Thursday, March 5, 2015

Even More Proof That ISIS Is A Complete Fraud And Hoax: Jewish Controlled Hollywood Caught Red Handed Producing ISIS Videos!

I am still shocked when I overhear so many gullible people up here in Canada, who are still brainwashed by the liars in the Jew spew media and our own criminal government in Ottawa, spew the lies that this fraud ISIS is a "threat" and that "something needs to be done about these terrorists".... I honestly do not know whether to laugh or to cry by people's ignorance....

I have been putting up countless articles here now at this blog that shows the absolute truth about this scam known as "ISIS"... The facts again are so simple.. ISIS is the American CIA and Israeli Mossad, period... It was created as an off-shoot of the previous and equally fraudulent "terrorist group" known as "Al Qaeda" and its goals are to not only further the equally fraudulent "war on terror" but to lay the groundwork for the eventual invasion and destruction of the innocent nation of Syria..... The liars in our governments and the Jew spew media are aiding in this project by promoting the propaganda that "ISIS" is somehow a threat to us all and that we must "do something about them"... So far, these criminals in our own governments and media have done their job very well and we have everyone in a state of false panic and false fear.....

For this article, I want to present further damning evidence that shows that ISIS is indeed a fraud... A good friend of mine, Greg, who goes by the Youtube name "pt1gard" sent me an email just the other day and in that email he enclosed the link to an article that comes from the Drudge Report online at, that shows that Jewish controlled Hollywood themselves have now  been caught red handed in producing the infamous ISIS videos that we have all been inundated by!   First, here is that Drudge Report article in its entirety right here for everyone to see for themselves.. I have my own usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Hollywood Studio Caught Producing ISIS Videos

Shockwaves are being felt all throughout Tinseltown today as federal authorities moved to arrest several who are accused of aiding and abetting a foreign terrorist organization by producing ISIS recruitment videos. It had long been suspected that the ISIS videos were produced from an outside source due to their above average production value, but no one had imagined an American production company could somehow be involved. That changed last night, when authorities moved in and raided Final Solution Productions, a production company off the famous intersection of Sunset and Vine. Authorities did not release the names of those arrested but did say six were arrested at the studio and two more at their homes in coordinated raids. Final Solution Productions is listed as a finishing company on their Web site, and claim to have worked on projects in the live sports commercial world, including for clients such as Pepsi Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and Apple. It is not known at the time of publishing to what extent these companies were themselves involved with Final Solutions, if at all, or what specific role it played in finishing the ads. What is known is that Final Solution Productions was operating under this front while editing and producing the terrorist videos from their Hollywood studio. “Around 2300 hours last night, in conjunction with Office of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Angeles Police Department, officers seized the assets at 42568 Vine St., arresting six individuals,” said FBI Special Agent Kendrick D. Williams from the LA division. “Two additional suspected were apprehended at their residence at that same time. All eight are being held as suspects in distributing and creating terrorist propaganda and are awaiting formal charges.”

Agent Williams is in charge of the Los Angeles intelligence office, and said agents were tipped off when they intercepted what appeared to be raw video elements being downloaded on computers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. When asked, Mr. Williams would not elaborate how the government intercepted this material, but sources say it was a result of interrogation that first began from captured prisoners in Iraq. One source told us that authorities learned of video elements being sent via encrypted FTP servers to a producer “somewhere in the United States.” Tech experts tell us that once a server containing this media could be intercepted, it wouldn’t take long for someone with the right resources to be able to track the IP addresses of where it was ultimately being delivered, even if that IP addressed was masked by a torrent system. 
“Currently the FBI is investigating all other possible connections that Final Solution Productions may have had in the Hollywood production area,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. “We do not believe Final Solution Productions acted alone, and are currently investigating its partners.”
For some time, authorities have been worried of so called “domestic terrorists” working for ISIS, and consider this a possible lead. Final Solution is believed to have worked with other studios and producers in Hollywood, some who, while not terrorists specifically, saw a profitable business and sought to gain from it. “It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood has sold itself out for a price,” said Hollywood insider Hanna Strong. Strong has started the #shameonhollywood tag in part to raise awareness against those in Hollywood willing to sell out America for their own profits. The tag is seen as a public reminder to executives that Americans won’t stand for this behavior, and is currently trending. “Americans need to react to this story so that we don’t let a few money hungry people taint Hollywood,” continued Strong. “It’s up to us as consumers to let the executives know where we stand on terrorism.” Those arrested include the president of Final Solution Productions, his executive producer, editor, and coordinator.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not surprised by these important findings?  I have been telling people for years that all of the videos from this "ISIS" scam have been the product of that sinister Jewess Rita Katz's SITE group, which is a well known Mossad front, and have always been of Hollywood studio quality!   Therefore it should not come as a shock to anyone with critical thinking skills for this revelation to come out now that Jewish controlled Hollywood is behind producing the ISIS videos themselves!  The "tribe" at work, and again showing that they have no allegiance to America at all.....

Again, I do wonder when the majority of people will wake the hell up and realize that they are being taken as suckers when it comes to these fraud terrorist groups and the entire "war on terror"?   Our crooked and criminal governments want everyone in constant fear of these fraud terrorists because they are using the psychological effect of that fear to impose draconian laws on everyone to strip our freedoms for the fraud and illusion of "more security", especially from these phoney "terrorists"!  

Wake up everyone and realize that these "terrorists" are all part of a sick game being played on your minds!

More to come



Anonymous said...

It's odd, isn't it? People just don't seem to be able to make the leap to acknowledging that much of the important stuff in the mainstream media is deliberate propaganda. It's a case of the Big Lie, perhaps, or an unwillingness to reject ideas that have been ingrained for a lifetime. It's the same in the UK as in Canada. I've tried to raise my doubts with several people but just get blanks looks or a defensive response.

Anonymous said...

From the Henry Jackson Society website -
September 15, 2011

"al-Qaeda is no longer the focus and I doubt that it will ever be again quite at the centre of our attentions. I think we are moving on."

Sir Richard Billing Dearlove, KCMG OBE (born 23 January 1945) was head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1999 until 6 May 2004.

On 7 July 2014, in a lecture at the Royal United Services Institute, Dearlove argued that the government and media had exaggerated the Islamist terrorism threat to the UK, giving extremists publicity counter-productive to UK interests

SITE's Team


Rohan Gunaratna is Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore.

Professor Bruce Hoffman has been studying terrorism and insurgency for more than thirty years. He is currently a tenured professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Washington, DC. Professor Hoffman previously held the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and was also Director of RAND's Washington, DC Office.



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Anonymous said...

Why....Why would the Fed's disclose their ISIS secrets? Don't get it. This would mean that the "dog chasing his own tail" is admitting that his tail is a fraud? Huh? Not so fast! If ISIS (is) the creation of CIA/MOSSAD/M15...which undoubtedly is in my mind, then that would mean the Fed's are not in on it? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I think this is a fake satire story