Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Live Turbulent Times Show TONIGHT At 7PM CDT (8PM EDT) On Blogtalk Radio

Whitewraithe and I are having our Turbulent Times episode #15 tonight on Blogtalk radio....

Here are the details courtesy of Whitewraithe:

Turbulent Times 4/22/15 episode 15 @ 7:00 p.m. CST – The United States Is Still A British Colony


Tonight’s show is a subject I have wanted to speak about for a very long time.

In essence, I’m going to explain how this was orchestrated and kept from the American people since the inception of the nation; how we’ve been enslaved to the British Crown from cradle to grave; and our freedoms and liberties were only an illusion.  But that bubble has now busted wide open.

The first treatise by John Montgomery was written in 1995, I believe, and was entitled “The United States is still a British Colony.”

You can follow my commentary from these two websites and I suggest you print each one.

North will be here with Current Events and other commentary.

You can read our material at these sites: (Pragmatic Witness)

Also join us in our Turbulent Times chat room at

And of course, we welcome you to call the show, listen in or download from the archive.

It should be a very eye-opening experience that I hope will spark further curiosity on the state of our dying nation.

More to come & always, stay frosty,


NTS Notes: I hope that many of you will spend the time to listen to the show... It will be very informative indeed...

*One other quick note:  I usually do not ever ask anyone for this, but Whitewraithe sure could use anyone's assistance if they send a donation her way...With her being out of work and trying her best at getting several courses completed online that will help her secure more work, it sure could help...
Thank you....

And as usual...

More to come


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