Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Here We Go Again With More Fraud ISIS Bullshit: Jordanian Pilot "Burned To Death" In Latest Video Brought To You By Jewish Run SITE Group!

*Due to Google Censorship, the picture below originally listed with this article had to be removed as someone somewhere considered it to be "insensitive".....I again must reiterate that Google and their policies are pure CENSORSHIP and everyone should be made aware immediately of their actions...

I wondered when the criminals behind the very fraudulent "ISIS" or "Daesh" or "ISIL" or what ever phoney name they will come up with next, would try something new when it comes to killing their supposed hostages..... We saw countless videos produced by that Rita Katz run SITE group where the "ISIS" victims were "beheaded" and each one has proven to be disgustingly laughable frauds....  Only very gullible and very stupid people would ever believe them to be real!

Failing miserably with the "beheading" scam videos, the Jewish run SITE group definitely had to try something new and more terrible to again scare the gullible masses, and now they have indeed tried a more sinister approach.... For according to the following report from the Jew spew New York Times website, at www.newyorktimes.com, the phoney and laughable CIA/Mossad "ISIS" group just went and produced a brand spanking new (SITE produced of course) video where they  killed their Jordanian Pilot that they have supposedly held hostage for the last few weeks, by burning him to death!

Right here, I want to present the link to that New York Times propaganda piece of crap article here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I have been scouring over the Internet and especially over You (Jew) tube, for any videos of this fraudulent burning of this Jordanian pilot, and of course the criminals are indeed covering their tracks very well to make sure nobody closely examines the video to find it to be a fraud... As of now that full video is not available.. Imagine my shock!

OK, I examined the picture here and there are so many things wrong... One is of course the fact that this Jordanian pilot absolutely stands still while the flames engulf him!  If I was in that cage I would be moving to the edge to try to avoid the flames.. I would not stand perfectly still like an idiot!

Second... The flames on the ground are producing a lot of black smoke,usually meaning the fire is either oxygen depleted, or fire is about to go out.. BUT the flames engulfing the pilot shows no black smoke at all!  An impossibility, unless this picture is doctored, which I would not put past the criminals that produced this bullshit to do.....

I will leave it up to readers to look closely at this image, and come up with more evidence of the fraud....My comment section is open, and I will update this article with more evidence of the fraud as it comes forward....And if anyone does have the link to the actual video of this phoney burning, please send me that link in my comment section...

What we have here is a very good and very phoney job of photo editing and the magic of video production that is common in movie studios for showing a person burning, while he absolutely is not....  But of course, we figured by this time the criminal SITE group that makes this piece of garbage would have got better at making their bullshit videos... Hell, they had years to master it so well with their phoney Osama bin Laden videos!

People need to wake up and realize that we are being conned again by the criminals in our own governments that want to use this propaganda bullshit to scare gullible people into supporting the fraud "war on ISIS" as well as be suckered into giving up their freedoms for the fraud of "security"..... Do NOT be fooled!

More to come


*Update February 3,2015:  Thank goodness for the Dutch... The video is enclosed here:


Watch it before the criminals attempt to delete it... But be warned, for in spite of its fraudulence, it is a bit graphic...


Jody Paulson said...

Can you say "Photoshop?" :(

Noor al Haqiqa said...


Brian, I think you should look at this. It is serious. I do believe it was signed a few weeks ago when Baird was egged in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

No surprise "video" of this latest fake "ISIS killing" is hard to find, the picture is obviously fake, anyone set on fire would be having involuntary survival instinct movements slamming into every side of that cage, that is a picture of some random person with fake fire added.

Should we be surprised after the footage from pre-positioned Israeli cameramen of the fake "Paris ISIS attack" showed that the "execution" of the "police officer" by the "terrorist" was completely fake?

I literally saw some "news update" about a "shooting in paris", went to the forum on jimstonefreelance.com, watched the liveleak video of the fake "execution", saw that it was clearly fake, and turned on the Communist News Network to see them showing the exact same video - with one slight difference.

