Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alex Jones Debates David Duke...My Take...

Last night I was informed about an interesting debate that had occurred earlier that day between known schlock-jock and pompous radio talk show host, Alex Jones, and Dr. David Duke.... I actually decided late last night to listen to the entire "debate" and want to give my own two cents worth.....

First, I want to present the Youtube video of this "debate" right here for anyone that has not heard it yet....

NTS Notes:  OK, my take on this "debate"... First, I am not too happy by the actions and attitude by Alex Jones in this so called "debate"... He did everything possible from the beginning and even before he brought Dr. David Duke onto the air to vilify him and to try to constantly push the "former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan" message on air (purposely) to try to paint David Duke in the wrong picture for his listeners and  ruin the man's credibility even before he spoke...

Second, and all throughout this "debate", Mr. Jones would constantly interrupt David Duke mid-sentence and try to either curtail David's sentences or to try to throw him off topic and onto something else... It was especially annoying when David got to the heart of the issue in giving definitive details about the Jewish power elite and their control over the planet... Alex Jones constantly interrupted those parts and tried again and again to push Dr. Duke away from those statements.. It was not only annoying but shows Alex Jones' true character as a Jewish butt kisser....

Third, I found much of Alex Jones' arguments to amount to pure jibberish and non-sensical statements with no fact and in most cases full of falsehoods.. Jones tried again and again to squash any of David's statements about their control of finances, Hollywood, the governments, etc, etc... And the real laugher was when he had the nerve to claim that the trouble makers were the Catholics!

What we had here was not a debate but a witch hunt by Alex Jones being done purposely to destroy David Duke and his credibility... But Dr. Duke held his own and refused to get into a cat fight with Jones on any issues... I must applaud him for keeping his cool and sticking to the facts....

The bottom line here is that again, Alex Jones' true colors came shining through as nothing more than a disinformation agent trying to lead his "followers" astray and never hitting the key issue as to the real controllers and trouble makers on the planets, which are definitely the Jewish "elite"..... And again I must applaud David Duke for having the courage to come on the Infowars show and hold his own with real facts that Mr. Jones could not handle.....

If anyone has any other takes on this "debate", my comment section is open at any time...

More to come



Anonymous said...

I have to disagree.
I think he gave him time to make his points.
I think later he defitnally interrupted like most hosts would,thats why hosts do that,they have there own thoughts floating around and need to say something.
I think in the beginning when you thought he was demonizing him??
To me,it sounded as if he was confessing on what is to come by his tribe members.
I think later in the show,he sounded like he was confessing for his tribe.
Alex talking about getting a headache,is where he teaches the sheep that the word jew will give you a headache,i think that's a hypnotic suggestion to brainwash a listener
Im confused on why they called the liberty a false flag if it really happened????
David should of been more personal to the listeners by challenging or inviting them to debate or discuss all of his findings without a censor being used.
He was holding books up and yucking up his radio show,so for a guy who has a radio show,his job should of been to sway the non jew listeners away from him or put up a challenge to his listeners that if they can prove him wrong with the info????Something like that.
Bottom line,i heard lots of anti jew and some detailed info from the duke,Alex convinced me I had a headache and he didn't use the word anti semite,Alex that is
That's my take
A simpleton who seeks the truth

Anonymous said...

I am starting to wonder what is happening to your blog, especially since that absurd piece on Princess Diana.

Didn't you know that Alex Jones is a kosher animal bought and paid for? Did you not know his wife is a Jew and that he loves Isrealhell? id didn't think anyone with a triple digit IQ would even listen to his show.

It's really sad that someone like David Duke has to be subjected to such torment in order to even have a media appearance.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to leave comments on this site.

None of mine have been printed.

greencrow said...

I started to listen/watch the video but gave up after hearing a few preliminary comments by Alex......I don't ever watch or listen to Alex anymore if I can help it. I have seen quite a few of David Duke's videos and he makes a lot of sense...which is why he has been so vilified.


Flanders said...

I hate to watch videos, NTS, but I will get around to it on this one. I understand there are two versions and Irish Savant says he has the un-redacted, or at least, a more complete video at his current posting. His impression is one of acceptance for Jones, which I find almost inconceivable as being a correct impression.

Here is a link to a site which has about the same impression as you and I, but with less factual information about Jones active jew involvement, I think, despite the long series of articles at the bottom. He does have a lot of information, however, which can be helpful, and some I had not seen before. I know that the best information I've found about Jones came from Christopher Bollyn's articles, but I can't seem to find my links and must have saved them away where it's difficult to find.

I'm glad to see that I can stop by with links and comments. I hope the new system is working out for you. I love coming here for your information which I know is always carefully considered. Take care and have some fun.

Anonymous said...

Jones calls Jew truth "surreal" and "it kinda gives me a headache." Hope this is the final nail in the lying pig.

Anonymous said...

