Sunday, August 23, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 23rd, 2015


Yes, it is Sunday again... And again as usual I have my rant to piss off as many people as possible...

First and foremost, I have had the usual Hasbara/JIDF agents come in here again and again with their usually ridiculous or ludicrous "comments" that in most cases do not make any sense.... To me that is typical of the type of morons and idiots that we are facing in this fight against evil.....The most recent ramblings of stupidity coming from these morons has centred around the recent Alex Jones versus David Duke "debate" and, as they are now claiming, I am suddenly supporting Mr. Alex Jones.... Thats a laugh, considering how anyone that has read this blog long enough understands that I look upon Alex Jones as a loud mouthed buffoon that spews idiocy and pure garbage.... But hey, the comments from my "favourite fan club" do give me a chuckle, and once in a while I do let them through for everyone to see and also have a good laugh...

Yes, this last week was a most interesting one, and I will start this rant with again my take on the Alex Jones versus David Duke "debate" that to me was nothing more than a witch hunt by the well paid disinformation expert, Alex Jones himself... I posted the debate here at this blog for all to see for themselves, and I again ask everyone to listen to that charade, and pay close attention to how Alex Jones starts off the "debate" doing his utmost to bash David Duke even before he is able to get on air... It was a pathetic attempt by Jones to destroy Duke, and honestly, that fool Jones failed miserably... David Duke basically spent the entire "debate" on the offensive and had Alex Jones reeling....Especially when he pointed out the real problem the planet faces, the Jews, and Jones could not handle the truth!  Jones was constantly back peddling as fast as he could and tried to constantly deflect the entire debate away from his Jewish masters, but to no avail... Jones was cornered again and again and his lies came out clearly for everyone to hear..... Again, there can be no doubt in anyone's minds that David Duke clearly won this "debate" and the result exposed Jones for the fraud he truly is...... I honestly have to thank David Duke for his honesty and truthfulness and hopefully even those who have long believed all the lies about David Duke can now see him in a better light!

The mainstream Jew spew media this week was all over this "Ashley Madison" fiasco, and yes it was a fiasco... Lets be honest here in calling this "Ashley Madison" website and its claims about "Life is short, have an affair" bullshit... I have long suspected that there was always something more to this website and its claims, and now we see exactly what it was all about... The entire website was created as a "honeypot" spy program that basically was to reel in gullible idiots in big corporations and especially the military, with the false belief that they would be hooking up in "affairs"...But to do so,  this website demanded that they give their names, and personal data... Once that information was accumulated, the plan always was to use the site for blackmail of its "clients"... Basically to blackmail any stupid fools, especially in the military, to give up government and military secrets, otherwise lose their marriages..... And it has worked like a charm, with some 35 MILLION supposed "clients" that were signed up for the website, and their personal data is now out in the open... Yes, the site was run out of Toronto Ontario Canada, but I do wonder if the site was owned by some big Jewish businessman with Mossad connections... It would make sense, for the Mossad would be the ones to greatly benefit by this "honeypot" operation to obtain secrets via blackmail.....

Yes, the psychos in Israel are definitely pushing now for a direct confrontation with Syria, and that is because all other avenues to get their nice little war off and running have failed.... The fraud of ISIS has not done the trick, so these monsters have done their usual tried and true method of starting a conflict by sending some of their Mossad agents over the border into Syria, and have them lob a few "bottle rockets" back into Israel itself.... Even the most gullible person out there can see that the so called 'rocket attack' was a fraud considering the rockets again never hit anything at all in Israel!  But again we have the Jew spew media screaming to high heaven that "Syria has attacked Israel" and the result is the Israelis launching massive aerial and artillery bombardments of civilian and military sites in Syria itself.... Yes, the Syrian government knows this dirty Israeli trick by now, and they have shown great restrain by not launching any "retaliation" strike for this Israeli act of aggression, even though recent reports have shown a number of civilians killed in the Israeli bombardment... Bashar al-Assad is no fool and knows what is at stake... If he does retaliate, then the Israelis will scream again with their lies that "Syria has attacked us", and they will have their excuse for an all out war.....Even the criminals in the Soetoro regime in Washington want to see this Syria/Israel fiasco escalate, so that they can invoke their military agreements with Israel and use any Syrian "attack" as their excuse to attack Syria as well..... Sadly, this could escalate out of control very soon, and the big question is still what Russia will do considering their defence agreements with Syria!