The "police officer" whose "execution" was faked had been censored with a black digital image covering him. Lobotomized idiots watching of course must have rationalized to themselves that the altruists at CNN did it to "protect the viewer from offensive imagery", when in reality it is simply because this footage of the horribly executed fake shooting was all they had to work with and they had to "make do".

The whole purpose of the fake terrorist attack and propaganda broadcast is to abuse the delusional public into supporting REAL terrorism because of media stories of FICTIONAL terrorism.

So I heard the "news", saw the "leaked video" from the pre-positioned cameraman, saw that the "shooting" was obviously completely fake, and saw CNN trying to pass off the video of this completely fake "shooting" as real while trying to conceal the blatantly obvious fact that it is fake by literally censoring right in front of the lobotomized viewer any parts that expose the self evident truth.

All of this in the time span of maybe 2-3 minutes. That easy, that obvious.


(From before the fake "ISIS terrorist attacks" in Ottawa and Paris)

"So it was back to the drawing board. Now we have ISIS beheadings, and Obama has air strikes on Syria. After the first video proved effective on public opinion, more kept appearing. “Stick with a winner”?

Question: If ISIS wants to consolidate its control in that sector of the Middle East, why would it upload viral videos showing beheadings of American and British victims, knowing this could only result in bringing the full might of the Anglo-American war machine against itself? Somewhere I hear William Randolph Hearst saying: “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

The public needs to decide which media to listen to:

• corporate media, hired to produce propaganda that will advance geopolitical agendas; or
• unpaid alternative media, whose goal is to discover the truth."

L.L.O. said...

Okay, look. You really need to stop jumping to conclusions with this stuff because you are doing a disservice to the entire truth movement in addition to making yourself sound like a raving lunatic.
There is a video of this execution (found a link on liveleak) and, as far as I can tell, it is real and it is horrendous.
I spent 8 years as a firefighter and have a degree in fire science and as far as your false assessment of the fire being O2 starved (in open atmosphere?)I can tell you that it is very hard to simulate the image of flesh dripping off someones burning face. Even with Hollywood level special effects.
ISIS is scum. Even if they are trained and funded by the CIA or whoever it does not make it okay to do this to another human being.
Granted, the pilot probably delivered this same level of horror and suffering to people on the ground with bombs and missiles but this is another level of bad.
They then proceed to dump a load of rubble on top of him then smash his body with a front end loader.
Fuck ISIS.

Anonymous said...

This was indeed my exact reaction upon hearing this. Since the American public hasn't been sufficiently shocked enough by the beheading video's to go 'all in' on war they had to come up with something else equally gruesome and terrifying to the rubes.
On a related note, I know how the Jordanian came to be there ostensible, but where are they getting all these other hostages? Haven't people all over the world gotten the message to stay away from that region?

Thanks for your work,


Anonymous said...

The full video can be found on this Dutch newssite: http://nieuws.thepostonline.nl/2015/02/03/isis-verbrandt-gevangengenomen-jordaanse-piloot-levend/

Northerntruthseeker said...

Why does this LLO character that periodically comments in here smell like Hasbara?

I am shocked that there is anyone out there that actually believes these ISIS fraud videos to be real... Either they are that gullible or we are indeed dealing with JIDF/Hasbara...

Look, LLO... Take your belief in ISIS and go to one of those Jew spew sites... This one deals with reality..

Anonymous said...

re: LLO shill apologizing for the terrorist state of Israel's pathetically conceived and executed propaganda

1. You are the one jumping and clinging to the hilariously absurd delusion that if the globalist media that has lied to you about everything of importance your entire life invents a fictional story and pretends it's true, that makes it true.

2. What is this "truth movement" you speak of? There are individuals who unlike you have a spine and integrity who expose what prostitutes like you do not have the courage or permission from your owners to say. If those individuals attempted to organize into a "movement" like the terrorist state of Israel is an organized movement of Bolshevism those people would be killed or locked up immediately. That's why it's so important for you terrorist cowards to spy on everyone remember?

