Monday, April 27, 2015

THIS Is Why The US Is Insanely Wanting War With Russia And Iran: Iran And Russia Officially Ditch The US Dollar

I have constantly been saying again and again that the day was coming when nations would officially ditch the US dollar as their reserve currency... When that day would finally come, there would be hell to pay because other nations would quickly follow suit and with US dollars no longer needed by nations, much of that currency would flood home to the United States causing severe economic uncertainty in the US itself with possible hyper-inflation to follow.... The US Government was hell bent on making sure that day would never come and has many times threatened war to prevent the collapse of the US dollar.....

Well, that day may finally be here... For according to this new report from the Press TV website, at, it appears that Russia and Iran have now officially ditched the US dollar in their trading and will no longer hold onto US dollars as their reserve currency!   First, here is that Press TV report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:39PM
Bank officials in Tehran say a mechanism to transfer money to the country’s banks from Russia is now on stream.
Bank officials in Tehran say a mechanism to transfer money to the country’s banks from Russia is now on stream.

Bank officials in Tehran said on Sunday that a mechanism to transfer money to the country’s banks from Russia is now on stream.  

Gholam-Reza Panahi, the deputy governor for currency affairs of Bank Melli of Iran (BMI), said the mechanism enables Iranian exporters to transfer payments in rubles from their Russian clients to Iran through the Moscow-based Mir Business Bank.  

Panahi said BMI is ready to support Iranian exporters to receive the ruble payments of their Russian clients through Mir Business Bank, IRNA reported.

He said Iranian exporters can even choose the same bank for opening letters of credit. 

Both countries are subject to a series of draconian US-engineered sanctions. They had already announced plans to ditch the US dollar and trade in their own currencies. 

The US and the European Union have imposed an array of embargoes on Russian individuals and businesses over the crisis in Ukraine. They accuse Moscow of supporting anti-Kiev protesters in eastern and southern Ukraine. Russia denies the allegation.

The US and its European allies have also imposed sanctions against Iran over Tehran’s civilian nuclear activities. 


NTS Notes:  Yes, the writing is now on the wall for the US dollar... This move by Russia and Iran will definitely be followed very soon by other nations as well...The domino effect could indeed be disastrous for the US itself....

There has always been a reason for the insane rush by the US Government for war with both Russia and Iran, and now this move by these two nations to dump the dollar will definitely make the US Government to contemplate such a war.... Yes, they are insane enough to consider a nuclear war with Russia just to save the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and they care not that such a war could cost the lives of billions world wide...

I will be watching the consequences of this move by Russia and Iran very carefully over the next while... The US and Israel have always wanted to see both Iran, and now Russia as well, destroyed, and I can guarantee that we may soon see a false flag attack somewhere that will be blamed on these nations just to justify an all out war....Yes, we are dealing with that kind of insanity!

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