Friday, June 5, 2015

The Sandy Hook FRAUD Shooting: Bombshell - "Everyone Must Check In" Sign Was Installed By The DHS During The "Shooting" Operation!

I am still troubled to this day that very few people see the Sandy Hook fraudulent "shooting" for what it truly was... A PsyOps operation run for the sole purpose of using the propaganda of fear to convince gullible Americans to both surrender more of their personal freedoms and of course to surrender their last means of defense against their own criminal government which is of course their guns!  I am still shocked that there are clowns in this so called "truth movement" that are out there claiming that Sandy Hook was somehow real. (!)  And of course we have a few that are also profiting from their lies about Sandy Hook, and their lust for greed through the sale of books claiming Sandy Hook to have been real as well... To me, these people are disgusting...

Ever since that fateful day of December 14th, 2012, one major issue always bugged me and there never has been a straight answer to this day.... That is the videos and photos of the electronic sign on the road to the phony Sandy Hook Elementary School which was flashing "Everyone Must Check In"......The disinformation agents out there have always either avoided the issue with this signage and/or gave ridiculous excuses for that sign and WHY it was there in the first place..... It was always my belief that sign was there for the Psy-operation in process at Sandy Hook and to alert the participants in the hoax that they had to register and sign in before proceeding to the staged event.... This of course was a hypothesis of the sign's purpose and this was only my best guess... Until now....

Now, I want to present the following absolute bombshell that comes courtesy of the "Truthseeker Archive" website, at, that shows definitive proof that sign that was flashing "Everyone Must Check In" was installed by none other than the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, and therefore is one of the dead giveaways that the entire Sandy Hook "shooting" was indeed a massive fraud and operation!   First here is that article which includes the link to the original article from James Tracy's "Memory Hole" blog ( for all to see.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

BOMBSHELL - Newtown, CT official admits under oath that the Department of Homeland Security installed the "Everyone Must Check In" flashing sign during the Sandy Hook psyop

Article: DHS Set Up “Everyone Must Check In” Sign – Newtown’s Llodra

In this brief video excerpt from Wolfgang Halbig’s most recent FOI hearing on June 3, 2015 in Danbury, Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra states that the “Everyone Must Check In” sign prominently displayed outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School grounds on December 14, 2012 and thereafter was placed there by the Department of Homeland Security.

“There’s a flashing sign that says, ‘Everyone must check in,’ but the town didn’t put it there. Who do you think put it there?” Halbig’s attorney L. Kay Wilson asked. “I think Homeland Security put it there,” Llodra responded.
“Everyone must check in” is a command to all personnel involved in a specific coordinated exercise. This is an amazing admission from Newtown’s top official, particularly since it suggests what many Sandy Hook researchers have suspected for over two years–that the “Sandy Hook massacre” was a DHS/FEMA-orchestrated drill sold to the American public as a genuine even
Infowars nightly news report on this:

NTS Notes:  Well, well, well... This alone should clearly show the most ardent believers that stick to the notion that Sandy Hook was somehow real, that it was clearly a false flag operation!

There can be no other purpose for the DHS to post up such a sign other than for a planned and staged event... There are those who will claim that the sign was placed "after" the shooting, but all evidence shows clearly that the sign was up before the actual shooting took place, and was put up by DHS..  That leaves absolutely no other conclusion than this was indeed a massive operation and was set up by the criminals behind the DHS in America right from the start..

What we have here is some very shocking and conclusive proof of the fraudulence of Sandy Hook and again shows that those who ardently stick to the fraud of Sandy Hook in the so called "truth movement" are nothing more than shills, operatives, and paid disinformation agents!  (I will not name names here... But most of you know who they are by now...)  These well paid agents are nothing more than fools and idiots who are in it for their own personal greed and glory....

The bottom line is this... Sandy Hook was a diabolical operation on the American psyche and on the American minds... It was done to again use the psychological effect of fear as a weapon on people and to use the propaganda effect of the lying media to convince Americans that their own guns have to be surrendered to "prevent any future shootings from taking place"....  But in reality, the criminals involved want nothing more than a subdued defenseless American public that will be turned into slaves with the imposition of martial law across the once free United States....

It is time for people to wake up and go after these criminals for these fraudulent shootings... For I can guarantee these criminals will continue until we stop them!

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Anonymous said...

evidence shows clearly that the sign was up before the actual shooting took place, and

Would you please show that evidence??
With all that film footage,cant you find,day of shooting evidence ,instead of day after??
It makes sense,for day after,keeping sanity at the crime scene.
Please show that evidence.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Use common sense and logic here... It takes time to get an operation going, and the fact that the DHS installed the sign is clear evidence that they were involved in the set up...

DHS agents do not suddenly turn up at any town across America at a moment's notice and at just the right time for a "shooting", and especially not with a large sign blazing "Everyone must check in"... It takes time to set that up....

Again, common sense dictates the logical....

Anonymous said...

Most Americans
have no common sense left.