Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Canada Is Now A Police State: Horrific Bill C51 Could Be Used To Stifle Social And Environmental Movements, Accuse Citizen Media Groups (Including Blogs) Of "Supporting Terrorism"!

I am truly astounded when I see what is happening here in Canada, and the fact that the gullible and dumbed down Canuckleheads that live in this "free" country do not understand (Yet) what exactly is going on, and the ramifications for their so called "freedoms".... The criminals that run this once free nation, that has indeed fallen under the yoke of tyranny, are about to pass the horrific "Bill C-51" that will give the Canadian criminal "spy" organizations unheard of powers for surveillance and monitoring of the Canadian people... That bill will definitely turn this nation into a pure "Police State" and will definitely curtail what is left of free speech in this country... Bloggers such as I will become "terrorists" and/or "supporters of terrorism"!

I came across this very important article from Ognir's Wake Up From Your Slumber website at www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com, that is a MUST read by everyone, and especially those who live here in Canada.... The article is entitled: "Canada: Bill C-51 Could Be Used To Stifle Social And Environmental Movements, Accuse Citizen Media Groups Of "Supporting Terrorism", and I have the link to it right here for everyone to see for themselves how horrific this "bill" will be and its ramifications for the Canadian people.... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada: Bill C-51 Could be Used to Stifle Social and Environmental Movements, Accuse Citizen Media Groups of “Supporting Terrorism” Bill C-51, if made into law, might make this article and a good part of the activities of my, and other citizen media groups, acts of supporting Terrorism. And some of you engaged citizens reading this, Terrorists. If we get adjoining cells… I hope you don’t snore. The clear intent of this bill is to stifle social, environmental and Indigenous justice movements in Canada. And in the specific wording of the Bill we see measures designed to treat those that take action on social issues in Canada like terrorists and those in the growing independent media that cover them as enemy propagandists. It is important to remember when reading the language of the proposed legislation that the terminology used by security services toward activists of any stripe in this country has changed in a way that make this legislation a perfect fit for repression.Read Profesor Kevin Walby, University of Winnipegs exellent research in this area, click on the image.The Conservatives are counting on Canadians ignorance of the fact that if you attend a rally to save your local forest you have likely observed, identified and added to the list of « multi-issue extremists ». And this has been a fact for many years. In 2007 the RCMP and other security services started referring to activists in this way. A peaceful march or banner drop is a « non violent attack strategy ». This is a very deliberate move to be able to easily define those who protest or are socially active within the bounds of the Harper governments anti-terror laws. A non – exhaustive list of groups already deemed a threat and monitored by RCMP would include Idle No More, ForestEthics, Sierra Club, EcoSociety, LeadNow, Dogwood Initiative, Council of Canadians and the People’s Summit, according to documents obtained under FOI requests by Professors Kevin Walby and Jeffrey Monaghan. Documents they obtained further stated that “The Canadian law enforcement and security intelligence community have noted a growing radicalized faction of environmentalists who advocate the use of criminal activity to promote the protection of the natural environment,” according to a 2011 report obtained by the Vancouver Observer “It is highly probable that environmentalists will continue to mount direct actions targeting Canada’s energy sector, specifically the petroleum sub-sector and the fossil and nuclear fueled electricity generating facilities, with the objectives of: influencing government energy policy, interfering within the energy regulatory process and forcing the energy industry to cease its operations that harm the environment,” Read the draft legislation by clicking on the image. Some of the provisions of the Bill C-51 seem aimed at making it easier to target, and criminalize, organizers individually and disrupt their work. We