I usually have avoided any mention of her royal evilness, Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) until the last part of my rants, because by now I had hoped that everyone could see her for what she is... A psychotic mentally unbalanced murderous witch... But I have been shocked that reports have come out in the Jew spew media about her still "in the lead" when it comes to the "polls" in the United States.. After reading about where this evil monster stood with the American people, I have had to stop and say to myself.. Are the American people truly this stupid?  This evil heinous creature is so diabolical, and yet the American people are indeed that chemicalized, brianwashed, and zombified, that they would actually consider her for being their next President!   Yes, there is no way to say it other than if this creature is "selected" as the President, then her murderous rampage will only reach new heights, and we could see World War III within months of her reaching her ultimate power..... Lets not pull any punches here.. Her personal emails were indeed used to give away American military secrets to foreign powers, and especially to the psycho state of Israel.... She is of course Jewish and her first love is not to the United States, but to the criminal and psychotic state of Israel... The fact is that the information that she has given away is so terrible and crippling to the United States, that her actions make that other arch criminal, Jonathan Pollard, look like a saint in comparison.. This creature should be tried for treason to the United States and either imprisoned or hung... BUT because she is a "Clinton" and part of the murderous Clinton crime family with powerful links to powerful people across America, the most she will receive is a slap on the wrist, and demands that she step away from her want to be the next US President....Yes Hillary has so much blood on her hands and treason in her heart, and yet here we have the American people still believing she should be their next President... And people wonder why I look at the United States as a truly failed state?

Someone asked me my opinion the other day of the reports about that Jew created and run scam called "Planned Parenthood" and all of the reported videos that have come out showing how these monsters have taken 'aborted' babies that were still alive and basically ripped them to shreds for their organs and other body parts.... I actually finally had the courage the other day to watch one of these videos online and it absolutely broke my heart... Yes, several of these videos are still out there and I do want others to watch them if they have both the courage and the stomach... All it proves is yet again what I have said in previous rants and what others have been saying all along about "Planned Parenthood"...It is an evil and most vile organization that has conducted unethical practices on mothers and their unborn children... OK, I am not a firm supporter of abortions, and neither am I of unplanned pregnancies and "pro lifers", but there must be a better method than this "Planned Parenthood" Jewish created and run garbage!   There must be something better in our societies than allowing these sick freaks from ripping parts off of babies that still have beating hearts? 

OK, I know I will receive a lot of flack from the "Flat Earthers" and the "No Nukes" crowd from what I stated in my last article... Well again, that is too bad, for I have known for the last 40 years that nuclear power and weapons are very  real... I spent enough time in my University years studying on nuclear power and nuclear physics that I can safely assure everyone that nuclear bombs are very real and very deadly....As Lasha Darkmoon pointed out in her article about this No Nuclear Bomb Conspiracy, the proof is out there that both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by ONE single plane in each case, and that they were absolutely NOT "fire bombed" as the No nuke clowns proclaim... And that nuclear bomb tests have very much been conducted all over the planet for the last 70 years.... But lets face it, the "no nuke" believers are indeed out there, and just as others have said, I too believe that they are either not fully understanding the principles of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and/or are "COINTELPRO" disinformation to try to destroy the alternative media and sites such as this one.... AND yes, that goes for those who also stick to the "flat Earth" laughable theory.... This planet as well as others are most definitely round due to gravity and the idea of a "flat earth" is beyond ridiculous.....  They may yet attack me for this stand, but hey... I have already had my fill of the Hasbara/JIDF clown college rejects, so what else is new?

