Sunday, April 19, 2015

Turbulent Times Show Tonight At 7PM CDT (8PM EDT) On Blogtalk Radio

Whitewraithe and I will be having our usual Turbulent Times show tonight on Blogtalk radio...

Here is Whitewraithe's article from her Pragmatic Witness site ( that gives information about this show in detail:

Turbulent Times 4/19/15 episode 14 – NASA (false flag Op) 7:00 p.m.


Finally, North and I will present the evidence against NASA that the entire organization is a fraud, a scam, and one more vehicle with which to deprive the whole world of their hard earned income by forcing a Carbon Tax on every man, woman and child on the planet. 

North’s extensive knowledge of NASA through years of intense prolific study is extraordinary.

I will be playing “devil’s advocate” asking North a series of important questions on NASA.

There is also a monumental amount of Current Events to address, especially the build-up of troops in the American Southwest.

We hope you’ll find the time to join us.

You can find our blogs at these URLs (Home of Pragmatic Witness)

More to come and stay frosty,

NTS Notes:  I have been studying the true history of NASA for some 36+ years now, and have known for that time that the Apollo moon landings have always been a fraud...  It was also over the last 20+ years that I also became aware that NASA'S Mars robotic landing missions have also been a fraud as well...

Yes, when it comes to NASA, the statement that "once a liar... always a liar" is very true....

The call in number for the show is at: 347-857-2203.....

We will also have our chat room open of course at for anyone to come in and talk with us directly and/or ask additional questions..

I will have the live link here as soon as it comes available for people to listen in for the live broadcast...Stay tuned..

More to come


*Here is the live link to tonight's show...


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Why haven't you addressed bill c-51?