrels and criminal Jewish banksters...

Before I go onto my last minute tidbits... Someone asked me to comment on NASA's successful robotic space mission to the twin planetoids of Pluto and Charron..... I have seen most of the pictures that have been released by JPL as the spacecraft, New Horizons, swept past the Pluto/Charron system with some most amazing pictures beamed back to Earth.... They are indeed spectacular, and I do have to give NASA (reluctantly) kudos for this successful robotic mission.. But again, this is only a robotic mission and most of NASA's robotic space missions in the past appear to be valid... This again shows that robotic probes can easily get through the high intensive radiation of outer space but organisms cannot without more proper shielding....And of course the success of New Horizon is in stark contrast with NASA's BS Curiosity probe that is absolutely not on Mars..... NASA and JPL has had their successes, but they also have their lies.....

Well, it is time for my "last minute tidbits"... Yes, there are so many other issues that I have not covered so far in this rant, and hopefully I can satisfy readers by touching on them right here... Considering how bad the American economy has become, I am still amazed how the Jewish criminals are able to prop up the fraud Wall Street stock markets.  It does appear that these criminals are indeed doing the last act of criminality against the United States before they pull the plug and let it all come crashing down, which is to loot the nation!  And most gullible Americans are none the wiser....I have seen more reports about investigations going on in the United Kingdom on pedophile rings.  Many of these reports show links between these horrific child molesting and murdering rings and high British officials including the murderous "Royal" family.  It is my hope that all roads lead to the Royal scumbags and murderers, and hopefully it will finally have the British people put those monsters into jail for their crimes against humanity.......New report came out this week that shows that the fraud "social media" "Facebook" contains software that allows criminals to obtain private information from users.  No shock here, considering that is exactly what that Israeli spy program was designed to do from the beginning.  Again, if anyone is stupid enough to have a "Facebook" account, my advise stands to close it immediately!.......Isra-HELL is at it again. The psychotic state just had some of their Mossad operatives hurl a few more bottle rockets from Gaza back into Israel.  Of course these rockets never hit anything and cause no damage (no shock here), and the criminal Jew government there retaliates by launching airstrikes to pound Gaza again into oblivion.  The madness never ends.... And of course we have reports about the Jew controlled American senate now has enough votes to stop the American government from signing off on the Iranian P5+1 deal.  Yes, the Jews want war with Iran and they want their American puppets to do all the fighting and dying for their glorious psycho state on the Mediterranean Sea...... I have read so many more reports this last week showing clear evidence that no only are vaccines not safe at all, but they are indeed to be used to modify our very make up and possibly to create a "new" species.  It is shocking and appalling to me that most people are still blind and dumb ass sheep as they stupidly line up and allow these criminals to pump their disgusting DNA modifying chemicals into our bodies!....... I am a most disappointed man this morning, for the Arsenal gunners just got their butts kicked by West Ham United 2-0 at Emirites Stadium in BPL soccer.  I actually watched a bit of the game, and even though Arsenal controlled most of the play, they made too many mistakes, and West Ham capitalized on them.  And honestly, what is with all the passing that Arsenal continues to do rather than shooting?..........And lastly, I am continuing with my newest target of the week, Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) who to me is a sheer lunatic and the American people should never ever be stupid enough to vote in as their next President.  Well, it appears her American royal highness was in Los Angeles last week for one of her outrageously overpriced "fund raisers", and lo and behold she met up with none other than, Kanye West and that skank and ho, Kim Kardashian!  OK, Hillary is indeed psychotic and it makes sense therefore that she would be seen with misfits, skanks, and trolls, like the Kardashian clan.  Yes again, America, you are indeed in deep trouble is you vote stupidly for this psycho as your next President! 

More to come



Anonymous said...

Jim Stone agrees with the flaperon discovery. He has interesting information concerning alternate news sites being blocked. I can only visit his site by using his IP adress. An enemy of my Enemy is ......

Anonymous said...

I would rather Hillary than Jeb Bush.
Jeb Bush helped his little brother get a second term,for they had the chad problem and had to do a recount,then there was the blocking of the black vote in certain districts which helped get the war hungry Bush for a second term.
Plus the economy sucked under Bush,its thriving under Obama,It thrived under Bill Clinton.
I fear that Jeb will get his birth right.
Prez on USA.
There motto is just like Tom Brady

Cheat to win win at all costs
Your right about Donald Trump
Hes a freak show for pop culture fanatics
But then hell be fired
The media will have its laughs
Then the respectable Jeb will run
They will dwell on Bengazi
They should dwell on cheat to win and a bad economy and his declaration of war which is still going on and under Jeb,Iran will fall,Syria will fall and becuaase of weather warfare,Florida will be desigrated by hurricanes,just like when his brother was in office,you see he cheated to win and at the time,Florida was bomb barded with hurricanes,i see it happening again after Jeb gets his god given right.
To be prez and help finish the new world order agenda that daddy helped start with his famous speech on the new world order.
Now just sit back and watch the freak show
I know I wont.
I typed four years ago that Jeb was gonna run,people doubted me,now its fact
Now we just gotta watch how they turn the magical act onto true history
Remember Jeb
cheat to win
win at all costs
winning is everything
and now its your turn to bring in the new world order
Donals is a freak show to help your cause


greencrow said...

Good RANT, NTS...but you made a mistake re Israel when you said:

"...for their glorious psycho state on the Mediterranean Sea..."

Israel is not, legally speaking a "state". A state has to have defined borders and Israel has always refused to legally define its borders. Ergo, it is not a state. I call it "the little borderless entity."


Anonymous said...

Dead LA man who had 1,200 guns, underwater car identified; believed to be ‘part alien’ secret government worker