Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Turbulent Times Show TONIGHT At 8PM CDT (9PM EDT) On Blogtalk Radio

Tonight, Whitewraithe and I will be doing a special 1+ hour long Turbulent Times show on Blogtalk radio...

We are hoping to discuss some more current events that both her and I have taken notice over the last week, and may get into a bit of bashing of the fraud of religion.....  It will be a most interesting show indeed..

We will also have our chat room open at for anyone that wants to converse with myself directly and to ask any questions...

The call in line is also open at 1-347-857-2203, AND in case the link to the live audio is not coming through,  I will try to update this article with the correct link.....

Update:  Here is the show link:

Thanks and as usual...

More to come



kerdasi amaq said...

Have you ever heard of Harold Covington? I think he'd make a great guest for your show. I'm getting a little forgetful and I have difficulty remembering things which is why I sometimes do things twice or more.

I've already suggested this to him on his Thoughtcrime blog. He's a bit of a character. If I'm ever in Canada could I look you up? However, it'll be three years before I'm ever in that neck of the woods.

There are a few commenters on Incogman whom I regard as friend; and you're one of them.

As for Arsenal, I think, at the start of every season, the board of directors say to Arsene Wenger, "Fourth again, Mr. Wenger, we want that Champions League qualifier play-off spot. So,fourth again, Mr. Wenger"

Delete this comment, though, but post an acknowlegement, please, so I know you got it.

kerdasi amaq

Here's a clue: 4531726

kerdasi amaq said...

Ha ha. It's your blog so I won't complain. I just wanted my future travel intentions to be concealed. So, never mind, I'm currently living in Ireland but I intend to go to North America, eventually, to do what I can to help make HAC's dream come true. However, his Northwest novels(banned in Canada) demonstrate the stupid way of fighting the Washington and Ottawa regimes'. If he seriously thinks he can win doing that, then I say he's off his head, but, at the same time, I think this is useful as it conceals from these regimes the smart way of taking them down and we don't want them knowing that, now, do we? What he has done, is to take various bits of recent Irish history, transplanted them to the Pacific Northwest, tacked on the Butler Plan and created fictional fantasy tales of derring-do; all in aid of a political plot that he really believes in. It is a magnificent but impractical achievement. Incidentally, it also brings in some dollars too, but a revolutionary dreamer can't live on thin air.

What the smart way really is I cannot say, but it is inspired by the ink-blot technique of counter-terrorism that the French used in Vietnam. It also relys on the appearance of strict legality whilst internally subverting the regime's authority. The objective is to seize(lawfully, of course; I feel that I must point this out for the benefit of certain intellectually challenged readers that you may have here) control of the social terrain that the White race inhabits. Essentially, it involves constructing an alternative, social, financial, religious, commercial, economic, educational, political, and industrial structure that the regimes' cannot control. To me that is the smart way. As for the stupid way; that is not even Plan B; it is less than Plan Z.

I think I would prefer to obtain residency rights in Canada, because bad and all as it is, it cannot be worse than the United States. I will say this though: I'm a Southern Boy just like Harold.

The South shall rise again, and it had better do it for real, soon or else it'll be obliterated from the face of the earth.Slainte or your health as we say as gaeilge in Irish.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Oops, sorry Kerdasi for not "deleting" the last comment.. My bad..

BTW... Have you seen Delcroix in your travels across Ireland? Have not heard from that character for months now...

kerdasi amaq said...

No, I haven't. Who is Delcroix?

Do't worry about it. I think it's better that it's out in the open.

Anyway, the White race will have to look out for itself, because if it doesn't; no one else will. The first step in any revolution is raising peoples awareness of the problems facing them; then it's a matter of figuring out your strategic objective and then ways of achieving those objectives will should start to appear.

Would I be right in saying that you hate your job but are too nice to say so? Also, you can't afford to quit either.