have a long experience here in Montréal, laboratory for the police state in Canada, of police levelling « conditions » on activists. The conditions used already under Montréal’s anti-constitutional P6 bylaw seem set for export to the rest of Canada. These conditions can prevent activists from meeting with certain people, organizing or attending actions and from physically being in large geographical areas, like the downtown of their own city. The new Bill may even make it illegal for them to talk about, or report on others’ activities. This is intended to destroy resistance communities by depriving them of key organizers and the tools that transformed social movements in the late 20th century. Click on the image to read the draft legislation. This Bill, if made law, would for the first time potentially allow the government to rein in the expanding alternative media in this country and clamp down on activists use of social media to either organize or report on actions that involve even the smallest form of civil disobedience. Similar laws generally making it illegal to « glorify or promote terrorism » are already on the books in the UK and Australia even though legal scholars in both countries deplore them. When you combine this wording with the fact that the government classifies and refers to activists as extremists, it would be potentially illegal for me to continue to report on the activities of groups like Idle No More or the anti-pipeline protesters. It could be used to prevent 99media.org and other organizations from live streaming the demonstrations this spring, for the anticipated general mobilization against austerity here in Quebec and elsewhere. I would probably have been jailed for the work I did covering the « Printemps Érable » in 2012. Just for the record Mr Harper, and I think I speak for my entire group here, I will stop reporting on the dedicated activists struggling to make this country and the world better, and leave the street, when you drag my corpse off it. No compromise. To read about the UK experience with « antiglorification » laws, click on the image. The Government obviously understands the power that independent media, and social media have in nurturing and promoting Indigenous, environmental, and social justice movements and are moving to limit its effect. If allowed to go forward, this legislation, coupled with the masses of anti-terror legislation already put on the books since 9/11, would give the government exceptional power to crush dissent in a « legal » manner. Watch a CBC Fifth Estate report on OP Profunc by clicking on the image. If this all sounds like sweaty basement internet fantasy to you, then you should familiarize yourself with « Operation Profunc, » an RCMP led operation that for 40 years collected the names of social activists. There were plans to simultaneously arrest them, imprison them and their families in « relocation camps ». Don’t worry, keep moving, ze dogs are here for your protection. And any belief that the state wont do it again, is in error. And it is not enough to trust that replacing the Harper government with beautiful Mr Trudeau will solve everything. Governments nowhere have much of a record of repealing control legislation on the books, no matter what they say. You need look no further than old Barrack “Guantanamo drone strike” Obama. And if your looking for some hope in the Security Intelligence Review Committee controlling all of this, don’t. Harper’s latest appointment to this group, a man named Ian Holloway, is a former military. He is the current dean of the University of Calgary Law school, not exactly known as a hotbed of human rights. In 1996 he wrote a paper for the Australian Law revue titled, « I Stand For Liberty: Winston Churchill as Social Reformer ». Anyone who believes Winston was a reformer truly wouldn’t even understand the term « social justice ». So in case I’m not in enough trouble I would heartily advocate calling your MP, calling the guy who wants to be your MP and anyone else and, yes, taking to the streets. Let the powers that be in Canada know that we are not afraid. And that we will NEVER Trade our liberty for Mr Harper, or anyone’s promise of security. My friend Clifton Nicholas, Mohawk activist and film maker was called by CSIS. He was questioned simply because he had been to Greece at the invitation of Greek social groups to speak on Canadian native issues. His response to the CSIS agent is beyond priceless. Source: 99 Media, 31 January 2015