Yes, things are definitely heating up in Ukraine, and again as I have stated in so many reports, this is indeed the lull before the storm... Honestly, did anyone actually believe the US puppet regime would allow the Donbass, with all of its manufacturing facilities that are essential to the Ukrainian economy, actually escape their evil clutches?   Yes, the Donbass voted overwhelmingly to separate from Ukraine, and under ever sense of international law they absolutely have the right to do so, much like Crimea did over a year ago... But again, the maniacs and lunatics in Kiev cannot accept the will of the people of Donbass, and have resorted instead to turning their army on them in acts of cold blooded murder... The big push for the reconquest of the Donbass is now at hand, with the Ukrainian military now armed to the teeth with the latest and greatest American supplied weapons, and they are just itching to use them against the civilians there.... That assault could happen within the next few days, and it will be a slaughter........ AND in all this insanity, the Ukrainian government is actually banking on Russia finally having enough and intervening, for their American masters do indeed want this battle for Donbass to escalate into a full blown war with Russia.... We may yet see World War III, and I do not like what the outcome of that war will look like for the entire planet....

Another chemical factory in China supposedly has just went up in flames, and again there are so many questions and few answers about what the hell has been happening in China, and why are these horrific accidents happening at this time?   OK, in my last rant I did put up the interesting idea that we may have witnessed an attack by using an American space based weapon known as "Rods from God" when it came to the blast at Tianjin, but this latest one in Shandong Province is troubling... If someone is displeased with China, then these chemical "accidents" would fit the bill nicely in giving a stern warning to the Chinese leadership in Beijing to tow the line or else.... I do wonder if what we are seeing with these "accidents" is direct retaliation for China's recent moves to devalue their currency AND moves by the Chinese away from the US dollar dominance in world trade deals.... 

Well, I do guess I have "rambled" on long enough and looked at some of the major issues that we have seen over the last week... Of course I have missed many others, and hopefully I will touch on many of them here in my usual "last minute tidbits"...... Donald Trump is apparently destroying the rest of the GOP candidate field and his ratings in the American polls are sky high.  But again, I would not pin my hopes on him being the 'saviour' for the American people, as the American people were hoodwinked before with previous "saviours" such as Ron Paul and Ross Perot.  Yes, Donald Trump does tell it like it is, which is refreshing for most Americans, but I am not sold on him being the next President.......What the hell is going on in California with the state now wanting new legislature demanding ALL of its citizens to be vaccinated?  I cannot understand why there is not more outcry from Californians with this outrageous idea.  If this ridiculous law does pass, I hope that most people that want to save their own bodies from being destroyed get the hell out of California as quickly as they can.......OK, WHY are the Greek Syriza government members that voted for austerity not in jail? Instead these criminals have the nerve to call a "snap election" slated for early next month in the hope that the Greek people are gullible enough to put them back into power so that they can continue to surrender to the criminal IMF!  Hopefully the Greek people are not that gullible and throw these bums out of office come election time......Someone asked me to take a closer look at the pictures from the New Horizon mission to Pluto and to keep in mind that NASA is still a lying criminal organization.  I have been looking at the pictures again, and I have read the articles stating NASA has indeed falsified this New Horizon mission much like they have been lying about Curiosity on Mars.  I  am leaning towards some shenanigans afoot considering NASA's long history of lies, and again the saying goes: Once a liar, always a liar!.........Ultra criminal Heinz (Henry) Kissinger came out last week and stated that the plan by the United States has always been to "break" Russia.  Considering the madness of the US government in their head long push for war with Russia considering how badly the US economy is faultering, I would say the homosexual former Secretary of State is right.....Former US President Jimmy Carter came out months ago telling the truth about the criminality of the psycho state of Israel, especially against the Palestinian people, and now he has been diagnosed with Cancer.  Considering the long history of officials who have spoken the truth about that psycho state suddenly diagnosed or dying of Cancer shortly after their revelations, Carter now coming down with Cancer should make some people stop and say "Hmmmm.....".....Jewish spokesman for Subway Restaurants chain, Jared Fogel, is now facing massive jail time for his pedophilia charges.  First, WHY is it that when the ones behind these pedophilia rings are exposed, most of the time they just happen to be Jewish? And second, Jared Fogel will not last in any US prison for the prisoners have their own justice for those charged with pedophilia.  Jared will probably get his own foot long soon in prison, definitely!........My great friend and fellow writer Whitewraithe is feeling a lot better these days, and has again begun writing new articles over at Pragmatic Witness (  She has been training and studying hard for a great new job, which to me is great news.  And we will indeed be starting up the "Turbulent Times" shows soon, so stay tuned...... Arsenal is presently in the middle of the pack in Barkley's Premiere League action, and they have an important game tomorrow against "The Reds" out of Liverpool.  Again crossing my fingers for a much needed Gunner win.  Isn't Soccer great?........And finally, considering I have already spoken about the ultimate evil, Queen Hillary, above in this rant, I figured that I would again take a shot at those other misfits, the Kardashians again.  Yes, while the US economy sinks to a new low with the DJIA in Jew controlled Wall Street in free fall, the big Jew spew networks could not get enough of Kim Kardashian and her latest pregnancy this last week.  Honestly, considering how screwed up Brucie Jenner has become, is this the best these clowns in the media can come up with? Come on, there must be something better to discuss in Kardashian skank land than Kim's growing belly?.  Yes, America is so fucked up, but they do love their Kardashians...

