Friday, January 23, 2015

What The HELL Is Going On Here? Dead Bodies In NATO (!) Uniforms Recovered From Under Debris Of Donetsk Airport!

Right now, the criminal US led puppet regime in Kiev is launching a major offensive against the so called "rebel seperatists" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine.... This is an abomination and an attempt to obviously brutally crush the free will of the people living in those eastern provinces who voted last spring in a fair and legal referendum to separate from the criminally run nation of Ukraine itself..... Thousands of Ukrainian people have already suffered from this onslaught that is definitely a genocide against an innocent civilian population!

For the longest time the liars in our Jew spew media and our own governments have been claiming that this fight is an "internal matter" and that they are only supporting the US puppet regime in Kiev with arms and ammunition for this "fight" against "rebels".... We have been led to believe that the criminally run NATO alliance would not get directly involved in this 'civil war' basically because Ukraine itself is absolutely NOT a part of NATO, and supposedly there are "no plans" by the Kiev regime to join with NATO itself... Or so we have been led to believe....

Right now, I want to present a startling report that I just came across this morning, that comes from Ognir's "Wake Up From Your Slumber" website, at, that shows clear evidence that some serious dirty trick is now being played by the criminals who seriously want a full war to break out in Ukraine... According to this report that I have here in its entirety, dead bodies in NATO uniforms have been recovered from the debris from the fighting at Donetsk airport in eastern Ukraine(!).... I have that report right here for all to see, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Dead bodies in NATO uniforms, US weapons recovered from under debris of Donetsk airport

Dead bodies in NATO uniforms and a great number of US-made weapons have been recovered from under the debris of the Donetsk airport, Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Thursday.

“While examining the building of the Donetsk airport, we found a great number of American firearms, assault rifles and hand mortars, equipment and communications devices,” he said. “We also found publications in European languages, including on religious matters.”

Apart from that, “we found dead bodies in NATO uniforms under the debris in the new terminal. Personal belongings indicated that these people were foreign citizens contracted by private military companies who operated under the disguise of Ukrainian subversive groups,” he said.

Source: ITAR-TASS, 22 January 2015

NTS Notes: Honestly, this should be one of the most important reports of the day, and something that everyone should be alerted to.... It seems that the criminal regime in Kiev along with their US and NATO handlers have been LYING to the entire world, and it seems that NATO itself has now gone beyond their charter and directives and has been sending NATO forces into the civil war in Ukraine to fight for the criminal Kiev regime to destroy the "rebels" in the eastern Provinces... This is outright criminal and a violation of every international law....

I had long suspected that the criminal US government and the criminals behind NATO would pull this kind of dirty trick and commit forces to the fight in Ukraine without any declaration of war or statement to the entire world and especially to Russia that they would do so.... This is obviously a full escalation and this is directly aimed at the NATO/US push for a war against the Russian Federation itself!

Spread the news, everyone... The US and NATO are escalating the conflict in Ukraine as we speak, and they are indeed gunning for a major war with Russia..... Everyone, and especially everyone that lives in one of the 'NATO' nations should be going after their governments and asking them what the hell they are doing and demand that they put a stop to it instantly....

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Anonymous said...

What's going on is the Western governments (controlled by Jews and those who worship them) are securing Ukraine for their own with our tax dollars and no one cares. As if Holodomor wasn't enough for Ukrainians to endure, they're doing it to them again. And no ones gives a damn. And I guess that bastard, Putin, is not going to do anything about it either.

The Jews staged a violent coup on a large European country and have claimed it as their own. You watched it in real time.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so against the USA, but act like Canada is not involved? That's ignorance. I visit a Canadian site that has issues I'm interested in, give it a shot, and as usual everything is blamed on the USA and Americans. You Commonwealthers are indoctrinated bigots.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Careful Sophie... Canada is a NATO NATION and therefore they are indeed involved... I have stated it clearly that the criminals in NATO are up to no good here, and Canada is one of the Nato criminals definitely!

Anonymous said...

Sofie you should dig a little deeper into this site and im sure you will find that our good host is the first one to point out that our canadian government is the biggist israeli ass kisser out there right now. Our prime minister is an ambitious detestable criminal bent on his own power and the rewards of sucking up to netanyahoo. your president on the other hand is nothing more then a puppet.. a good speaker yes but nothing but a groomed puppet.. a lesser evil comparatively me thinks.
I used to be proud of my country as i'm sure you did as well. When Jean Cretien stood up to W and told him to go fuck himself re: Iraq...that was my proudest Canadian moment. But its different now obviously. we have a common enemy today and we are all being played...Europe too.. So lets not fall into the trap of division that they (our common enemy) promote. We have to stand together on this one..


Flanders said...

The jews are utilizing their Freemasonics in military and civilian structures in order to shift conflicts toward the goal of consolidating world empire, the JWO, aka NWO. We know that there has been "restructuring" going on in our "American" military.

It isn't just one country as we all know which contend with powers in place which none have truly chosen. All leaders are presented to us and we try to choose the least bad. - It never works - because the stuctures and organizations behind them are secretive and against "people". They favor only the jews and money-laden traitorous masonic fronts.

You should be aware NTS that a significant post of yours was used to point out a Ferguson money connection with Soros. My comment using it should appear after moderation at this link:

wiggins said...

Got this snippet from the Saker site. Seems to confirm NATO involvement.....nice Brooklyn accent.