3. You're pretending the latest fake "ISIS atrocity" in a long line of fake "ISIS beheadings" and fake "ISIS shootings" that did not happen is real, because media prostitutes whose only job is to tell lies pretend it is, and are apparently unaware of the fact that the fictional "ISIS" was invented to get lobotomized morons and racists like you "on board" with bombing the innocent defenseless citizens of Syria. If you actually tell yourself you have a clue you are severely mentally ill.

4. Who do you think is impressed by an anonymous stranger claiming credentials and degrees with no proof at all as a substitute for having anything factual or relevant to say regarding this goal you are so concerned with, pretending fake "ISIS atrocities" created to generate sympathy for REAL TERRORISM from idiots like you are real? You're not dealing with some teenage children who are naïve to the dirty tactics of weak cowardly Israeli terrorist shills.

5. You say "ISIS is scum" as if it was some kind of real thing instead of an invention of the Israeli MOSSAD and as if you have no idea that the genocide of the defenseless civilian population of Syria was set in stone decades ago because they did not sell out to the private central banking cartel, hence the invention of the fictional boogeyman.

6. You've played your little violin apologizing for the MOSSAD terrorists who invented the "ISIS scam" and the media prostitutes who have so terribly failed at conning anyone with a brain, and shared with us all your "moral outrage regarding" fictional media stories of "terrorism", fabricated to "justify" NON FICTIONAL TERRORISM against millions of civillians, which you obviously support by your "ISIS is scum" remark. So please tell us how you feel about the terrorist state of Israel nuking the defenseles civillians of Syria on May 5th, 2013, without so much as a peep out of the pathetic prostitute media whose fictional stories you are so motivated to pretend are real and defend? http://jimstonefreelance.com/originalisralenukingsyria.mp4

7. How do you feel about the Israeli MOSSAD terrorists arrested by the NYPD on 9/11 who admitted to the FBI they were sent in advance to document the event which they admitted was great for the terrorist state of Israel?

8. How do you feel about the Israeli terrorist attacks against the "allied" unarmed crew of the USS Liberty who were machine gunned, torpedoed and napalmed continuously with orders to kill all of them?

9. How do you feel about the 100,000,000 Christians genocided by lunatic racist "jews" in the Soviet Union and what do you want to pretend is the reason their racist genocide is never mentioned and a week cannot pass without the story of "the holocaust" being repeated?

10. How do you feel about the insane racist "jewish" delusion that "the jews" are "the chosen people" and everyone else are the "goyim" who are beneath them?

Anonymous said...

I know...right? fkin zombies..

Anonymous said...

Holy F Anonymous...you blew my mind in 10 points. thanks for that!


denk said...

lol February 3, 2015 at 4:46 PM
*fuck isis*

whether this is real or fake u'r barking up the wrong tree kid.

the source of evils
= fukusi
= fuck uk+us+israel

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhaahahaha I'm watching this absurd video of this moron in orange strolling around in front of the green screen, which part are the shills trying to pretend isn't fake?

The scripting, video cuts, the way the fake "pilot" is coached to act, this looks like a scene from one of the terrible TV shows idiots watch.

THE REDICULOUSLY FAKE "DRAMATIC SLOW MOTION" FIRE, how stupid can people really be?

The fictional "ISIS terrorists" are chilling in their video editing room wondering what effects and graphics would "look cool" to the Western idiots they are trying to "terrorize"?

You would think n this day and age these idiots could do a better job of lying.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH go to 17:56 the start of the "fire lighting scene", that is the fakest, crappiest, most budget special effects I've ever seen. It's 2015 and this is the best these assclowns can do?

I wish I had seen this video before my previous response exposing the obvious shill, all one needs is one look at this pathetic fake video to recognize the shills, pathetic cowardly Israeli semen addict terrorist.

The clown in the orange suit is a terrible actor and his dance moves when he is "engulfed" by the CGI fire are absurd and not at all believable to anyone who is not a child or fool. He looks like he has been taking PSYOPs acting lessons for Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen.

He then stops his dance to do a "hold my head and stroll (standing) around my cage" while pretending to be someone who is on fire.

Absurd, 100% fake bullshit.

The fake "victim" "puts his hands on his head" (while pretending to be totally engulfed in flames) at 18:23. At 18:46, TWENTY THREE SECONDS LATER, HIS HANDS HAVE NOT MOVED.

