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Great Article From John Kaminski: You Should Be Concerned

Well... Yesterday, Whitewraithe and I did our Turbulent Times show on Blogtalk radio, and for the first part, the show went without a hitch... But it did go a bit downhill when one caller called into the show and went off on a rant about how her and I have never hammered home the fact that the real troublemakers in our world are of course... The Jews...

I must make it perfectly clear that we cannot try to hit everyone over the head and instantly get them all in line knowing that our enemy is of course the Jews... We have found out from experience that when people are so brainwashed and chemicalized as we see in our present society, if we attempt to try to hammer them over the head hard right from the onset with "Its the Jews..."Its the Jews..." most people will look at us all as either insane, or just nutcases... When that happens, most simply dismiss us and will not bother to listen at all!   We know that the only way to reach people that do not already know about the criminality of the Jews is to give them as much information as possible and show them the evidence first and foremost.... Yes, it does take time but it is better than having most just simply dismiss us as nutcases, definitely....

Whitewraithe of course ended the show last night with her reading a most important article that was written by John Kaminski last month.... That article is absolutely hard hitting and very factual, and for my own report here, I want to present John's article courtesy of Darkmoon's website at, for everyone to read for themselves.... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

You Should Be Concerned

Concern yourself with the fact that there are no presidential candidates presently known who are willing to tell you the truth about our present condition, our recent past, or the dire forecast for our immediate future. And as usual, there is no shortage of willing liars queued up for this jackpot job who are eager to continue the cynical policies that have destroyed our country and are now enthusiastically aimed at busting up and enslaving the rest of the world, and generally shortening everyone’s lifespan. 
All these presidential pretenders represent an elite class of simpering sycophants conspiring to exploit and if necessary eliminate the vast majority of the population in order to receive a vast reward of riches from the criminals who have stolen the wealth of the world.
What this means is that we can expect that none of our present problems will ever be solved because all the candidates deemed eligible to be our next president are incubated by the same criminals who have created the difficulties that confront us today. All of them are on the record as vowing to continue the same suicidal policies based on historical misrepresentations that have created our present dilemmas, which are more or less listed here in their probable order of importance
  1. The imposition of hopelessness. How long has it been since an average citizen could take a complaint to the government and, without a colossal bribe, receive just and concerned treatment? How long has it been since we could point out a terrible wrong perceived by everyone and have it redressed by our elected leaders? (OK, maybe that right never existed, but if so, then we have never actually had a responsive republic.)
The population is paralyzed about what to do to neutralize the cabal that has imprisoned the world mind in a jumble of insincere invective and devastating warfare.
The Freedom of Information Act is dead, and you don’t have enough money to buy what you need to know. The police are now generally regarded as our enemies and the number of innocent people wrongly killed is simply an epidemic. The crimes against the people that each president commits are always concealed by spin and the inability of the deliberately undereducated populace to distinguish fact from fiction. Suffice it to say that any president who has served during the 20th century could be charged with uncountable counts of mass murder were there a court with enough clout to indict him, but like those cops who killed your neighbor or your pet, these runaway megalomaniacs are never punished for their blatant criminality.
What candidate do you know of today with the courage to grasp the truth by the horns and get to the bottom of the 9/11 charade? By doing that, a candidate would also have to shine a spotlight on this unending series of irresponsible invasions of other countries, and admit to the American electorate that the current behavior of the USA is much worse than anything ever alleged about the evil Soviet Union or the Third Reich.
Let that sink in: what our country is doing today is much worse than anything ever attributed to Stalin or Hitler, neither of whom ever butchered large numbers of innocent people halfway around the world, in multiple countries simultaneously, as today, the USA is doing on a daily basis. This is not hyperbole; if anything, it is an understatement.
How foolish to think that any letter you could write or any petition you could sign might have any effect on these twisted narcissists whose minds are greased with millions of dollars to get them to forget that real people are being murdered in large numbers so that incomprehensibly rich men can buy larger yachts and pursue forbidden perversions that normal people would never consider doing.
  1. The poisoning of our children. The final nail in the extinction of the nuclear family, which will trigger the most profound social changes in human history, is the demand by power-mad government officials to vaccinate children with inadequately tested medicines over the objections of their highly educated parents.
Disagree with the medical mafia and the feds will snatch your kids. The law has the power to kidnap children by claiming that your unvaccinated offspring threaten the health of their peers who have been inoculated, even though present day news stories seem to indicate those who receive the shots are in far greater danger of incurring lifelong diseases or even dying after bad reactions to these improperly tested concoctions that profit-oriented doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers insist are safe, but aren’t.
In addition, the social indoctrination (and frequent kidnapping) of school children into bizarre sexual practices — often practiced by the rich and powerful who are untouchable legally — is creating a population that will betray their own families to defend the teachings of the state, thereby easing the transition toward an army of malleable human drones unable to distinguish their own healthy needs from what the soulless state commands them to do, or what manipulative social media convince them is fashionable. Pedophilia, anyone?
  1. Ignorance of Jewish influence. The first two categories of concern, as well as practically every other one that follows, are a result of the multifaceted Jewish takeover of all the disparate realms of society, from entertainment to medicine, from the law to religion. The melting down of the educational system into training for slaves and the knee-jerk ecumenism of the emerging one world religion are all strategies created by Jews to standardize humanity into one subclass of worker bees, controlled by an elite class of Jews that cares only for the profit it can derive from the control of everyone else.
The domination of the U.S. government by Jews has been the downfall of the whole world, as it has been the formula for wrecking each individual country and subsuming them into a slave relationship with world banking scams and the coercive corruption that goes with it.
Jewish dominance in media and education has created a world population that thinks like Jews, looks for other people to exploit, and has completely forgotten the ancient principles of neighborliness and compassion that brings out the best in human interactions. More importantly than that, decent people not pressured by the Jewish philosophy of ripping people off produce healthy and compassionate children who seek justice and truthfulness in every act of their lives. Instead we now have addled sex and drug addicts occupying powerful offices who are totally controlled by the rich psychos who made them famous and dictate their every move.