Read more at: http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/canada-bill-c-51-could-be-used-to-stifle-social-and-environmental-movements-accuse-citizen-media-groups-of-supporting-terrorism/

The original "99 Media" article link for the Wake Up From Your Slumber report is here:


NTS Notes:  I honestly cannot believe this is happening here in Canada... But with that FRAUDULENT Ottawa "shooting" that we saw last fall that was most definitely a set up and a false flag attack, the Harper regime is following their Jewish masters' orders and is inflicting this draconian bill on the dumbed down Canadian people that to me are truly "Canuckleheads".....  It appears that Canadians have been lulled to sleep while at the same time put into a state of "panic"  due to the fraudulent "terrorism" that is so prevalent in our Jew spew media.....

What is indeed shocking is the lack of public outrage from the Canadian public... It appears the Jew spew media here in Canada has done its dirty work in constantly throwing all that fraudulent "terrorism" bullshit at the people... It has been a psychological war on the minds of Canadians, and it appears the criminals have succeeded in their goals....

I must reiterate here an important quote that I discovered years back:  "If a nation surrenders their personal freedoms for the guise of "security", then the people will wake up one day with no freedoms and absolutely no security!"

Yes, this bill's wording is very misleading.. The terminology used will be used to attack all "citizen media groups" and that will include BLOGGERS and those who do not agree with the criminal machinations of the Harper regime..... What that means is that the criminal group, CSIS, will be spying on all activities of those who do not "agree" with the Harper regime and its policies, and that opposition will be labeled falsely as "terrorists".....

I again am at a loss as to the lack of outcry here in Canada... I am just small potatoes in the big picture,and I have tried for years to wake up the people here in Canada to the truth about our sick world and what has been happening in this once upon a time "free" nation....Now I too will feel the wrath of the evil that has taken hold in this country and will be under surveillance and possibly labeled as a "terrorist" for my activities...

Wake up, Canada... Our nation is no longer our own, and our once proud and free country has fallen under tyranny.....

More to come



greencrow said...

All I can say about the threat of that bill to Bloggers, NTS, is "Come and get me!".... greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.ca

I would love for them to come and arrest someone of my age and put them away....for blogging. Maybe that's what it will take to wake up the sheeple.


Anonymous said...

The PSYOPS and bullshit continue to be dumped at a pace faster than they can be documented, never mind analyzed by the only people doing anything to get to the truth - the independent unpaid media.

As Alan Watt said, the hardest thing to do today going forward is hang on to your sanity.

In the days after the fictional "Ottawa shooting" the pathetic rags spewing their bullshit had "pass laws to stop online jihadists" as one of their bullshit talking points, I don't think anyone is surprised by this latest move by the criminal scum.

I started a report on the fake "Ottawa shooting" last year which has now needed to be updated to include the fake "Paris shooting". I already had to restart from scratch when my computer simply ceased to work and I needed to get a new one.

The report also includes exposure of he fake "Sandy Hook shooting" and "Boston Marathon bombing" media-intelligence services-governments collaborative PSYOPs and exposure of World Government and the private central banking cartel in general.

If you want when I am finished I can send it to you and you can post it or parts of it if you want. I have no blog and am doing it simply for my family.

I guess I better hurry before this terrorist Harper passes his owners laws.

I saw the media recently showing that terrorist puppet saying "Canadians support killing terrorists".

Obvously he was referring to the fictional "ISIS terrorists" and not the actual terrorists dropping bombs on the defenseless civilian population of Syria.

I don't think he was referring to the terrorist state of Israel (Oh no did I break a new "fact law" by mentioning the MOSSAD agents the NYPD arrested on 9/11 who admitted they were sent in advance to document the event which they also admitted was great for Israel, mentioning the betrayal and slaughter of the crew of the USS Liberty, mentioning Fukushima or the Gaza strip?)

Something tells me he wasn't referring to ACTUAL terrorism, like a rogue terrorist state nuking the population of Syria on May 5th 2013 http://jimstonefreelance.com/originalisralenukingsyria.mp4 , the most horrific terrorism imaginable, which like the MOSSAD agents on 9/11 and the USS Liberty got not a word of mention in the globalist owned prostitute media.

Where are the crys of fake outrage over "human rights violations", "weapons of mass destruction" and "terrorism"?

Why is Israeli racism, terrorism and genocide "politically correct" and stating any facts about Israeli terrorism and war crimes "anti-semitism"?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the blowhard John Baird cant even take it anymore as he is stepping out of politics...perhaps the taste of israeli ass turned him off. Or is it he is to much a coward to face putin at the g20 summit in germany? At any rate im glad that our criminal prime minister just lost his best mouthpiece :)

Anonymous said...

and I just had my Chutzpah meter recalibrated....

can anyone in Canada Check up on Robert Fox...


Robert never used modern weapon systems against poor defenseless
concentration camp internees,


nor did Robert ever
perpetrate numerous false flag
Mass Murder operations,


nor bribe
any low life scum CRACK WHORE "Politicians" wearing ZIONIST kneepads...


but Robert did have a Prison Ministry, and did help numerous people with "Legal" issues in the JEW terrorised JEWNITED SNAKES


I traveled to Waco the 17th of April 1993 with Robert & Ken Fawcett to try to stop the Mass Murder of the Davidians...

the "Jewish" Media cannot tell the truth...ever.



Anonymous said...

its time to start shooting back.... literally.

Just know who the real enemy are.

JEWS..... incase you haven't figured it out yet.