Also you have to remember everyone is brainwashed that we shouldn't be racist against other ethic groups,so when you say,jew jew jew,maybe you have to come up with another way of pleaing your case???
Like when Alex said hes getting a headache from jew jew jew,David should of countered back with,all of us get a headache when you present the same propaganda and never really point to the reality,your just scimming facts,or something along those lines.
I also think he should of started acting like the host of Alex show,and gotton personal with his listeners,andd make the plea or if all of Davids comments are his so facts,maybe he should offer a su8m of money to anyone who can prove him wrong???
Also did you check and actually see if he actually aired that program and while he was chatting with David,he was actually running a repeat program and David never actually got out on air,a perfect false flag program.hahahaha
If it did actually air,i think he let him get a lot of his facts,and may have cut him off when he was going deep into thought,but most hosts do that including you.
I would think if your a fare dude,you would let both sides speak,instead you censor,just like them?????
Where is the fairness in that???Your acting just like them,if your better than them,then start airing their comments and rebuke what they say.
It goes back to my comment earlier when I asked you how your utopian paradise would be different from theres,and would there be someone just like you writing a blog about all your crimes against humanity.
Because no matter who is in power,its what people do
Isnt it???
Are you ready to comment on it????
Or you know its true,so you don't care to comment??
Ive put this forth to you at least four time only to hear crickets churping in my ear
A sign of guilt maybe??Your utopian paradise would be no different,i think there would still be suffering and injustices for people,with someone just like you exposing them.
Now remember David,another tactic is to actually steal his listeners to come embrace you,you must know the psychology of the sheep the way the enemy does,and use it to your advantage,that may ruffle his feathers,cuz that's the tactic he uses and he may get more combative next time,i think he refrained pretty well.
Ive never listed to either radio show.
Someone long ago asked me what I thought of Alex and I never knew who he was,until I came across this stuff.
I listened to your show once,i called in and just listened to a ringing phone,crickets buzzing in my eardrums.
I never tuned in again after that.
That's when I had the Boston marathon on mind and was gonna ask you about it.
Radio people can be very mean,very intimidating try to get courage to call,but I went for it and got disappointed.
That's my take
Maybe I watch it again and have another perspective
I watched it and fast forwarded it when Alex was speaking,so maybe I missed stuff
I was time crunching when I watched.


BuelahMan said...

Jones started the "debate" without Duke yet on by disparaging him. But then, he immediately contradicts himself by saying that he never wanted to promote tribal, racist views only to talk about the tribe he promotes. AJ is a worthless gas bag protecting the Jews.

Jones doesn't understand "tribe". He should listen to Justin Garcia (Master Chim).

He wasn't in to the thing 2 minutes and obviously showed his agenda.

Why anyone, especially Duke would bother (which give AJ even more credence that he doesn't deserve) is beyond me, except Duke wants the audience. To me, it is virtually like debating Limpballs.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have not commented until now, because I wanted to see what people thought about this "debate"...

I said clearly that I wanted opinions about this fiasco, and yet I find a few of those usual "anonymous" commentators coming out and saying that my posting this article somehow degrades my character... Typical Hasbara/JIDF actions, I see.....

Lets face it... David Duke did a commendable job in keeping his cool in spite of Alex Jones' vicious and horrifically stupid attacks.... This entire debate again shows exactly what I have said all along.. That Alex Jones is nothing but a buffoon and out there to lead people astray and away from the true enemy of mankind.. And we know who that enemy is!

Anonymous said...

Alex was primarily responsible for my awakening back in 2002/2003 but I stopped listening to him when any caller would bring up Israel or the Zionist issue and he would just shout them down and not let them bring up any facts. In fact it was actually Alex's behavior which prompted me to look into the history of Israel and Ashkenazi Jews.

Anyone who with an open mind approaches the "Holocaust" with the same eye for detail and investigation as they have the 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, will come to the conclusion that they were all hoaxes. If the American public knew the Mossad was behind 9/11 and knew of the Palestinian genocide committed with our tax dollars Israel would be no longer. This is why they must have complete control over our government, the media and Hollywood. To keep the Big Lie going long enough..

Anonymous said...

I have listened to AJ since 2002 almost everyday and spent $1,000s on his product. But, the way he treated DD was egregious. In interviews with known enemies, including a Rothschild, Jones treated them with tons more respect that he treated Duke. I am not a follower, and though I followed Alex, I wondered if something was up with him. Is he CIA collecting names for a Knight of the Long Knives? His family are entrenched in the military-industrial complex, by his own admission. He also admitted on the DD debate that the staff member with him the longest is Jewish. His wife is Jewish, so that means his kids are Jewish. Looking back, the only things I disagreed with Jones on are the Holocaust and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Now it all makes sense. He is one of the willing gentile accomplices that Duke spoke of. And, his reward was to be allowed to marry into the tribe. And why would he "disappear" the "debate." Because he was exposed. To compare Duke to Al Sharpton was disgusting. And the "KKK this" and "grand Cyclops" that was reminiscent of FOX and CNN interviewers when talking to Duke. In fact, it was a FOX interview in early 2000's that sent me to Duke's site, and I have liked him. Unfortunately, Jones wins with charisma and will likely continue to grow his audience. Myself, I will never give one "hit" to his sites, or buy anything from him again. While I agree with 99% of what he says, that last 1% is the death of me. It is that I, a European descendant, are thought of as the main competitor to the Zionists, and I am slated for gulag and death.