Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Is THIS Not A War Crime? Criminal Ukraine Government Admits To Targeting Civilians In Donbass Region

The US proxy government in Kiev's nice little war against the civilian population of the eastern provinces of Ukraine, known as the Donbass region, rages on.... I have stated in previous articles that the criminal government in the United States along with the criminals running the evil NATO organization have indeed sent both mercenaries and "special forces" into the fight against these civilians on the side of the criminal Ukrainian army.... It has been a slaughter of innocent people that the world is being kept purposely in the dark by the Jew spew media and their constant lies....

One thing has always troubled me... Is not the killing of innocent civilians a war crime and a violation of international law?   I have long suspected that the "war" by the US proxy Ukrainian government's military against the people of the eastern provinces has been DIRECTLY AIMED at the civilian population, and now we have some proof... For according to the following article that comes from the "Sign Of The Times" website at, the criminal Ukrainian government in Kiev has finally had to admit that their forces are indeed targeting civilians in the Donbass region!   Here is the link to that Sign of the Times article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, according to the Geneva Conventions and the International Criminal courts of law, to purposely target any civlians in a war is indeed a war crime, and what we have here is the Ukrainian army, and the United States, both guilty of outright genocide and "ethnic cleansing"....

The American people truly do need to wake the hell up and put an end to this madness... Their own criminal government under Barry Soetoro is presently in the process of actually escalating this conflict in Ukraine by now stating that they will send US arms directly to the Ukrainian regime as well as sending "advisors" to the conflict... This stinks of a repeat of the Vietnam War fiasco where they started first sending "advisors" and then escalated the war by sending in combat troops next...

I do agree with the SOTT article's last statements about the role of NATO in this world considering the Soviet Union has long disappeared... What I see in regards to NATO is nothing more than the criminal Rothschild Empire's personal "hit squad" and army of thugs, where it was first used in the attack and destruction of Libya, and may indeed be committed to the conflict in Ukraine next... Of course that conflict in Ukraine could spark a full fledged war against Russia and nuclear annihilation!

The truth about this "conflict" in Ukraine must be seen by everyone... And again, absolutely do NOT ever believe anything that the BS Jew spew mainstream media reports, period....

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Anonymous said...

The jews (via nations they control) have ALWAYS used the strategy of directly attacking civilians during war.

Its one of the biggest lies of war, and one of the most disgusting.

Payback is a b***h as they say however.

Soon enough it will no longer be safe to be a jew for the crimes they have endlessly committed against all other people.

We have finally learned the grave mistakes throughout history in not properly dealing with the jews. Humanity has been far too nice and accommodating for far too long. That is over. Once this really gets going we will leave no stone unturned. There will be no hole they can hide in.

All our forefathers failed to do what must be done. We have their track record to learn from, and we have now learned. The solution is now obvious.

We are coming for you. We will treat you the way you have treated us. We KNOW this is your biggest fear.

Try to imagine being a jew for a moment. Every one of these insane people have a deep rooted fear knowing full well what will be done to them if enough goyim wake up. Can you imagine every waking second have that dread constantly hanging over you?

Do not kid yourselves people, EVERY jew is terrified out of their minds because they know what they have done to us and know we are rapidly waking.

Every jew in history is so afraid of us you can barely understand it.

They have reason for this total fear.......because it has FINALLY begun.

We have leaned, we are coming for you, and we will not stop until you are finished for good.

We will FINALLY have peace from your tyranny.