Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Is The End For Canadian Citizen's Freedoms: Criminal Harper Regime Passes Horrendous Bill "C51"

I am truly shocked that most Canadians just do not get it.... The REAL terrorist are not these so called "Mooslims" and their minions running all over the planet causing havoc, but our own governments themselves... The simple fact is that TERRORISM itself is and always has been an illusion... It is a phantom and a propaganda weapon used against peoples' minds for the sole purpose of generating enough fear in gullible people that they will cry out to their governments to do something to "protect them"..... It has worked wonders in so many nations, and it appears to have succeeded here in Canada as well....

The criminal Harper regime has been wanting for sometime now to create the necessary fear in Canada of "terrorism" to pass legislation to strip Canadian citizens of their basic rights and freedoms... This scoundrel definitely wants to turn Canada into a police and prison state, and he may finally have succeeded....

According to this latest report from the Engadget website, at, it appears the criminal Harper and his minions in Ottawa have finally succeeded in ramming through their horrendous freedom stripping "Bill C51" through the Canadian House of Commons, and it is finally about ready to become law.... I want to present that article right here for all to see for themselves first, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada passes anti-terror bill that's bad news for online privacy



An anti-terrorism bill with huge ramifications for online privacy has won over the Canadian House of Commons, despite all the protests held against it across the country. If it becomes a law, C-51, or the Anti-Terrorism Act, will give spy agencies the power to gather more information from its citizens than before. It'll even allow the government to monitor passport applications, since it also broadens authorities' rights to place names on the no-fly list. Further, it will allow sharing of its citizens' information across government agencies, departments and institutions -- and there are many, ranging from the Revenue Agency and the Armed Forces to Food Inspection and Public Health.

Worse, they can share people's info not just on grounds of national security, but also for reasons such as the "economic or financial stability of Canada." Canadians who want to get up to speed will want to read the sources below for a more in-depth look at the bill's contents.

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Source: StopC-51, The Globe and Mail (1), (2), The Guardian, Michael Geist

NTS Notes:  I again am so disgusted to actually call myself a Canadian now... And I wonder where the hell the outcry was from the citizens of this once upon a time free nation in getting this law squashed???

The bottom line is this... Once this bill becomes law, every Canadian can say good bye to their very freedoms and especially their freedom of speech... I will also have to consider closing this blog all together, because with this new law my exposure of the truths about the real criminals on this planet will fall under this "terrorist" bill's wording, and I could be labeled as a "terrorist"...

I must repeat something here that was said a very long time ago and with this horrendous Bill C51 about to become law absolutely rings very true today...

"If the people of a nation ever pass laws to give up their freedoms for the illusion of more "security", they will wake up one day in a nation with absolutely no freedom and no security!

Welcome to police state Canada...

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greencrow said...

C-51 has been brought to Canadians by the foreign mole CSIS. It serves their agenda and their agenda only!