Sunday, January 11, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant Delayed Due To Illness

This is an unexpected situation that I am not accustomed to... I am still under the weather, and therefore for the first time in years, my usual "Sunday rant" will be delayed for hopefully only one day...

As I stated in the previous note... I came down with a severe case of Influenza that has absolutely knocked me for a loop... I presently have one heck of a fever, and I find even typing this one note to be excruciatingly painful...

I will be working on my rant the moment I get better... Again, thanks for your patience..

More to come



greencrow said...

Hope you feel better soon, NTS. Did you get the flu shot? I have heard anecdotal evidence that it actually brings on the flu. Whatever, looking forward to the RANT.


greencrow said...

Hi NTS I posted a "get well" comment and it has not shown up on your blog. Makes me wonder how many comments are "lost". Anyway, if you get this...hope you are recovering from the flu.

missingarib said...

NTS,take a lot of vitamin C 1500 every six hours and you will benefit overnight-although you will still feel a little banged up it will shorten the fatigue and the listlessness of the flu. Some yogurt -don't care if you like it or not, get some any flavor you like, but believe me the combo works big time .

enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

Best wishes,get well soon!
You have a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, NTS! Love your blog!

Best wishes from
Oregon, USA

RickB said...

Get well soon, NTS. Vitamin D, vitamin D and vitamin D.

missingarib said...

nts, that should read vitamin c 1500mg

so sorry- you will feel better-
Canadian winters can drive one around the bend -especially that overcast gray cold,damp great lakes climate-burrr

Rant on my friend

Anonymous said...

ya I havent been sick in years but i have gotten 3 colds in the lat 2 months. Anyway Charles Giuliani will be back on Monday 8am on renegade broadcasting

EagleEye said...

The flu vaccine is bringing on more than just the flu. Italy has banned the shot because it's linked to a dozen deaths.

Penny said...

Hey North

vitamin C is great and lots of it
get yourself some yarrow- seriously

though rather then yogurt which just doesn't have enough bacterial culture, get some Biok or Kefir

Even better, give it a go with fermenting your own food

Because real food is live food and it has culture

That's one thing I will be working on this year-