Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel Did 9-11: Christopher Bollyn At March 1st, 2015 Conference In Santa Rosa California - Solving 9-11 Ends The War

Over 13 and 1/2 years since the Israeli Mossad attacks of September 11th, 2001, and the criminal psychopaths that are responsible for the murder of over 3000 innocent Americans are still walking free....The real sad part is that as a result of that heinous act on the American nation, the Jewish controlled United States government has imposed its draconian "Patriot Act" on the gullible American people thus stripping away all freedoms that they used to enjoy...And of course the Jewish criminals in charge of the American government have been using their American slaves to destroy nation after nation for the glory of their cherished "Israel" under the guise of the fraudulent "war on terror"..... Yes, 9-11 definitely changed the world, but not for the better....

Right now, I want to present the following very important video where Christopher Bollyn appeared in front of a conference back at the beginning of March, 2015, to give the facts straight about exactly WHO is responsible for the attacks of September 11th, 2001... This video is entitled: "Christopher Bollyn 2015 "Solving 9-11 Ends The War"" and is a must see by everyone who wants the facts straight about exactly what happened that fateful day..... I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  There are some facts presented in this video that even I have not been aware of, especially the part about Building 6 and the obvious act of theft of the Gold bullion stored under that building...And of course the cable reels in the front lawn of the Pentagon that would have obviously been hit had a plane actually targeted that building at such an impossible low level as many still strangely believe....

This report by Christopher Bollyn again reinforces the fact that we all have been deceived on purpose to prevent a unified front in going after these blood thirsty scoundrels that pulled off this heinous act....

I know that there are many that are sticking to the stories put out there that give strange explanations for how the twin towers came down, or how the Pentagon was hit.....But again, as far as I am concerned, those stories have been invented as part of the deception to keep people looking in all the wrong directions and avoiding the hard question about exactly WHO DID IT....

Yes, 13.5 years and counting since the Jews purposely blew up the twin towers and had their American slaves put a missile into the Pentagon, and the world is still led to believe, falsely, that some "crazed Arabs using box cutters" pulled off the greatest terrorist attack in world history....People do need to be awakened to the reality and finally go after the real murderers responsible for that criminal act...

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greencrow said...

Thanks for posting this NTS...I will watch the video. Christopher Bollyn is one of the great American heroes of our times.


torus said...

Again, the arbiter of consensus reality, the TV, rules.
Remember that people are PAYING for the highly charged audio visual impact of incessant banality, rape, murder, torture, etc. This is "entertainment". The powers that "be" decided to broadcast a little 'entertainment' in their living (?) rooms on Tuesday Sept. 11 2001.
When confronted with the befuddling demise of Tower 7, who most people were unaware of, they disregard it. They actually accept that a flawless and controlled demolition took place by 'fire'. Not once mind you, three times on that day.
Remember the sense of "togetherness" post 9/11? People were tangibly on edge...for about 36 hours and then they were right back at the trough of TV, consuming sh*t yet again.
Do NOT underestimate for one second the all consuming power of the TV.
What disturbs me is the contrived 'hipness' of American TV and talk shows in particular. Acting as if 9/11 has been truly exposed and that they're all over it now, with justice having been served.
That one act of mass murder paved the way for even more mass murder...all predicated on lies.

torus said...

Hello northerntruthseeker, enjoy your hiatus.

9/11 and TV. I think the TV engages some form of 'entrainment'...disguised as 'entertainment'. Since NONE of the 'talking heads' question the extremely dubious explanation of how the towers fell, the people don't question it either.
What could have been one of the greatest mediums of education, TV, became a source of filth and degradation. Imagine if dissenting viewpoints were allowed expression on TV. The 'believer' would be allowed to express his viewpoint - followed by an unedited dissenting viewpoint from a 'denier'.
Arabs and Germans both seem to be able to alter the rules of physics and thermodynamics. Only a German could cremate 500 corpses per hour. Only an Arab could invoke the flawless and symmetrical demolition of a skyscraper via combusting jet fuel.
In time, one will not even be able to question the term 'holocaust', which was the term implemented to give the event its theological impetus. Why would they honour the alleged masterwork of the Nazis with the term 'holocaust'?
From the Greek, "holokaustos" - a burnt sacrificial offering dedicated exclusively to God.
9/11 wasn't a holocaust, primarily due to the fact that mainly Gentiles died in it.
But anyway folks, "We have some lovely gifts for members of our studio audience while Vanna spins some letters. Offering that pathetic, contrived, and unwarranted smile"