Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Is Sickening: Criminal Harper Regime Gives Gift Of Vaccines In Honor Of New "Royal Princess".

I and others have been trying our best to get the message out to everyone for a very long time about the dangers of vaccines and the simple fact that NOBODY should go and take vaccines into their bodies, period.... The facts are absolutely true and easily backed by research that vaccines are poisonous to the human body and anyone that is gullible enough to allow themselves to roll up their sleeves and allow the criminals to inject themselves with their deadly concoctions has to have their heads examined.....

It is a fact that our own criminal crooked governments are pushing hard to have every citizen in our nations vaccinated by mandatory law... Up here in Canada for example, the criminal Harper regime is indeed working hand in hand with the criminal pharmaceutical industry in pushing to have new laws imposed to force every citizen in Canada to be vaccinated.... It is disgusting, and I truly hope the Canadian public are not that stupid...

I want to present the following report that comes from the CBC online news, at,  here in Canada that I found to be so disgusting, and shows how the criminal Harper regime is now using PR stunts to slowly condition the Canadian public into accepting mandatory vaccinations... The article is entitled: "Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Gets Gift Of Vaccines From Canadian Government" and as the article implies, the Harper regime has indeed donated some $100,000 to the Canadian criminal group called "Immunize Canada" in the name of the newest criminal British royal offspring....Here is that article, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana gets gift of vaccines from Canadian government

Harper announces $100,000 will be donated to Immunize Canada in royal baby's name

The Canadian Press Posted: May 12, 2015 4:51 PM ET Last Updated: May 12, 2015 6:01 PM ET

The federal government is commemorating the birth of the latest royal baby with a Canadian-made snowsuit and a charitable donation to a pro-vaccine group.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the government will give $100,000 to Immunize Canada to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, second child of Prince William and his wife Kate.

The group promotes understanding about the use of vaccines for children.

The baby, born May 2, will also get a Canadian-made snowsuit.

Harper says the vaccination donation recognizes that the Royal Family has always been concerned about the health and well-being of children.

The snowsuit reflects Canada's identity as a northern country.

Canada also donated $100,000 to a child-focused cyber-bullying charity after the 2013 birth of Prince George.

NTS Notes:  This is obviously a Public Relations stunt by the criminal Harper regime... They believe that the dumbed down Canadian people will be so enthralled by the birth of the latest member of the criminal Jewish "royal family" that this donation in her name will convince some people to be stupid enough to go out, roll up their sleeves, and allow themselves to be injected with poisonous vaccines like good little sheep....

Yes, Canada is indeed being set up for the passage of new laws that will force mandatory vaccinations on its citizens... Be warned, Canada, for it is coming!

Again, I need not remind everyone that vaccines absolutely do NOT work... They contain chemicals that have long been linked to brain damage and sterilization, and they indeed weaken the body's own immune system to the point that they actually aid the disease that they are supposed to fight actually take hold in the human body.... Every organization that is out there claiming that vaccines are "safe" have interests and investments in the vaccines themselves....

More to come


*Oh, and BTW... For those who continue to think that vaccines are "safe" read this and then come back to me and explaine that vaccines are "safe".... Mexican children being murdered by criminal vaccinations tells a different story...

Link to that very important Mexican story here


greencrow said...

Thanks for the links, NTS...and I recently was advised that my disabled brother's "shingles vaccine" that he is "supposed' to not covered by Medical insurance and will cost the family $200.


Anonymous said...

I will bet you a dollar to a donut that the little Jewish baby will NEVER get a vaccine.

Anonymous said...

these low life bugs need to be instantly squashed. They will stop at nothing to kill, injure, mame humanity in the name of their satanic god, lucifer....the thing most disturbing is how truely dumbed down people are. May God help us cause it is becoming more and more clear, He is the only one who can help the masses from the satanic hybrids that are unfortunately at the worlds helm.

Penny said...

always pushing the big pharma/petrochemical agenda!

Anonymous said...

Anon: May 13, 2015 at 2:43 PM

Are you kidding me ?

There is no lucifer fantasy. There is no frick'in god coming to save us.

We must do with our own hands.

The people behind this are jews and jews die just like anyone else.

You are either going to have to participate in this war or die at their hand.

Its a war of survival and nothing else. Jews and jew minions are THE enemy.

Get your head out of your hind parts and start preparing to act for actual war.

You talk about how dumbed down people are yet spout this fantasy crap. You are easily as disturbing as brain dead sheeple.

Its pathetic how a man or woman will not physically defend themselves and loved ones from people literally trying to kill them. You're a pathetic fool.

Anonymous said...


I'll bet you a dollar to a donut the little jewish baby eventually gets a 175 gr. injection.

Anonymous said...


I'll bet you a dollar to a donut the little jewish baby eventually gets a 175 gr. injection.