Any Israeli terrorist who wants to pretend that someone who has been completely engulfed in flames can keep their hands still in any position FOR TWENTY THREE SECONDS, please step forward and volunteer to prove it with your actions, instead of your disgusting hollow words which always prove to be lies


zeno said...

plenty of how to adobe after effects videos on youtube eg


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the full video: http://www.zerocensorship.com/bbs/show_topic/82965-isis-burns-captured-jordanian-pilot-alive#axzz3QigXG96k

Luis said...

The more I see the video, the more I think it's fake. I am not a fireman, so I don't know anything about real fire, but I have been doing all kinds of visual effects and CGI for more than 20 years.
First, I counted at least 18 different camera shots. Some of them fixed, you would need a tripod for that. But that's not what makes it fake. The fact that some of the angles are such that they would have caught other cameras on video but they didn't is concerning, and suggests that this was not one single take with different angles but many takes of the same rehearsed scene.
The cut-transition from the shot when the torch guy sets the ground on fire to the next shot where the camera follows the fire has a flame on the foreground that goes seamless from one shot to the next. That flame was absolutely added in post-production.
Then there is the closeup on the victim's face at the end. The nose is literally melting!!! I mean, come on, melting??? Has anyone roasted a pig before?
And last, the pilot never shows fear. He shows sadness at best, which to me is a sign of bad acting.

That is just my opinion.

Unknown said...

Michael Rivero has the video on his site complete and it is truely horrifying to watch. It is certainly not fake I would think.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

re: Luis

Thank you for your observations the common sense in them rings true, I will be adding them to a report I'm working on (seems I'll never be able to finish as I need to add a new section for the latest fictional "ISIS" fairytale on daily basis now).

As I attempted to convey in a previous post the Hollywood staging, acting and CGI effects are obvious.

This is the kind of crap that can only be dumped on people who are incapable of differentiating reality from the Hollywood fiction they sadly actually live in.


re: Keyser Soze

What is "horrifying" about a completely fake video?

You understand that no one died right?

And the reason it is fabricated is to get people who are ignorant and cannot think to "support" the GENOCIDE OF UNARMED CHILDREN, WOMEN AND MEN BY DROPPING BOMBS ON THEM FROM THE SKY?

These are NON-FICTIONAL deaths we are talking about.

The only thing horrifying is the TRUE PURPOSE for this FICTIONAL PROPAGANDA - "justifying" slaughtering innocent human beings.

What is horrifying is that these out of control racist lunatic freaks have taken over the entire planet, any country they have not yet genocided, looted and enslaved like Syria or Iran would be OBLITERATED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH in seconds if they ever presented any kind of threat to the criminals dominance of he planet.

Because they pose no threat at all and are simply doomed victims, this farce of getting idiots to believe "helping" countries by invading and destroying them is played out.

What is horrifying is these insane racist monsters have taken over the world and they're going on a killing spree.

Worry about that, instead of fictional stories of the fake death of one person made up to justify the real deaths of countless REAL innocent human beings

Anonymous said...

My question is weather this is fake or not, why would all these men just allow this type of stuff to happen to them without a fight? If you knew you where going to be burned alive,would you not fight try to get one of these bastards anyway you could and at least get one of them to shot you or something? You mean to tell me they all just hang out and wait for their movie cut and stand exactly on the marks for all the cameras? And look how ridiculous the production is, this is Amazing how we think this is not staged and created by powerful entities inside our own governments...clearly a MEGA PRODUCTION to get people to be moved and support whatever crap they program into you, WOW!!!! We are witnessing the most desperate times in the history of the world.

Anonymous said...

Crap acting..."melting nose"...the perfect standing still actor..all are signs of a B grade hollywood scene...
At least when a person is set on fire tries to flee in the space he is in...but instead ...he had his hands put on his face for seconds which is nonsense...
On the other hand the actor is waiting for the line of fire to reach him without trying at least to move to the corner...
At last but not least..for a person knowing that he will be set on fire to death...must show more fearful expressions ..not wandering in a park scene

Anonymous said...

