Thursday, May 21, 2015

How To Create A False Flag In 10 Easy Steps

Yes, I have been off the last few days taking care of some personal and family business (again)... And as usual in my travels, I have been in my local coffee shop spending time with friends and colleagues discussing many issues of the day.... Of course just the other day while sitting there drinking my usual Tim Horton's "double double" (most Canadians know what this is, but for others its coffee with two sugars and two creams) I listened to a colleague discuss first sports, and then family, and finally turning to the crooks in our Canadian government and world events... I was again shocked to see how little he and others at our table knew about how " TERRORISM" is indeed a fraud and being used to psychologically manipulate people into accepting suppression of freedoms by the criminals in our own governments!   I of course decided due to my previous encounters to just stay quiet and listen.....I figured that an article here was due covering the fraud of terrorism and of course the manipulation of our minds via 'false flag' attacks....

I came across the following video from a fellow truthseeker, Jody Paulson, who writes the blog: "What They Don't Tell You" at, that I definitely want to share with everyone here... It is entitled: "How To Create A False Flag In 10 Easy Steps" and definitely gives a great report on how false flags are indeed created by the scoundrels in our governments for the sole purpose of taking away our freedoms and enslaving us all.... First, here is that important video for all to see, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I first want to thank Jody of course for bringing this video to my attention.. It is indeed very well done and absolutely summarizes the truth about terrorism and "false flags" for all to see....

Yes, our own governments are indeed behind every single and very fraudulent "terrorist" attack that we have witnessed.... They of course create the problem, watch as the public reacts almost on cue, and then offers their "solution" to the problem by stripping away our freedoms for the illusion of more "security"... The problem is that most people are just too stupid and dumbed down now to even question and search for the real truths....

Again, please spread this important video around for all to see and tell people the truth about terrorism and of course false flag attacks.... Hopefully there are still those out there that have not swallowed too much fluoridated water and other drugs and are still logical enough to realize how we all have been played as suckers..

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