Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Criminal Harper Regime In Canada Prepared To Ram Through Fraud "Anti-Terror" Legislation Despite Widespread Outcry From Canadians!

I honestly am so disgusted to call myself a Canadian these days... The criminal Harper regime that occupies Parliament in Ottawa has constantly done everything it can to make this once proud and free nation look like a war mongering nation bent on destroying other nations as well as enslave its own civilians at home... It is disgusting that most Canadians are absolutely oblivious to the fact that this nation is now headed towards becoming a police state where true freedom will be a thing of the past....

Many have been wondering what has been happening here in Canada with that horrendous rights stripping bill "C-51" and the outcry from Canadians that this bill will indeed take away the freedoms that most Canadians have long enjoyed... I want to present the following article that comes from the Guardian online news service at www.theguardian.com, that shows definitive evidence that the criminal Harper regime is now prepared to ram through that disgusting bill in spite of the massive and growing opposition across Canada itself.... First here is that Guardian article for all to read for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada poised to pass anti-terror legislation despite widespread outrage

Criticism of anti-terror bill C-51 has united a diverse array of prominent opponents as many fear the legislation creates the potential for a police state
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is looking forward to an easy victory when the House of Commons votes on Tuesday. Photograph: Lyle Stafford/Reuters

Widespread protest and souring public opinion has failed to prevent Canada’s ruling Conservative Party from pushing forward with sweeping anti-terror legislation which a battery of legal scholars, civil liberties groups, opposition politicians and pundits of every persuasion say will replace the country’s healthy democracy with a creeping police state.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is looking forward to an easy victory on Tuesday when the House of Commons votes in its final debate on the bill, known as C-51. But lingering public anger over the legislation suggests that his success in dividing his parliamentary opposition may well work against him when Canadians go to the polls for a national election this fall.

No legislation in memory has united such a diverse array of prominent opponents as the proposed legislation, which the Globe and Mail newspaper denounced as a a plan to create a “secret police force”.

The campaign to stop Bill C-51 grew to include virtually every civil-rights group, law professor, retired judge, author, editorialist and public intellectual in Canada.

“The scale of information sharing being proposed is unprecedented, the scope of the new powers conferred by the act is excessive, particularly as these powers affect ordinary Canadians, and the safeguards protecting against unreasonable loss of privacy are seriously deficient,” declared Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commisioner of Canada, in a typical statement. “All Canadians would be caught in this web.”

“Stephen Harper is attacking our rights & freedoms,” author Margaret Atwood tweeted, urging her local Member of Parliament to “do the right thing and #VoteAgainstC51”.
Defending the bill, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney lashed out against “key misconceptions” promoted by “so-called experts”, especially what he called the “completely false, and frankly ridiculous” claim that legitimate protest could be targeted as terrorism.

Blaney and Justice Minister Peter MacKay have described the bill as a “reasonable and proportionate” response to the threat of “jihadi terrorism.” The prime minister has derided its opponents as being out of touch with Canadian values.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Canadians signed petitions urging the bill be scrapped and took to the streets in a national day of protest last month.

Critics of the legislation say the imminent law gives Canadian spies sweeping new powers to investigate and disrupt broadly defined threats to public safety, with language that makes no distinction between terrorist plots and legitimate political protests and demonstrations. At the same time, it neglects to provide any increased oversight of the country’s vastly empowered chief spy agency, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

“This is not an ordinary bill and this is not about politics anymore,” Green Party leader Elizabeth May told the House of Commons last week. “This is about the soul of the country and a question of whether we understand what Canada stands for – for ourselves and what we represent around the world.”

Thomas Mulcair, leader of the opposition New Democratic Party, denounced the bill as “sweeping, dangerous, vague and ineffective”. But much the same could be said of parliamentary efforts to stop Harper. After promising to support the bill in deference to its apparent popularity, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau was easily rebuffed in his call for amendments.

Introduced in the wake of two lone-wolf terrorist attacks, one of which killed sentry Nathan Cirillo at the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa, the bill gained widespread initial support among ordinary Canadians. But in the weeks of criticism that followed, the polls turned and a majority began to express opposition. 