Well, way to shut down a good thread Keyser.... 4494?

Anonymous said...

ALL FAKE! obviously..

Anonymous said...

I was anxiously waiting the ten minutes of commercials every five minutes. Nice to see SciFi channel stepping their game up. Their green screen cgi effects still need work however.

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole 22:34 vid. on archive.org, since taken down. A very slick production & not something a true rebel/guerilla organisation would put out, thus feeding clues to 'security services' & military analysts.
It seems that the impunity DAASH ( “Daash” is an acronym for “Dulat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wal-Sham” – “the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria”, and it is a Sunni Salafi organization affiliated with al-Qaeda ) enjoys is ensured by its Western handlers & partakers.
Being a cynic, rather than any sort of expert or over-emotional ranter, I found this suspicious on several levels, especially the month-long delay, presumably so that the Japanese captives could be despatched first & this be the mediaeval, escalational ploy to get the susceptible masses further riled.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's pilot, if that is what he actually was, Mu'adh Safi Yusuf al-Kasasibah's fiery demise looked authentic to me. Not speaking Arabic, the first eighteen minutes appeared to be a confessional, with Mu'adh detailing the various 'fighter' jets used by the various participant countries, the bases from which they flew, who refuelled them & the types of missile they were armed with. Then it got surreal as he wandered around looking at destroyed buildings, this being intercut with footage of child & adult casualties caused by the Crusaders' campaigns in the Middle East.
The spotlessly clean, balaclavad & armed onlookers, neatly spaced, bless them, watched the fuel-doused al-Kasasibah in the cage & I wondered if he knew he was about to be sacrificed ( possibly as a willing participant?) thus giving Jordan a plausible excuse to get war-mongering.
Post-execution, the cage has rubble dumped upon it from a JCB's bucket. What had looked to be sturdy, solid steel bars, just disintegrated under this minimal impact, from no more than a few feet. Indeed, the bars appeared to be puny & hollow & not welded to 90 degree angle-iron, as I had assumed they would be. This last pathetic act, in my opinion, was insult-added-to-injury for dramatic effect.
The producers will have known that the overwhelming majority of the general public would never be allowed to view this.
Was it, therefore, for some of the gullible elite to consume & pass on to hand-wringing journalists, ready to be duped & toeing of the official line?


David said...

Tat cage is not anchored to the ground in any way. why doesn't the pilot just push it over?

Anonymous said...

The cage has an open bottom, so why wouldn't he just lift it a tiny bit and crawl out like any other person in a desperate situation would do? Isis apparently has nothing else to do than build (or buy) big cages for humans? when resources normally are never wasted in war like that.. smells like fake!

Unknown said...

I have read by news sources they have several MOCK scenes in which the so called victim is never physically abused.Then on a day they actually torture and murder him the victim just thinks it will be another MOCK EXECUTION.I dont know what to think.CONFUSED

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could thik this poor pilot could fight his way out. First, he has a black eye and a swollen lip. Obvisouly he was beaten and it's a safe bet he was probably tortured all over too plus starved.

Even if he had been healthy there is no way he could have lifted that cage over by himself. Isis would have thought of all that and tested it.. There is no lock so it must have been lowered over his head.
As for him standing in the middle and not fighting, he really had no place to run to. Moving to the corner of the cage was useless, the fire was going to get him and it did. The video shows him moving around a few seconds later but was futile.
I think people should be more sensitive. Its very real and why would Isis want to fake it?

Anonymous said...

i think they drug them so they don't scream and act out during these, it's why he's such a mellow actor

Anonymous said...

there was no floor on the cage either, why didn't he flip it? jordanian actors, I mean military, at their finest.

Anonymous said...

I take your point about how the videos are perhaps faked, but why do you blame it on the jews? Especially since Israeli planes were some of the first to hit ISIS targets in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is faked and filmed in a studio, but why blame the Israelis, CIA, Mossad etc for it? I mean surely if it were the CIA organising this they would have taken a lot more care in making an accurate video. And surely they would just take down this website too!?