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This Is Insanity: US Pushes For War In Europe (Against Russia!)

I truly am one pissed off blogger these days… We have already seen the insanity of our crooked governments when it comes to further escalating the fraudulent "war on terror" by pushing their latest bullshit video put out by that criminal Jew run SITE group, where a supposed "Jordanian Pilot" was executed by that fraud "ISIS" group by burning him to death… And at the same time, we find the US government escalating their involvement in the "civil war" in Ukraine by now flagrantly arming their crooked regime in Kiev against the civilians living in the eastern provinces….I for one am truly sickened by what I am witnessing, and the fact that so many people are totally oblivious to the reality of these situations..

I am continuing to try to get the truth out to the masses through these articles… And for this one, I want to turn to a very good article that comes from the Blacklisted News website, at… It is entitled: "US Pushes For War In Europe" and it clearly shows that the insane US government is indeed pushing for a major conflict against Russia by escalating their involvement in Ukraine… Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Published: February 5, 2015


It is pretty obvious that significant forces in Washington push for a big war in Europe, cold at least but hot if possible. European countries, aside from some small U.S. puppets, are well aware that they would be hit hard in such a war, and do not want it.
The U.S. wants to deliver additional weapons to Ukraine and to thereby goad Russia into such a wider war. The arguments made that such weapon delivers would somehow restrict Russiaare just stupid and only hide the real plans: Escalation until Europe is (again) up in flames.
There is full steam lobbying by the U.S. to widen the conflict in Ukraine which it instigated in the first place:
As President Barack Obama’s pick to run the Pentagon said Wednesday he’s inclined to support lethal weapons transfers, Ukraine’s president said he was confident the U.S. would do so. Meanwhile, outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry were flying to discuss Ukraine and other issues with allies in Europe. Vice President Joe Biden is due to follow them Thursday.
France, the U.K., Germany and other Europeans have spoken out against any such weapon deliveries and the escalation they bring.
Kerry has flown to Kiev today to push for the Ukraine puppets into escalation. Merkel and Hollande will also fly to Kiev and will hopefully try to convince Poroshenko to deescalate and to make peace with the federalists in east-Ukraine. I have my doubts about their independence though and it may be that their appearance is is just part of the show. Why else did they agree to NATO's increase in capacities and infrastructure in east Europe?
The solution for the Ukraine is simple. Federalization, official acceptance of the Russian language which is spoken in the East and democratic elections of local governors. These have been the demands in the east and these have been solutions even U.S. foreign policy luminaries urged to accept a year ago.
The Ukraine is bankrupt. This morning its currency lost 30% in just a few hours. Instead of further instigating a civil war and pushing for its escalation it is urgently time to discuss how that problem can be solved. The solution can not be waging war and permanent subsidization of Europe's most corrupt country.
Federalization and constitutional reform (i.e. Point 3 Decentralization of power ...) are a major point agreed upon by both sides in the Minsk protocol about a ceasefire in east-Ukraine. But despite insisting on other points of the agreement himself Poroshenko still rejects those most important agreed upon conditions.
Should the U.S. win in its drive to escalate the situation by delivering more weapons to Kiev Russia will not cave in. History suggest that a Ukraine under NATO at its border is a deadly danger. Russia must and will take countermeasures. The U.S. will then cite those countermeasures as signs of "further aggression" and as justification for another round of escalation. A few more rounds of such and Europe will be up in flames.
That would be good for the U.S. economy but terrible for the Ukraine and Europe.
Update Funny. What "important" people are told:
1. Carnegie Endowment VP Andrew Weiss at 4:20 AM - 5 Feb 2015:
Russian sources: Merkel-Hollande plan freezes #Ukraine conflict along lines of Transdniester h/t @CoalsonR
2. NPR correspondent Michele Keleman at 6:27 AM - 5 Feb 2015:
Western dip describes Russia's peace plan for Ukraine as roadmap to creating a new Transnistria/Abkhazia
So who's plan is this?

NTS Notes: The reality is that the insane government in the United States definitely wants a war against Russia… The facts are actually quite simple, and I will try my best to reiterate those facts here…

The fact is that the United States is absolutely bankrupt and the full economic collapse and what that collapse will mean on the American public will be felt very soon unless the US government comes up with a means of saving their asses… They will not do the right thing and simply cancel all the debts imposed by the criminal Jewish banksters, due to the fact that they are well funded by these crooks!  Therefore they have had to look for an alternative, and right now they do believe that only a new major war will save their collective crooked butts…

The Russian Federation has moved much of its assets away from the US dollar in international trade, and have indeed begun full implementation of the BRICS initiatives.. Such initiatives are beginning to accelerate the demise of the US dollar and the collapse of the United States economy… The US Government wants desperately to stop Russia and to halt BRICS before it causes irreparable damage to the US itself, and they have started to use every possible dirty trick that they can imagine in a vain attempt to stop BRICS in its tracks….

The US has been working with the Saudi Arabians in imploding the value of Petroleum in a vain attempt to try to collapse the Russian economy and to stop Russian support for Syria so that Syria can be destroyed for their Jewish masters… However, the Russians have made and opened new trade deals to circumvent these criminal efforts, and thus the US has been forced to a "Plan B" which is to escalate the war in Ukraine to try to egg and poke at Russia and try to force them into a major conflict….

The fraud vilification of Russia through the Jew spew media has been accelerating recently, and that is part of the diabolical plan to try to get the general public that does not know any better and the real facts about Russia and Ukraine to support a conflict against the Russian Federation….

It has fallen on the alternative media, including myself, to try to get the real truth out… Hopefully others will help out in getting the message out to everyone that we have been deceived and we are being fooled into a new war that could escalate very quickly into nuclear armageddon…. The future of our very planet is now at stake….

Spread the truth everyone!

More to come


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Anonymous said...

Insane is the word. And desperate. You have to pinch yourself to be sure it's the USA accusing Putin of having Asperger's syndrome and being a paedophile and not some tinpot dictator somewhere.
The US is heading downhill fast and seems determined to take everyone else with them. What a sad end to what was a great and admirable country.