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The Lougheed Martin F-35 Flying Lemon Boondoggle: When Will People Understand That STEALTH Does NOT Work, Period!

Recently, I received a few comments to previous articles where I called the Lougheed Martin F35 "Lightning II" a flying lemon and an absolute waste of taxpayer money.... I came under fire especially for my statement that clearly "STEALTH" was a fraud and a massive hoax and swindle..... Many comments asked me for any information that I can present that backs up the case for the fraud of "stealth", and I figure now is a good time to show the evidence....

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from The Daily Beast online site, at, that gives clear evidence that "stealth" is indeed a lie and a scam... The article is entitled: "New US Stealth Jet Can't Hide From Russian Radar" and I have it right here for everyone, and especially those naysayers to read and weep.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


04.28.145:45 AM ET

New U.S. Stealth Jet Can’t Hide From Russian Radar

America’s gazillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter is supposed to go virtually unseen when flying over enemy turf. 
But that’s not how things are working out.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—the jet that the Pentagon is counting on to be the stealthy future of its tactical aircraft—is having all sorts of shortcomings. But the most serious may be that the JSF is not, in fact, stealthy in the eyes of a growing number of Russian and Chinese radars. Nor is it particularly good at jamming enemy radar. Which means the Defense Department is committing hundreds of billions of dollars to a fighter that will need the help of specialized jamming aircraft that protect non-stealthy—“radar-shiny,” as some insiders call them—aircraft today.

These problems are not secret at all. The F-35 is susceptible to detection by radars operating in the VHF bands of the spectrum. The fighter’s jamming is mostly confined to the X-band, in the sector covered by its APG-81 radar. These are not criticisms of the program but the result of choices by the customer, the Pentagon.

To suggest that the F-35 is VHF-stealthy is like arguing that the sky is not blue—literally, because both involve the same phenomenon. The late-Victorian physicist Lord Rayleigh gave his name to the way that electromagnetic radiation is scattered by objects that are smaller than its wavelength. This applies to the particles in the air that scatter sunlight, and aircraft stabilizers and wingtips that are about the same meter-class size as VHF waves.

The counter-stealth attributes of VHF have been public knowledge for decades. They were known at the dawn of stealth, in 1983, when the MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory ordered a 150-foot-wide radar to emulate Russia’s P-14 Oborona VHF early-warning system. Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth division—makers of the F-35—should know about that radar: they built it.

Making a plane VHF-stealthy starts with removing the target’s tails, as on the B-2 bombers. But we did not know how to do that on a supersonic, agile airplane (like the F-35 is supposed to be) when the JSF specifications were written.

Neither did the technology to add broadband-active jamming to a stealth aircraft exist in 1995. Not only did stealth advocates expect jamming to fade away, but there was an obvious and (at the time) insoluble problem: To use jamming you have to be certain that the radar has detected you. Otherwise, jamming is going to reveal your presence and identify you as a stealth aircraft, since the adversary can see a signal but not a reflection.

We can be sure that onboard jamming has not been added to the F-35 since. Had the JSF requirements been tightened by one iota since the program started, its advocates would be blaming that for the delays and overruns.

“To suggest that the F-35 is stealthy is like arguing that the sky is not blue – literally, because both involve the same phenomenon.”

What the JSF does have is a jamming function—also known as “electronic attack,” or EA, in militaryese—in the radar. It also has an expendable radar decoy—BAE Systems’ ALE-70. Both are last-ditch measures to disrupt a missile engagement, not to prevent tracking.

JSF’s planners, in the mid-1990s, were close to correct when they calculated that low-band stealth and limited EA, combined with passive electronic surveillance for situational awareness, would be adequate at service entry. But they expected that the F-35 would reach squadrons in 2010, and China’s military modernization was barely imaginable.

The threats of the late 2010s will be qualitatively different. Old VHF radars could be dealt with by breaking the kill chain between detection and tracking: they did not provide good enough cueing to put analog, mechanically scanned tracking radars on to the target. Active electronically scanned array (AESA), high-power VHF radars and decimeter- and centimeter-wave trackers are more tenacious foes.