This trend of ruthless Jewish influence has made honesty obsolete and cynical manipulation of language and deception of intent have become the desired traits of a totally untrustworthy populace.
The fact that each one of the major political parties in the United States is totally dominated by Jewish advisers guarantees that Americans will never again know true freedom until these parasitic and conscienceless psychopaths are banished from participating in the American political process.
From music dominated by African rhythms that foment social discord to cosmology with its false concepts that channel exploration into senseless formulas for social miseducation, the Jews have polluted all areas of human endeavor on their insane mission to either control or destroy every living organism on this planet.
The Jewish nation of Israel poses as America’s best ally in the Middle East, but it is really a succubus draining the life out of a formerly vibrant country which has turned everyone who endorses its scurrilous and demonic tenets into untrustworthy scumbags.
  1. The creation of terrorists as false excuses for wars. The original story the U.S. government floated about 9/11 was that al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan hijacked four airliners to crash into American landmarks. A decade later the whole world knows Zbigniew Brzezinski invented Al-Qaeda to harass the Russians out of Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden, who also posed as a CIA agent named Tim Osman, died ten years before an American president said he was killed by Seal Team 6 in Pakistan.
Today we have the creation of a group of psychopathic killers called ISIL that is funded by the United States as the latest Islamic terror threat, but somehow it never manages to threaten Israel, only other Muslims and targets of Israeli-American terror.
Once the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, the U.S. had no enemy on which to squander its military expenditures, so it invented one — the perfect enemy — that it blamed for 9/11 and every other provocation it could think of throughout the world. Although these permutations of a magical terror group keep popping up all over the world, they always seem to serve the purposes of the Western powers, first as a convenient patsy to take the blame for some false flag atrocity, then as convenient allies to overthrow some foreign leader who refuses to suck up to the American mass murderers.
Currently these fabricated terror groups are issuing blatant threats about various venues in the United States, so it is logical to expect further terror attacks conducted by secret agents of the U.S. government on the false flag formula of 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon Massacre in order to impose new totalitarian restrictions on the brain damaged American public.
  1. The blatant theft of the private banking system and the crashing of the currency. Jewish bankers took complete control of the U.S. Treasury in 1913, and ever since the world has been wracked by depressions followed by wars in an endless cycle of carnage and deception that shows no signs of ending.
Reading about how Nelson Rockefeller ran every U.S. president from Herbert Hoover to Gerry Ford and every change in monetary policy was aimed at further fleecing the U.S. population, it’s easy to regard all of American history as an evil progression toward bankruptcy and starvation.
The American economy actually died in 2007 but rather than admit defeat, the Federal Reserve just kept printing money. It has taken eight long years for the rest of the world to realize it, and when they do, Americans will learn the hardest lesson of all, as the Indians did, about trusting a government that speaks with forked tongue.
  1. Medical falsehoods that kill rather than cure. We pretty much know that all these new exotic diseases they tell us about are not natural occurrences. From the bird flu to ebola, they are all deliberately demonic concoctions developed in some government lab tailored to facilitate population “control”, especially in Africa.
The same situation pertains with the creation of new medicines, as the revelations about cancer in the polio vaccines attest. Today we have these Frankenstein concoctions such as Gardasil sabotaging the fertility of future generations and substances like statins robbing the public of billions and actually increasing the risk of heart attacks.
Needless operations like coronary bypasses and fake cures like chemotherapy and radiation are stressed while genuinely healthful maneuvers such as vitamins C, E, and hemp oil are discouraged all make us ask the question are doctors really here to kill us, much like the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 were employed to start fires and not put them out.
When you rely on mainstream medical opinions, you put your life at risk, which is the same situation with mainstream news and mainstream politics. The general principles used by mainstream anything have become utterly cannibalistic, and the deterioration of the world in general, both environmentally and interpersonally, reflects this disgusting lack of integrity.
Among other reasons to be concerned about your hopeless future, sorry I had to leave out nuclear war started in eastern Ukraine, mass poisoning of the population caused by Monsanto’s glyphosate, massive cancers from leaking U.S. nuclear plants, and several other such potentially fatal items as chemtrails and electromagnetic pollution.
But if you REALLY want to be concerned about your hopeless future, try to comprehend this.
  1. Rumors of an imminent apocalypse. I don’t know whether they say all these things to keep us depressed and demoralized, but an awful lot of people believe a giant methane bomb is going to come hurtling out of the Arctic Ocean and trigger fires all over the planet, raising the temperature so fast and so far that all the vegetation on Earth is going to dry up and blow away, resulting in the extinction of all life on Earth.
Only twenty or thirty years down the road, the leading spokesmen say. Near-term human extinction, they call it.
In fact, the hysteria over this contention has become so far advanced that the leading website of the genre — Nature Bats Last — has posted a special announcement for those who are contemplating suicide in anticipation of this social phenomenon called near-term human extinction.
No one can argue that something isn’t wrong the weather, that a messed up Gulfstream initially caused by a deliberate Gulf oil spill caused an unprecedented deluge of snow in Boston while Alaska and the Arctic region were bathed in unseasonably and disturbingly warm temperatures.
But this is a long way from saying conditions for life on this planet will no longer be available in ten to 20 years.
Extinction theory advocate Guy McPherson’s titles — “Going Dark” and “Extinction Dialogues: How to live with death in mind” — pretty much describe what he thinks about the human future, namely short and deadly. Other scientists say this devastating methane process is real but will take a lot longer, maybe a couple of hundred years. In either instance, without a much higher level of consciousness at work in the world, human activity will one day lead to human extinction.
The only occupations now open to you are prison guard, assault team member, or prostitute, and it seems that right now, this is what the American population has accepted as its fate. The one positive aspect of all this apocalyptic negativity might just be that given your inability to change the conditions of your life into something more genuinely humane, you aren’t likely to be employed at any of these jobs for very much longer.
Bummed out? Don’t just sit there and genuflect. Find your nearest elected officials who still defend the official lies of 9/11 and throw them down a flight of stairs, at the very least. Then pretend to live as if there is no tomorrow, because on one tomorrow very soon, there very likely might not be one.