More to come



Anonymous said...

This link is Louis Farrahkan preaching about depopulation,jews,even mentions the white declining population.
It seems that you people should band together with the blacks and muslims to fight Zion??
He clearly knows whats going on.
This is a must watch for a Sunday sermon
Maybe David Duke should have a group venture with Louis Farrakhan and maybe together you could accomplish the so called impossible.
He claims to be the one to do it
He refers to them as Satan

Please watch the video


Anonymous said...

Another thought for David Duke
He should of addressed Alex's listeners with
I know all you listeners tune in all the time to figure out conspiracies and Alex takes you there to the so called root of it.
But he always falls shot of the truth,for he is right on a lot of times but he fails to finalize it by calling out his own people,thats why im here today,to expose the real culprits that he fails to bring you.
He says hes getting a headache from this jew jew jew,hey Alex,all us truthers get a migraine,when you always fall shot of telling the whole truth,so I want all you listeners out here to come take my challenge,come to my site or my radio broadcast and I will give you all the facts and info that I have and will allow you to debate or challenge me without censorship..
So if Alex brings him back??I thought I heard him say that.
He should try a tactic like that and get personal with the listeners as if they were his.
If Alex steps in and edebaates hard like a Jerry Springer,which he mentioned at beginning,he didn't want that,and it wasn't at the beginning.But If David tried that tactic,it might get Alex started and then he has to decide which road to take??
And im not being a racist like the jews for if the jews really control all he states,wouldnt that make the jews racist by not letting other races have a controlling position??
He must ad that comment when they bring up anti semite or racist thinking,maybe even mention the black leader who preaches the same info to the black race???

Anyway,just my deep thoughts on possibilities for you folks


Anonymous said...

The World Trade Center Twin Towers were NUKED on 911.The WTC was brought down with Nukes.

More about GROUND ZERO New York City :

From : Trevor

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone noticed that the gunman's hand is Caucasian? Even though Vester is apparently a lighter skin-toned black person that does not explain for a white hand in the shooting video since there isn't any camera lighting on him, like there would be in Vester's news reporting videos when he was employed. So actually Vester's skin tone is much darker. Plus the still photo of the gunman that was shown on the news before they supposedly identified him did not have the same nose or facial features Vester, nor was he (the gunman)as large in size as Vester. Something to ponder.