Last August, at an air show near Moscow, I talked to designers of a new, highly mobile counterstealth radar system, now being delivered to the Russian armed forces. Its centerpiece was a 100-foot-wide all-digital VHF AESA, but it also incorporated powerful higher-frequency radars that can track small targets once the VHF radar has detected them. More recently, however, it has emerged that the U.S. Navy is worried because new Chinese warships carry the Type 517M VHF search radar, which its maker says is an AESA.

None of this is to say that stealth is dead, but it is not reasonable to expect that the cat-and-mouse game of detection and evasion in air combat has stopped, or that it ever will. EA and stealth still do not coexist very comfortably on the same platform, but offboard EA and stealth are synergistic: the smaller the target, the less jamming power is needed to mask it.

But the threat’s demonstrated agility drives home the lesson that there is no one winning move in the radar game. Excessive reliance on a single-point design is not a good idea, and using fictitious secrecy to quash the debate is an even worse one.

This column also appears in the April 28 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely NOT surprised at all by the findings in this article... Knowing what I know about radar technology, the physics involved, and MANY other factors, I too can say without a shadow of a doubt that "stealth" is a complete LIE!   It has always been a cat and mouse game when it comes to "stealth"  development and the countermeasures developed in advanced radar technology, and where it stands today the countermeasures are proving to be superior and can easily see any so called "invisible" plane.....

I again want to present the following video where a former air force pilot comes clean about the fraud of stealth:

I also want everyone to look at my previous articles about the frauds of the F35 and especially "stealth" that shows how the Serbian forces were easily able to shoot down the so called "F117A" stealth fighter back in the Kosovo/Serbian war of the late 90's using Russian built radar systems that were easily able to see these so called "invisible" fighters.....Remarkably, and not to my surprise, the promoters of "stealth" absolutely avoid this fact....

Lets be clear here... Lougheed Martin has indeed sold our governments on the fraud of "stealth" so as to make absolutely horrendous amounts of money off of their aircraft that are nothing more than flying lemons.... All we have to take into account is the fact that a modern NON-stealth aircraft such as the superb Russian built Su-37 costs in the neighborhood of some $45 Million per copy and is affordable for most nations.. However, here we have the fraud Lougheed Martin F35 "Lightning II" that now thanks to "cost overruns" as well as the need for the fraud of "stealth" costs somewhere in the neighborhood of some $150+ Million per copy!  Outrageous is an understatement, and the only ones profiting from this boondoggle is Lougheed Martin itself....

I have no qualms in attacking this fraud Lougheed Martin F35 that I see as a waste of money and an aircraft that will actually weaken any nation that decides to incorporate it into their air force..... It already has been proven to be too slow for combat..... It has a ridiculous single VTOL engine that runs way too hot and guzzles airplane fuel at a horribly alarming rate and thus shortens its "combat" range... It cannot fly at night, and cannot even fly in either a rainstorm or a thunderstorm... It has a ridiculously inadequate weapons load (supposedly restricted to 2-4 missiles only!) and until recently there were cries from the military about the fact it did not even have a proper gun for close range combat.....It cannot maneuver as well as "enemy" combat planes due to its ridiculous design and short wingspan..... It has already been proven to be a failure in "simulated" combat exercises where older and more maneuverable planes "blew it out of the sky"..... It is far too expensive and will restrict any nation from the amount of copies they actually need and can afford... And of course finally, its "stealth" technology is a sham and a fraud.....

And for those who still believe in the fraud of "stealth"... Much like the other lies that have been drilled into our heads through the propaganda of brainwashing, stealth is just another lie and illusion perpetrated on gullible people...

More to come



0jr said...

from what I read and heard on msm a high school kid located the stealth bomber by using trianglization with cell phones

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think this is incompetence or an accident??? These people are brilliant, soul-less, yes, but brilliant in the field of deception, but then Satan is noted for his mastery of deception.

This is all about how to bring down the USA and make it look real. In fact, its intentional, we are the designated losers of WW III and that is why they must have our guns. They can't do this without them. Thus, Jade Helm. Thank you very much.