NTS Notes:  I originally wanted to post this article when it first came out last month.... I do apologize for that, and only now am doing some catching up on so many important reports that I have missed the last while...

John of course has a multitude of his fine articles available over at The Rebel online site at, and I do recommend that people do take the time to take a look.. It is worth your while...

I am indeed concerned about where our world is headed... Everywhere I look these days I see people falling into horrible poverty and despair, while our criminal governments under the full control of these criminal psychopaths are rapidly turning our nations into police states where personal freedoms are a thing of the past... It is so disgusting...

Yes, the criminals responsible for our demise are indeed this group of so called "chosen ones" that calls themselves "Jews".... And again, it is not the "Zionists" as many have been foolishly led to believe, but the trouble lies with their entire "tribe".... It is time for people to wake the hell up and call a spade a spade!

More to come



Anonymous said...

The unmitigated gall:
An "aboriginal Jew" in Sydney airport makes a complete asssh*le of himself. Can you imagine living cheek-by-jowl with 6,000,000 of them in 'israel'?

Anonymous said...

If it's hopeless, why worry? Talk with friends, walk at least one hour a day and enjoy life, instead getting riled up about things you can't change. Yes, America is falling as any other Empire in history, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

John's right on the mark, again. My neighbor, who is a very, very troublesome one, is a welfare queen and a prostitute. Never held a job as far as I know, but does have a steady stream of customers coming and going. And a fellow down the gym is a prison guard. He has relentlessly hounded me to take the exam to become a corrections officer. I've told him time and time again I'm not cut-out for such work. I rather eat half the food.