Friday, February 13, 2015

THIS Is Absolutely Atrocious: McDonalds Restaurant In Amarillo Texas Giving Free Vaccines (!) To Children Along With Their "Happy Meals"!

We all know by now that the criminals in the US government are working hand in foot with the criminals behind the big Pharmaceutical Industries as well as the criminals in the American Jew spew media outlets in trying to force vaccinations on everyone..... It is truly astounding that there is not more public outcry against this travesty and a direct threat against people's rights and freedoms of choice.....

But today, I came across something that is truly sickening, and I want to share this information wth all of my own readers... For according to this  new article that comes from the Blacklisted News website, at, it appears that a McDonalds Restaurant in Amarillo Texas will have the audacity to try to give ":for free" vaccines to children, tomorrow, February 14th, 2015..... I was shocked by this report, and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves.... I have my own thoughts to follow:

McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

Published: February 13, 2015

Source: Natural Society

Would you like a side of hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal? As it turns out, your child may just be able to receive a number of significant vaccinations at your local McDonald’s on behalf of the Department of Public Health.

I was just as shocked as you are when I heard news from an email tip that one reader’s local McDonald’s was launching a ‘free vaccination’ program alongside their fast food marketing campaign, and I was reasonably skeptical that even McDonald’s would launch such a strange combination. Especially when consider the extreme financial downfall that the company is experiencing as millions abandon their fake food amid public knowledge over the true extent of their synthetic ingredient list.

As it turns out, however, numerous Texas newspapers and outlets have documented the ‘free McDonald’s vaccine’ events that have popped up in Amarillo. It was, and is, very real. details the event that first occurred years ago, writing:
“The city of Amarillo’s Department of Public Health and the Caring for Children Foundation of Texas will offer free vaccinations for children from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at McDonald’s restaurant, 1815 S. Grand St.
The vaccinations will include meningococcal vaccine, which is required for seventh- and eighth-graders and for college students residing in campus housing; the varicella vaccine, which is required for kindergarten and first grade and for seventh- and eighth-graders; the Tdap vaccine booster required for seventh- and eighth-graders; MMR vaccine for kindergarten and first grade; and hepatitis A, required for kindergarten and first grade.
Parents and guardians are asked to bring immunization records, and children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”
And that is one of the older reports detailing the events. There is not much press coverage on the programs that are reportedly being rolled out in 2015. Various sites have already been reporting on the new McDonald’s vaccine campaigns that readers say are popping up around the Amarillo area.

Would you get your child a round of booster shots with your next Happy Meal?

NTS Notes:  So let me get this straight... McDonalds in America has already been caught poisoning their patrons with what they pass off as "fast food" and now they are getting into bed with the arch-criminals in Big Pharma and promoting "vaccines" with their "happy meals"???  This is un-freaking-believable, and indeed a travesty....

I sure hope that some of my readers in Texas, and especially in Amarillo, get hold of this report and alert others in Amarillo of what these criminals are doing tomorrow....To try to entice people to have poisonous vaccines injected into their bodies by promoting it in restaurants is just plain wrong.... Hopefully this type of action gets stopped in its tracks immediately...

If there is a follow up report to this, I  will post it here... Stay tuned....

More to come



Penny said...

Hey Northdid you know there are 19 ingredients in mcdonalds fries

I bet you thought there might be 3
potatoes, oil and salt, right?


Canola oil
Soybean oil
Hydrogenated soybean oil
Natural beef flavour
Hydrolyzed wheat
Hydrolyzed milk
Citric acid
Sodium acid pyrophosphate
Canola oil
Corn oil
Soybean oil
Hydrogenated soybean oil
Citric acid

Canola oil is a disgrace!
That's something Canada should be ashamed of- Canada's oil
that's where Canola comes from
but then there is that lovely
dimethylpolysiloxane, an anti foaming agent- used in silicone caulking etc- I know, your thinking Yummy, right?!

Penny said...

So considering the garbage in their fries, why not push some toxic vaccines along with it?

This tells me that McD's and big pharma are hand in hand in the poisoning of humanity

Or what I like to call the chemical manipulation aka devolution of humankind

I am doing a whole series on that check it out North

Penny said...

and one last thing North, I know your not from my province, but, I am sure you are noticing the vaccine hype
couple days back we here in Ontario had a real PR psyop pulled on us and I would love for you to read this one

I will check back to get your thoughts but seriously, I hold the opinion that was a big pharma PR scam using social media

Anonymous said...

Lol! I ll take the dtap w an supersized order of fries oh n do you have advil to go w that? Then again McDonalds is the proprietor of the Ronald McDonald house that helps ppl. Even tho this sounds absurd, they are helping the community for those who cant afford vaccines