It remains to be seen whether their anger will survive to make a difference in the general election this October.

NTS Notes:  I am not surprised one bit by this anti-Canadian action by the criminal Harper regime...

The fact here is that this bill is absolutely directed at the Canadian public themselves, and is absolutely NOT a so called "anti-terrorist" bill... People across this nation have to wake up to the realization that "terrorism" itself is a phantom and a fraud, and that their government itself in Ottawa are the REAL terrorists...This bill is not for stopping so called "terrorism" at all, but is in fact for stripping away freedoms from the Canadian public...

Again, I am shocked by the complete lack of outcry and revolt from the Canadian people.... But it makes sense when you consider the Jew spew media here in Canada has done its best to brainwash the public and lull them into a sense that nothing bad will happen even with the passage of this "bill".... Most of the sheep here in this once free nation will definitely wake up sometime after this bill is passed only to realize that they are now living in a police state where everyone can be called a "terrorist".....

Again, I am truly disgusted to call myself a Canadian these days... I never voted for these criminals to do what they are now doing to this once great nation, and I truly hope that most Canadians finally wake the fuck up and take this nation back!

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Anonymous said...

Resistance to counter the US or Canadian criminally-run governments is not going to be easily accomplished, if at all. It does come down to who has the fire power.


When the elites wage war on America, this is how they will do it
Posted on May 5, 2015 by Brandon Smith

"Fourth-generation warfare

The final method for war against the American people is one Boot does not discuss: the use of fourth-generation warfare. Some call this psychological warfare, but it is far more than that. Fourth-generation warfare is a strategy by which one section of a population you wish to control is turned against another section of the population you wish to control. It is warfare without the immediate use of armies. Rather, the elites turn the enemy population against itself and allow internal war to do most of their work for them. We can see this strategy developing already in the U.S. in the manipulation of race issues and the militarization of police.

The use of provocateurs during unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore suggests that a race war is part of the greater plan. I believe law enforcement officials have also been given a false sense of invincibility. With military toys and federal funding, but poor tactical philosophies and substandard training, LEOs are being set up as cannon fodder when the SHTF. Their inevitable failure will be used as a rationalization for more domestic military involvement; but in the meantime, Americans will be enticed to fight and kill each other while the elites sit back and watch the show."

Penny said...

Hey North

I disagree with the comment above in so far as the suggesting the hopelessness of the situation, which of course makes people feel helpless- nothing is hopeless and not one of us is helpless

We get an understanding of elite fear when we see how hard they work to keep the people in check

That tells me, just which of us has the upper hand. That should tell everyone who has the upper hand

Elite fear is raising its head in the sex education debate and the vaccine debate and the no one wants to eat garbage GMO fight - the level of PR employed by the state/corporation is very suggestive, to me, that they (elites and sycophants) know there is a problem and right now they are using manipulative language, what I call magic to coerce the people into acting against their will.

I have long advocated non participation in the system as much as possible-

The state cannot jail and kill everyone- They will loose the battle for the mind.

As for bill c51- what difference will it make in the next election?
Best thing Canucks can do is continue living as if c51 doesn't exist

-Expand their use of cash
-start gardening
-exchange product of equal value with one another and learn how to take care of yourself without the state-
Hell I'm still receiving paper mail at my house and using the paper tax form, as a form of protest
If more Canadians would have done that- Canada post could not have cut the mail service, with the resulting job losses
-reject the spy technology
which includes the smart stuff
could you imagine if everyone dumped their 'smart' phone what would happen?
The state would shit itself
they are counting on all of us going along willingly and so far most of us have

Once they have us where they want us- they are going to pull the rug out from under our feet anyway- be prepped for it

Jody Paulson said...

Just heard C-51 passed third reading in the House of Commons by a margin of 183 to 96. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/bill-c-51-passes-in-house-of-commons-1.3064235

The event that instigated this bill is entirely fraudulent. The Ottawa Expositor has a lot of research about the Ottawa shooting on his youtube channel.